How to install android kitkat features to Galaxy Grand without rooting your phone

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos is one of popular galaxy phone of android devices from Samsung. Recently, as media reports are intended to be believed local brand Micromax stumbled and toppled Samsung from number one smart phone maker from India. It is a huge blow but it has not been done within some few days but the trend was obvious for a few years. Samsung for years never ever supported its older brands which many people still use it and from among all these galaxy grand duos are one such brand being used by many.

It is one of the middle segments and wide phone which many like to use it and that is why it has become popular. With its moderate pricing and good processor it is expected to work well but most of the devices people use have become slower and difficult to use. This article is meant to remove such bottlenecks in making yours Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos efficient and speedier. Everyone loves a speed device and no one like to use a lagging and slower device after paying about more than 21,000 in its initial period.

Though now Indian brands have been offering more in this price bracket and that is the prime reason why Samsung is slipping its top position. Of late I have been writing in detail about how to optimize and speed up galaxy grand devices but with due course of time I have been learning some tricks and this time, I would like to share those additional tricks in order to let users know more about such additional methods.

So far it is not been updated to Android KitKat which is surprising considering the majority of features which Samsung Electronics has been giving are almost similar to Kitkat. Nothing to worry about it as in this article we will learn various tricks of how to optimize your galaxy devices and this tutorial is applied to all such high end as well as mid segment level galaxy devices from Samsung electronics.

  1. Install Greenify application from Google Play store and the process of installation is submitted in detail here. This article was written by me a few days ago which depicts what android settings need to be enabled before using various features of Greenify. Greenify provides users of non root stock android mobile phone users easier life to hibernate heavier resources that are running in the foreground.
  2. Samsung Electronics graphical user interface is recognized as TouchWiz. Install Google’s owns them known as Google Now Launcher from Google Play Store. Enable it and you will find a refreshing launcher with clear and lucid display of different icons at desktop. It will also speed up GUI because it is straight from Google and provides a seamless integration as well as it initiates the new Google material design which Google is offering to its users through updates of diverse applications. You can download this application from Google Play Store from your android device. You can use this device with a swipe away and left to right swipe you can have Google Now and with opposite the desktop home screen. After downloading Google Now Launcher from Google Play Store. You then install it and use it and can now find the smoother material design of android at its peak. In the initial update of Google Now launcher the latest release works flawlessly without any confusion. Some Galaxy grand devices users will not able to apply this as the reason is that few months back Samsung Electronics have silently send one small updates to Galaxy Grand Devices which enable user to now use this Google Now Launcher as with this update one can easily install material designs of Google. Before, doing this, swipe on dashboard from top to button, then reach to MORE and then reach to ABOUT DEVICE then tap on it to enter and then tap on SOFTWARE UPDATE, then tap on it and then tap on UPDATE and check for updates, if it says some updates are available, then install it before installing Google Now Launcher, otherwise, if it says ‘The latest updates have already been installed’ then OK it and move to play store and download and install GOOGLE NOW LAUCHER to speed up Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos devices.
  3. Google Keyboard was available for all Android Kitkat and above users. It was not provided for android jelly bean users. It makes typing easier and it is not heavier than its own keyboard for Samsung. It has extra material design which makes legible part of writing within android platform easier. It is light and it makes android entire system speedier and snappier. (Screenshot). After installing this, disable Samsung keyboards from the settings menu. Click SETTINGS, then MY DEVICE then LANGUAGE AND INPUT and then click on GOOGLE KEYBOARD to enable it. After selecting this you will find a speed up Galaxy Grand device. Initially, this was not available for jelly bean but now Google makes it accessible for android jelly bean devices. It introduces material designing to the keyboard as well as it makes the entire font system of yours galaxy grand device smoother and smarter. Now, you can feel response of yours device become speedier and smoother.
  4. Few months back Google introduces INBOX Email application, which is most like GMAIL application but saves users essential and valuable time and provides the added advantage of making email client responsive and faster. It builds with material design and it can save a lot of time on yours. INBOX BY GMAIL can be downloaded from Google Play Store and then install it and then open GMAIL application on android which is the default application and go to its settings and disable synchronization. Then go to SETTING of GMAIL BY INBOX, and enable notification so that now you can be notified of arrival of future mails without interruption. In this way, all such emails can now reach at you without duplication notification from Gmail.


Believe me after installing all such applications which I have written above and most of these applications are the default application and from Google which means all these will not make your phone heavier on resources and made your phone most versatile and smoother than ever before. The concept of android is based on the model of open source as it comes from Linux, and for this it is essential for users should understand, everything is on their hand. Once an android phone comes in their hand, it is for them to make it secure and make it faster. The specification of Samsung Galaxy Grand, says it has good hardware resource to be a good and smooth device, with all power users. It is the user who can make or break the device.

For this it is essential for the user to implement such methods which are described here and from time to time updates from a different set of application so that phone will never ever lag at any point of time. From time to time, Google provides backward compatibility for some of its devices. Google Now Launcher and Google KeyBoard are not available for Jellybean users few months back, but not it is ready for Jelly Bean user and with this comes addition of speeding up your device to its maximum which could provide you enough leverage speed with simplicity. With one GB of RAM and dual core CPU, a good configuration by the user can make Galaxy grand Duos an excellent proposition to use it seamlessly without any halt.


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