What went wrong with BJP in Delhi elections 2015

Recent results of Delhi election are surprising considering the amount of lead and the difference of seats between AAP (Aam Adami Party) and the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) which symbolizes the level of undercurrent of supports among different layers of voters all across Delhi society. There could not be a single reason for all these but there should have been multiple levels of faults which elections managers of BJP have simply ignored. The phenomenal rise of AAP in these elections from absolute zero seats in the recently concluded Lokasabha election is not surprising. People have voted Narendra Modi in the last general election held eight months back. They listened to his offerings and still waiting for good days ahead. During these eight months, prices of oil have been reduced for so many times, but these have no such higher impacts on pricing of vegetables and edible oils.

Price of essential commodities must reduce:

So far, the cost of dals and rice has become higher than last year at the same time. Price of edible oil is higher than last year. People hoped for reasonable pricing in this front but despite reducing of oil prices the basic prices of edible oils which directly affect the general masses are not reducing. Prices of dals have crossed one hundred rupees so as prices of edible oils. Central government must make sure to implement tangible actions in order to reduce hoarding and sudden rise in prices. It is these fonts which people showed their power while casting their vote. So far many announcements on media but still not visible actions in decreasing prices.

People will not feel that inflation is reducing but if they feel prices of edible substances are reducing then they feeling happy about it and support the government of the day. Central government must make sure to reduce prices of essential commodities and edible items to tolerable limits. People hear announcements in the media but see that prices are not reducing at all in all these implementation hurts and they show their dissatisfaction in poll front.

BJP a cadre based party:

It is true, that BJP is a strong cadre based party. There are a large amount of people who support it and for this even though AAP able to get over 54 percentages of votes but still. BJP has over 33 percentages of votes. This is the fruit of a cadre based party where minimum supporters still exist even during the time of such devastating performance. What it has lost the support of people who see Modi as the solutions to all their problems and rise of prices is a major concern. When people spend more, it is that dissatisfaction which makes them angry to it and creates such situation for party.

A cadre based party always likes leaders who rise from grass root levels. They support their leaders and stand beside them. When a cadre based party such as the BJP does not support its cadre ultimately, such leaders failed to mark the winning habit. Most of cadre do not generate the requisite voting percentages to win back seats. There is subtle difference between percentages of votes which convert votes in two seats.

BJP should not have declared anyone as chief minister candidate:

In this run up to Delhi election, there are umpteenth times when the BJP has not decided anyone to declare as the chief ministerial candidate. Election results of Maharastra, Haryana, Jharkhanda is testimony to this and have been showing signs where BJP cadres are more enthusiastic and work honestly at the sight of no leaders when there is no clear cut leadership in these states. In Delhi, BJP has no tall leader and for this it is essential not to declare any clear cut leader as the chief ministerial candidate but BJP failed to do so. The primary cause of BJP doing this comes from a shrewd move by AAP camp to declare so called corruption cases against various leaders which probably have chance to become chief ministerial candidate of the BJP.

At first Jagdish Mukhi and then Upadhaya and against both of them speakers of AAP have moved corruption cases and though all these are not proved but still all the cases have a significant effect on electronic medias. What is startling is the sheer amount of support of electronic media for AAP. This time, BJP succumbed to pressure from AAP and its supporting medias and announced outside Kiran Bedi in a hurry as the chief ministerial candidate of Delhi election.

Are electronic medias are blindly supporting AAP?

What AAP gains much are that it provides feed for electronic medias and increase their TRP ratings in order to attract more visitors and revenues. What AAP makes charge, most of these Medias think they are correct and they present it as if that has been done and now it is high time to create accusing on different BJP members. Most prominent and powerful weapon of AAP is its strong set of volunteers who work tirelessly in propagating what their principal leaders have been speaking about. Sometimes, when some speakers of AAP makes a press conference and accuse some opposition leaders, at the same time media men from some electronic news channels used to show it as if this is true and this time what AAP says does not come under media scrutiny but comes under as verdict and start to villainy members of opposition leaders.

Why this is happening. The real reason behind this could have been the amount of journalists joining this party and this makes it easier for AAP not to spend too much on electioneering. Every day during election times, speakers of AAP come with various accusations and those are being shown live on televisions and then there are prime time discussions on these subjects as if such things have happened. This plays heavily on masses and voters but the question is how many years such type of politics survives. If in consequent years all these accusations are not proven to be correct which time and again announced by leaders of AAP against opposition leaders then what is the future of such politics. Is it instant gain and in future what would happen to these?

