What can be networked around you?

Electronic gadgets are flooded with network capable electronic devices which has futuristic composite values with network attached consoles and storage. You can network them in unimaginable ways. Tablets, smart phones guarantees users multiple ways to network, watch movies, listen songs, play games with or without complete network dependability. With the advent of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other networking options many tablet manufacturers are providing multiple ways to link and share information.


Wi-Fi presents a solid idea for a complete home network with inbuilt router to send and receive signal. It is the simplest path to create network connectivity. That is the reason why in most of modern stylish phones and tablets has Wi-Fi connectivity options that not only connect local access network as well as provides multiple ways of connectivity to other nearby devices. It is the fastest and the most flexible way of connectivity option for smart phone devices.


With limited Wi-Fi connectivity, one can easily share multimedia sharing with built-in android applications. One can make a single unit of storage and then can share all these to different multimedia units around connected with the same Wi-Fi network. With the option of direct Wi-Fi, even without internet connectivity, users can play and browse storage of different smart phone as well as trendy enabled electronic gadgets situated at different locations of housing.


In this approach, you can stay connected within the house. Even without internet connectivity, separate devices can still be connected to each other without any difficulty. With exclusive applications such as Samsung Link, for Samsung Galaxy devices, can authorize and empower users to collaborate multiple storage mediums at one definite place and run and play all multimedia components without internet connectivity. It works in cooperation with Wi-Fi, through various measures such as registered storages and registered devices.


It works both with Wi-Fi as well internet connections and with Wi-Fi it works in a seamless manner. It connects with different Samsung Galaxy devices and recognizes all these as various storage options and registers its devices. One needs to have a Samsung account and it has to be done from SETTING options of android. It registers various devices and shows all these registered devices on its dashboard. By tapping each distinct part of the registered device one can reach to its storage options easily from there.


The most pleasing part of Samsung Link which works nicely with Wi-Fi enabled devices and it’s can store easily all available devices and multimedia elements and it works in super speed manner. In this approach, you can now have a centralized storage medium. It can transmit all these multimedia elements to nearby installed smart television within the same Wi-Fi settings. While with internet, you can register storage of popular storage elements such as Drop box, One Drive and Box. In this way, all, multimedia elements as internet as well as at different devices are connected with Samsung Link which acts a single storage medium.


Now, you have a comprehensive storage medium. While connecting with internet in 2G or 3G connectivity, the best available option is accessible tethering option in android devices. Tethering empowers user to network existing connectivity to share with others. It allows you to share your device’s mobile data connection via USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. Portable Wi-Fi hot spot power device as an internet access point via a portable Wi-Fi hot spot. It can be maximum allows mostly ten additional devices to connect internet. In this way, easily one can share internet connections to ten additional devices without adding any further additional device configuration.


In the past, mostly, networking part is the single most difficult part for most of the internet enabled devices. Now, with advent of android, which is mostly built from stock android devices power user with additional platform with easy graphical user interface to create perfect internet networking within home computers and smart phone enabled devices. With subsequent android updates, you can easily create allowed devices and grant exclusive access to various devices and unequivocal control of discrete devices over other devices.


Another nice way to share internet connectivity is to use virtual private network connectivity within the same VPN connectivity. It needs devices to be password protected and it needs internet connectivity in order to connect with separate devices. You are required to set a screen unlocks pattern, personal identification number or password before you can use credential storage within the same virtual private network. It is more secure and it needs some configurations before it works in the highest manner.


Android provides another option for complete networking is known as adjacent devices. It works with the concept of DLNA and with it the user can share files with android devices with the computer through a specific https protocol. Users of laptop or notebook users need to open a browser without an internet connection and then put an address of android devices and the user can easily browse all files segment of android devices. Samsung Link on Samsung computers works in the principle of DLNA and it provides seamless integration of galaxy device with Samsung computers.


Samsung level works nicely with Samsung earphones as well as Samsung computers that have the latest version of Bluetooth enabled. Most of these configurations work nicely with Windows 8 operating systems. It uses Bluetooth sharing configuration to play songs of itinerant player with computers or smart phones without wired connectivity. The only caveat is that all such devices must have Bluetooth enabled and most of these devices should be in a state of blue tooth pairing with each other.


In this way, audio of smart phone devices is easily connected with media audio with extra devices or Samsung devices.


