Mahashivaratri Message

Today is Maha-Shivaratri. In this auspicious occasion, incoming of pious thoughts of crops into mental state creating a set of blitz psychoanalysis of state of the consciousness. With withering away of winter, spring season in full swing, here comes the stringent reminder of this reverent occasion where devotees holier than thou reaches on the threshold of a Shiva temple concerning with sacred matter with extremely scrupulous and conscientious belief. Having knowledge related with spiritual insight is not a full comprehension of the problem involved within as it is not born made to be a good enlightened devotee but it is the matter of time the illumination of spiritual awareness coupled with divine comprehension of life that interprets obstacles of understanding through his/her great social nous.

Thoughts and feelings: 

Jagara Pada Puri

Jagara Pada Puri

Many a time, we thought we are not responsible for our own thoughts and feelings, as we tend to sit on the seat of faculty of reasons of others and ignores what is responsible for one’s thoughts and feeling comprehensively. The psyche wondered is immaterial part of a person. It is the most augmenting feather of individual self which prepares mentally over so called stagnancy of stress. There is a huge myth in Roman mythology, where the god of love is Cupid. Cupid is a symbol of love having an angelic face and has a gentle personality. Roman mythology Cupid is the counterpart of Greek Eros. In Roman mythology, a beautiful princess loved by Cupid. Cupid visited her at night, but told her not to look to see him. It is the sole personification which comes into actual divine attainment emanating from God.

Devoted soul:

It is a report of Lord which comes from within as there is only way out is in. Here, devoted soul seems to be encapsulating into deeper divine prominence which can be perceived intuitively through some inexplicable perceptive powers which stay inside soul of humans. Soul is immaterial part of a person which actuates cause of an individual life, creates deeper feeling and generates a sense of emotions which are of deeper human embodiment of wandering psyche which makes faithfulness in service and in living beyond all forms of generalizations. Soul makes a person within human soul which most likely to perform what is right and lasting.

Lord Shiva:

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva

It is the unaffected ones world that we live in which has been divided into good and bad, high and low, heaven and hell. Lord Shiva, the destroyer, is part of the three major divinities in the Hindu religious beliefs. It is the soul which aims further to the utmost degree for ultimate achievement for the concluding aspect of reaching nearer to Lord. In between living, when existence becomes fractured with diluted and mixed with extraneous moral wrongs, where attendance of impossibility creates serious abnormalities the most possible microscopic determination of life becomes a spate of fragmented creativity.

Removing conflict zones from mind: 

The divine transactions coupled with inclusive foresight providence by virtue of planning prudently for the future creates a foresight prescience policy of mind which tries hard to remove conflict of one’s way of being, construed through the way of seemingly holding up tangible substance that could possibly construct entire bit of physical object which can be reworked into a finished form. All these are a part of a different set of ideas built with dynamic observations, made from artifact of natural thought processes, which however remote of intimate will always govern your soul through laws of norms.

Play house for children at Jagarpada Puri

Play house for children at Jagarpada Puri


All these are a sacred form of living which emanates from simple word known as knowledge, which evolves from ancient writings of sages mostly written in early Sanskrit and preserved traditionally through generations without halt. It is to awaken human beings to mark out the basic difference between inward and outward and find out what are distinctive entities which are making order unity among different physical and psychological worlds. It is the sense of mental or emotional as opposed to human nature. The sense of inwardness and outwardness rounded with you never look up to anything and never look down to anything creates a sense of inclusive mind which says always stay steady and remain calm in times of peace as well as thunder in order to cross all such difficult barriers of life whenever and at whatever times they ever meet with.

Psychological state of human mind: 

Psychological theories come from atypical form of well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world. It is distinct from straight out connection of soul where it is different from psychological state of mind. In this latter stage, process of mind seems to be unrecognized with a particular state of the shell where particular peculiar reasoning knew to be a psychological state is emanating. Whereas creation of soul and connection with Lord comes from an organized system of invisible knowledge which is accepted from a variety of different continuing circumstances from dynamic phenomena. It is not the test of the hypothesis at all these sorts of psychoanalysis comes into lime light as direct devotion to Lord.


Bajarang Bali

Bajarang Bali

Reaching nearer to the soul makes a perfect way of reaching nearer to Lord, which creates a tentative insight into a natural world where human experience as a consequence of our possible transformation from burdensome ladder of human existence. Soul comes straight from the heart and love of Lord which create a belief that can guide behavior. It is the source of future prospect and potential of existential capability to unconsciously mastering over your life energy and destiny. It creates a sense of an event that will invariably happen in future. It predetermines the course of events with possible advancement of overall circumstances including whatever good and bad happens to you.

These do not mean that you will not ever control your fate at any point of time as most part of your life is controlled thought possible vibrant understanding of fate at the hand of souls. This does not guarantee you to become the sole creator and master of your fate. Everything lies with you even the indirect part also can be controlled with your own actions of obvious reasons were you seem to ride on everything that goes beyond your control. If you want to look at Lord from looking above, then you are on a wrong path. Always, remember we are living in a world which is constantly revolving around itself as well as revolving on a track which surrounds Sun the master of the solar system. So whenever and wherever you look all such notice goes into separate directions.

Modular involvement of soul: 

Ancient Hindu Dolls

Ancient Hindu Dolls

It aims to create a sense of modular involvement of yours and it is a perfectly good idea not to notice everything and anything beyond any reaching point. It is the soul which lives inside of you where you can reach nearer to Lord and for this it is essential not to move beyond but look inside upon yourself to reach for love of the Lord around anything. It all concerned with sacred matters that is the vital transcendental soul belonging to the spiritual realm of tapping at the vital principle of the animating force which lives within living beings.

Reaching nearer to Lord does not mean reaching to any incorporeal supernatural being that can become visible or audible to human beings. It is the point of no action where everything that exists anywhere a with the fact of existing for centuries. Soul stays within and the only difference with soul and inattentive state of mind are the sense of without where we failed to find the difference which may or may not be there even when this form of distinction has vanished at some point of time. Entire thought process comes within stipulated parameters of constituting a macrocosm, which reminds us always of ourselves.


Bahana of Lord Shiva= Brusava

Bahana of Lord Shiva= Brusava

Soul creates a sense of speaking tree within the inner self, which permeates a sense of acoustic sound from the inner mind, which intensifies and directed towards the provision of truthfulness of human beings. This Mahashivaratri, reminds of devotion to the soul where Lord exists with some religious ceremony rendering of different religions ceremony with substantial correlation attributed to systematic creation of interactive effect of human Lord. One can find the exact difference at a significant level, with the logical relation between propositions implicated by virtue of involvement intimacy between soul and mind.


Colorful baloons at Jagarapada of Pur

Colorful balloons at Jagarapada of Puri

All accumulation of knowledge of human experience comes from within with direct participation of inner thought processes from a series of related observation and participation of events of spiritual significance. It brings out the most surprising experience which savory addicted to divine attendance of apprehended attention from a series of mental or physical states and experiences which undergo emotional sense within a particular state of mind subjected to the idea that is intended. Soul immunizes mind from all known proverbial substances which recognize all immune responses to invalid substances, which are the choicest of the most essential part of complete faith.

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