Election of freebies?

Election promises of AAP give many promises of freebies which are of course difficult to attend but surely it earns them an instant success. Free water in the national capital territory is an election gimmick but peopling e like it and vote for them. However, what about keeping those promises. Delhi desperately depends upon neighboring states for water, but unluckily all these states belong to BJP or other opposition parties. Installing many close circuit cameras all across Delhi is good for assurance but is it a realistic proposition. How can AAP give electricity to half of the value that Delhi consumers are paying now? All these are the mode of different freebies which now they have an absolute majority and chance for them to prove what they promise people of Delhi in this election.

On the other hand, vision document of the BJP does not go with all such offerings of freebies but go with some additional mode of long standing vision which people have not accepted it. Should BJP go for such promises and freebies which people of Delhi might have accepted considering the presence of the BJP government at Delhi and this could be the most promising aspect which people of Delhi could have voted for the BJP? Why they have not been adhered to such promises and why they go for a long term vision document which election managers of BJP must analyze and learn from these mistakes.

Should have ignored AAP during Delhi election:

In this day of electioneering during the times of extreme campaigning, poll managers and leaders of Delhi should have avoided a direct attack on AAP and their leaders. They should ignore their accusation and go on campaigning for their own works and what they intend to do in future. By attacking and answering to AAP charges they simply give headlines to AAP which must have gained people’s support. In India, by vilifying any leader does not win an election. In the past, in eighties most of the leaders spoke against Indira Gandhi and ultimately people vote for her. Similar is this election where people have voted AAP mostly due to negative campaign of BJP against them.

I have seen many speakers of BJP are in studies of different electronic news channels constantly challenging what AAP have spoken against them. In future poll managers of BJP must ensure complete absence of speakers of BJP during election campaigning so that opposition parties such as AAP should not get an upper hand as they accuse and speakers of BJP counter accuse and that creates a signal where supporters of BJP perceive them as offending AAP. Mostly, all around many considers BJP as a soft spoken party and they fell into virtual trap of speakers of AAP which spoke in such a way that they just have to behave in that electronic television studio set up.

Avoid responding to opposition charges:

It is a lesson must be learnt for election manager of the BJP that their speakers should not be reacting to electronic news channels studios at all during campaigning times when the model of the code of conduct is in its place. They should not give answers what opposition speakers are announcing at different television studios or at different interviews. Now, Nitish Kumar is accusing leaders of BJP in Bihar political situation but what they should do be not to answer any such questions spoken by Nitish at any point of time and also do not reach to different television studios during these discussions. BJP speakers must reach to voters and connect with them and ask about their problems and must devise and work around them.

Politics is like running a non-governmental organization as connect with people as connect with people through the media does not provide BJP rich dividends at all in the wildest form of imagination. There are some television discussions at 6pm every day by some Hindi news channels such as ABP news, Aaj Tak where most of times daily discussion are done and it is always wise for BJP to absent from there as most of times these create negative opinions from them. It is also wise to stay absent from eight pm news hours of NDTV English and 9pm prime time of Times Now so that any negative of BJP could not be discussed at length and leaders of BJP must provide a way to remove these shortcomings. These are quick of opinions and not a direct attack or motives of these news channels as this article is all about finding what went wrong for BJP in recently concluded Delhi elections.

Suppress so called fringe elements:

The so called fringe elements of BJP always get its prominence above all incidents by staying always within television prime time and give tough times for leaders of BJP all over. It suppresses all the good works of people of central leaderships, and all good measures do not reach right to ears of the masses. Why such so called fringe elements have evaded to personal life of people in general? What I have learnt from different discussions, such elements are suppressed by now prime minister when he was chief minister of Gujarat state, this justifies that now also is the time for complete denouncement of such leaders who time and again stays in lime light for no reason at all. What is the most surprising aspect during election times, president of the US also made some statement about such elements?

So far attackers of Delhi churches are at considerable and central government should not provide any hint of such perceptions that they are not strictly searching for these culprits. During the final day of campaigning of elections, suddenly from now where minority religious leaders make a march and meet home minister. During that time, one of fiery spokes person of AAP also joined them. Though, it was not the right sign of secular politics but BJP should have avoided in highlighting them and let people judge these actions on their own. BJP leaders must know that there are many people who read newspapers and blogs and for this they should give importance to these Medias instead of automated news channels during peak elections campaigning.