In the initial development era, Bluetooth is primarily meant for wireless connectivity between various Bluetooth enabled devices, but subsequently with advent of further research provides much more additional functionality such as running multimedia and other advance use such as Bluetooth tethering where user can share existing internet connection with other devices easily wireless. Slowly, Bluetooth enables the user to connect dissimilar hardware such as keyboards and mouse wireless with computer.


There are many USB dongle which provide internet connection wireless with tethering facility. It removes all such wired issues and provides user valuable opportunity to create a seamless internet connection with an additional option for networking within the home network. With the advent of high speed internet, users now can create easily super easier wireless base station which creates different nod for better wireless connectivity with one another.


It provides Wi-Fi hot spot and always keep networking on and provides additional network opportunity for the user to connect within such network for better access. It creates a permanent hot spot and works nicely with all available GPS positioning system in order to create a textbook internet hub. Difference between android hot spot and hot spot of wireless base station is that the latter is stronger and can work within a complete home without any such interruptions.


It is costlier and it goes on to almost 2000 to 3000 bucks depending on data plan and amount of usages. It is better not to go for router of specific network provider as you minimize possibly chances, of shifting to another network provider. It is best to buy specialized router so that all such network providers can have deeper compatibility with that router. With stiff competition among different levels of network providers, you can choose from different network providers with ease without any such difficulty.


To have this freedom you must go for unique pocket router. Network access storage (NAS) provide dedicated storage technology and works with integrated manner with distinct networking systems. If you have pocket router then it is better to install network attached storage, in order to create a completely private storage for your file-level computer data storage device. NAS is a standalone file-level data storage device you can install directly on internal or external hard disc. All multimedia files that are stored inside NAS become connected with diverse network mediums and users can access such information offline or online. Even far away, a user can access NAS, through explicit user name and password without any such difficulty.


NAS has its internet protocol address, and user at far distance with internet connectivity, can access those files by browsing that internet protocol address on web browser easily. It opens the way for network medial player which can easily be streamed within the same Wi-Fi network even during offline connectivity. NAS gives you convenient opportunity to convert old computers with some storage to become brilliant network storage access mediums. Primary principle of NAS is to use integrated storage mediums in manifold ways.


Streaming of Medias from NAS to other computers wireless. You can use numerous tethering options, and most possibly direct Wi-Fi or Bluetooth tethering to stream media from central network media access devices. Android, various play consoles stream media straight from your network access storage become easier. There are some specialized media streaming hardware component such as digital media adapter which is popularly known as digital media receiver provides an easier option for electronic gadgets to share audio, photo, videos to share directly easily from PC to television.


Now, most of modern devices such as the android and all smart television have such built-in digital media adapter which makes the connection between television and personal computer with few easy clicks.
Most of digital media adapter devices have universal plug and play connectivity which work seamlessly with a single connection. It is not necessary to install additional software to be installed on device as most of the time these digital media adapter have built-in driver install on them. In this way, most of game consoles, smart televisions and smart phone devices are easily connected with centralized media server.


There are many on line option of media server such as club Samsung and others but most of them work nicely with a good internet connection. Supplementary data charges may incur while streaming media from an external server. Most times, streaming from external server take binary data charges as the first of all element of device access external media server and then cache such files in order to stream such files without any such difficulty. That is why it is better to create personal media server which can work without an internet connection and with complete wireless connectivity one can easily create a centralized medial networked server at a single base station.


It is supposed to be worth mention while writing this article I have completely ignored network connectivity with apple devices which I planned to write about some other time. It is always a good idea to hire for a router which is independent of the service provider as it provides you objective in switching from one service provider to the other easily. Network access storage boxes have UPnP media server capability which could hold iTunes server easily. It retrieves multimedia elements from its native storage, then iTunes server creates a shared media drive which is easily visible on a personal computer when connected via wireless networking.


In this way, every song on iTunes library can now be accessed on every personal computer that is linked to a single DMA network. This little trick saves a plenty of time for you in creating a complete networking of iTunes library. It is important to determine backing up data on a network attached server. If you have high speed internet connection it is a great idea to back up to cloud. External cloud server such as Drop box provides smart saving options and its professional paid versions gives you extra features were even direct link download of multimedia contents can be generated.


If you want to synchronizes data to an external hard disc then connect it to Windows 8 computers, and then open file history application and it will generate incremental updates. It saves copies of your files so you can take them back if they are lost or damaged. There are many such options which can keep your data safe and secure. One can easily innovate and find new ways of networking. It is only the beginning. Keep trying.

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