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Importance of customer due diligence as a critical element in the effective management of banking risks

Term ‘Due diligence, ’ is increasingly becoming popular in the financial world. More and more financial analysts are realizing the importance of due diligence process in identifying the risks involved in various transactions. Merchant bankers/ investment bankers engaged in the activities of managing public issues. Acquisition and investment activities have fine-tuned due diligence processes and […]

Merchant Banking

It has been the policy of the Indian Government not only to encourage FDI and FII inflows into our country, but also to provide avenues for Indian entrepreneurs to invest abroad liberally in joint ventures and wholly owned subsidiaries for increasing their competitiveness and for effective global integration of our economy. These overseas investments promote […]

Transactional Analysis and crossed transactions

The theory of transactional analysis is a comprehensive and useful way of analyzing inter-personal transactions. Transactional Analysis theory asserts that every person possesses all the ego states and can move from state to state when interacting with others. One state is not considered to be better or more desirable than another. During a transaction, a […]

Transaction Analysis

This is an era of networking of branches and implementation of central data base systems for industry. To avoid the redundancy of staff the branches have to concentrate more on marketing to utilize effectively the resulting surplus time available to them. Though it is stated that technology will become the cutting edge to determine the […]

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