Beginning of campaigning is on wrong foot:

AAP has learnt from their mistakes and for the last five to six months at different localities they have been functioning different set of Delhi Dialogue and form their they ask for suggestions and people have given them and from their they learnt what needs to be done and what needs to be corrected. In every election meeting and every discussion by speakers of BJP at various places, they continue their argument against AAP and attack and target their leaders. BJP poll masters must learn that supporter of BJP does not support, their leaders to attack different opposition parties, they want to hear what they speak about their parties and nothing of other leaders at that point.

In future, it is wise for speakers of BJP to learn that they should not speak against any other party and should not respond to anything to propagandistic charges made by opposition parties such as AAP in this election. Secondly, too much of publicity gives way to improper publicity. For this leader of BJP must ensure that they should not use medias for over publicizing as this can have negative impacts on voters. BJP poll managers must ensure that they should avoid those media discussion which was written above in order to maintain good amount of advantages over perception over citizens.

Announcing chief ministerial candidate at the last minute:

BJP announced its chief ministerial candidate at the very last minute of the election and that creates difficulty for cadres and grass root works to digest such directives from central leaderships. Kiran Bedi is perceived as an outsider and her so called manners towards her party workers, which are not being known but comes to light from different media sources which might be right or wrong proves to be bad for workers. Long standing grass root workers felt let down and that is why she herself lost the seats which the BJP won it for a long time. It seems most of the grass root level workers are unhappy with this performance and that fails to attract more BJP voters to vote for their party.

At the beginning of election president of BJP was interacting with grass root workers. These interactions should be done privately not in public in front of various media houses. AAP continues to attack the BJP and ignores Kiran Bedi on the other hand BJP continues to attacks chief ministerial candidate of AAP not AAP and this makes all the difference and the result is the testimony of failure of policies adopted by the BJP in this election. So called fringe groups became hyper active in the last few months and most of them using mediums of Medias in order to propagate their ideologies which are being time and again discussed within perimeters of media which resulted in negative impacts.

Other oppositions are latching on this opportunity:

Similarly, at the same time, other oppositions who are constantly beaten by Modi’s wave are now feeling rejuvenated with the recent drubbing of Modi in contemporary Delhi election. Some of Bihar leaders from JDU feel BJP will reach the same fate again in upcoming general election. Most of them now trying to emulate performances of AAP in their states but they failed to realize that AAP will also spread their wings in these states and their situation could be worse, than what Congress has in recent Delhi election. BJP needs in order to bring forward more reform and people must have more purchasing power than in one year. In recent election, both Congress and BSP are totally decimated from the political scene, because of cost and religious politics. Now, people irrespective of all cast, creed want development and a decent living standard for them. For this they continue to strive for such government which would give them tangible results to foresee different reforms and give them more purchasing powers to spend with.

Now, each population irrespective of cast, creed and religion can be structured in terms of age and gender. Most prominent among all these classes of the population are from senior citizens. Most of senior citizens do vote regularly owing to more time they have. Most of them look forward to the annual budget and most of them weary about the rise of inflation and impact on their pension as a result of this. It is expected by the government to increase the income tax exemption limit of senior citizens to ten lac per annum in order to free most of them from the burden of taxes. Amount of pension they get almost one sixth of what their salary a few years ago but due to economic slowdown of financial state of country, most of time we saw stiff increase of inflation which makes them pay higher that what they used to pay during their salary days.

Provide exemption upto ten lakh to senior citizens:

In addition to this, we have seen how their salary is almost one sixth of what it was and now with burden of additional tax as well as inflation is making their life difficult for them. Suppose the government increases the income tax limit of senior citizens to 50,000 more what it was a year ago and what it reflects will be that of ten percentages of additional relief means total 5000 rupees additional per annum. When we consider the increase of inflation, then we realize that it is much more than what the tax rebate it is. For this in order to go straight into hearts of senior citizens government must in this budget provides senior citizens tax relief up to ten lacs per annum in order to give them the perfect choice for strong indication that the government is working endlessly working for them.

It is such decision making that needs to be done which can impact directly with citizens such as this move to make tax exemption upto ten lacs per annum per citizens. If government just increased tax exemption limit of senior citizens to additional 50,000 rupees of what about one year ago, then it would only be 5000 less to pay per tax and that to 400 rupees per month and considering the amount of inflation we are experiencing, then it is known from all these that only tokenism does not work and it is to be such tangible benefits which could provide support assistances for government.

Private medical houses must provide subsidized treatment options to senior citizens:

Similarly, government of the day must assure provide medical treatment for senior citizens for about half of what it costs normally. For this it is essential for us to understand that senior citizens reach for medical treatment and most times the cost of such medical treatment is on higher side that they simply could not afford these treatments there. The government must ensure these private medical houses must provide treatment to senior citizens half of cost what it is for general citizens. Normally, most of medical insurance companies do not provide medical insurance coverage to senior citizens by citing various diseases. Normally, senior citizens need this but medical insurance companies are not providing all these.

Take an example of Apollo health insurance which guarantees a good return back policy but most times many senior citizens would not be fit into it at all. The primary conditions are that you should not have blood pressure and diabetes and this is one such way to indirectly block senior citizens. What it meant when part of the population who needs it most unable to use it at all. It is not about creating policy but who needs not able to do it at all. This is not about singular medical insurance but most of these medical insurances are indirectly blocking senior citizens and for this government must create one such insurance of senior citizens and include all such persons on the basis of Adhar card so that in the long run most of them come under insurance policy and slowly, all such citizens would be finding their life easier while attending different medical treatment facilities.

Provide medical insurance to senior citizens:

At first instance government must ensure a separate entity for providing medical insurance to senior citizens and encourage an environment for a safer and healthier India where the majority of people will live a healthy life. A great nation is also recognized by its citizens who perform endlessly and stay healthier all along. Further many renowned medical houses which are private have been helped by the government in acquiring lands and other registrations facilities and for this government must inform them to treat senior citizens inside bigger medical houses half of cost of what they are charging to normal people. It provides added benefits to senior citizens as their income almost becomes one sixth of what it was during their service days.

Next benefit to senior citizens could be in the form of providing high rebates to them when travel with second class air condition in trains. Most of senior citizens love to travel as constant travelling give them much needed relaxation and must pleasure and these are must for every senior citizen. With low cost of second class of air condition tickets, they can easily travel to unique destinations. For senior citizens second class air conditions tickets must be same as that of second class of sleeper. Recently, central government has provided much needed relief for senior citizens by providing them automatically window berth which is good as most times lower birth such as Windows sheets provide them adequate, relaxation while on travel.

Provide tangible benefits:

All these three incentives on budget can provide much needed support for the central government of the day and if they want to capture mind and motives of senior citizens. By increasing income tax exemption limit up to ten lacs per annum for senior citizens, then provide big relief in medical insurances as well as medical facilities and making second class air condition tickets almost same as that of sleeper class for senior citizens could be winning much needed support for senior citizens. Government must remember by winning confidence of senior citizens. One should always be confident that they always vote and they can also influence their families in favor of government to vote for. These are all examples of tangible benefits which could show in their life style and activities in providing a deeper and wider angle of the support base for sure.

In this way absolute benefit reaches to senior citizens. Like PM’s Jan Dhan Yojana, similarly on the basis of adhar card senior citizens must be included and then all such medical and insurance benefits must be provided to them. All these are genuine welfare measures as well as giving away of real tangible benefits to senior citizens who need these. While reading some of the face shape I came across one such information which might be true or false but if AAP has promised such large freebies offerings in their manifesto, then it must have some sort of impossible to bring back to its reality.


AAP promised to install 15 Lakh close circuits (CC) camera, which might have to incur large sum of money from exchequer and almost not possible. Similarly, there are many such promises by AAP and now they have power and majority to perform about it, and in addition they promised about free Wi-Fi as well as free electricity and water and let us wait how they will devise such plans and also they offer to build free houses for poor. All these will cost heavily and almost impossible to carry out. On the other hand, BJP should strive to close in on poor and additional segments by directly contacting them and find out their basic needs and what they ought to want from center to do so. BJP should not be reminded people of Delhi at any point of time of these promises made by AAP. As all these measures are directly related to people of Delhi and for this it is essential that the same people will realize if all these are not fulfilled. If they fulfill they deserve another stint of five years. BJP strategy should just have to concentrate on its own job to gather ten percentages of more votes than now it is and for this above all these descriptions should probably help.

Ignore prime time discussion on news channels as most of time they tend to create controversies, provide tangible benefits to people like I mentioned one example of this in the above paragraphs, keep out of all controversies like now the Bihar controversy and ignore reaching to all such news channels who in the name of gathering good television ratings create unwanted controversies. Elections are won not on television room but on straightforward relation with public, and with good manners. Most of opposition parties in other states are not going to the same set of people like the followers of AAP. People of India have voted Modi to power because they believe he will provide the most tangible benefits than they ever think about it and this it is time to provide these benefits so that every people irrespective of segments feel happy and nice about it.

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