Fifth Dimension

Since time immemorial at the beginning of human civilization the rational minds of humans have a tendency to think of different ideas about their place of existence. Many have believed the earth is the unique plants and there had been all the other planets and stars which are revolving around it continuously. This western believes, there were numerous voyages by great discovery oriented personalities who try to reach through at different destination of the earth. Many feared to do so as they feel if they continue to do so then at some point in time they might be falling into dungeons of the universe. At that point of time they think earth at a place and at some point of time, they could be falling to the space of the universe. These were some of western beliefs in earlier times but since many centuries ago. Ancient Indian thinkers were confident and knows it fully well that earth is circular and it revolves around the star known as the sun.

Challenges for space scientists:

Indian astrophysics of yesteryears also was able to grasp the idea and calculate the exact distance between sun and earth and earth and moon. In ancient times, astrophysicists of Orissa, able to calculate the exact distance between sun and earth and earth and moon with the help of a stick by staying on earth. Such was the mathematical power of these scientists who have without use of such modern technologies has been in a position to form and calculate exact space distances.

With the advent of modern science and advent of a newer form of technologies scientists are now easily calculating the distances among stars. Since this time, there are no hard boundary facts that how many stars are there in the universe. From time to time with the discoveries of many new galaxies, the form of infinity associated with space surfaces comes into force in front.

So far there is no hard and fast rule to calculate and measure how many stars are there in the universe. We cannot even think in the wildest form of imagination of how many galaxies are there. As galaxies from numerous states and with each star there is certain form of planets and with each planets there certain form of sub-planets of moons is there.

This proves to be the most complicated form of calculation as most of the distances these planets and stars have been cannot be reached at any point of time by many generations of humans. Due to proper limitation of age and living styles of one generation of humans cannot complete the space voyages at all. There are numerous ways to calculate exact distances of stars and planets through sending of sound. Emission of lights and colors emanating from them but still there is no hard and fast rule to concede exact information from all these distant stars.

Doubts over Big bang theory:

It believes that universe was created 14 billion years ago. So far, astrophysicists have not been able to devise a particular set of theories of generation of the universe. There are numerous self-contradictory theories which oppose one set of ideas with that of the other. So far, the most acceptable theory among all such theory of evolution of the universe is the existence of the big bang theory of the universe. Still, there are many opponents to this theory.

Many opponents to this theory still question the reason behind the big bang explosion as modern scientists believe the theory of matters which could be the primes source of evolution of the universe. Still there is no such idea related to width and height of the universe. We could not know how much depth is universal and how much dimension this universe consists of.

There are many limitations of human comprehension. Rational and comprehensive minds of humans tend to be encircled within a specific sphere of human thinking which relates to only three dimensional objects and beyond. It becomes utmost difficult for him to calculate and comprehend. Many scientists believe humans can only understand up to three dimensions and there are countless such difficulties for humans to look beyond three dimensions. As per question of scientific communities there are so far objects up to 11 dimensions are discovered and still this process is continuing.

We can only perceive things and object up to three dimensions and that too we have to carefully look at it other wise could not recognize such objects in motions. Think about looking at 3dimensional movies and from there we could not look at it as we have to wear 3D glasses in order to look at these objects in clear and precise manners. Human mind and vision are restricted to the sphere of three dimensional objects and if any living objects beyond three dimensions were in existence within our limit still we could not detect their existence.

This is an important point to be noted an important consideration to be done before understanding basic formations of the universe. We always presume universe is complex but what we could not understand the basic structure of the formation of the universe where it is complex in relations to our own set of mental aptitude to in relations to other forms of ideas. As normal human beings our vision in correlation with the rational mind has certain restrictions.

Suppose think there is presence of five dimensional objects in and around us but we could not detect such objects. This means that we are not staying with a world of alone as most of such entities surround us all over but still we could not know and there must be many possibilities of those entities with five dimensional entities could experience ours presence and they might have been looking us but we could not detect them altogether at all.

How universal is created?

If all these notions become true, then this means that we are still not sure about proper existence and proper embodiment of the universe. What we perceive because the cause of formation of our structure could only detect certain every aspect of dimension which we only could bear in our mental precisions. This could be our limitations as beyond a certain set of dimensions we could not move at all and this could be the measure drawback which we should be experiencing while trying to invent more about universal. That is why; we are still battling out to the level of infinity within specific spheres related to the universe.

Still, human is famous for its never-ending search to reach to a conclusion. It is more specified and more attached with different form of antecedents and more adhere to different dynamics which might prove to be a mental block while discovering certain every aspect of evolution of the universe. Then, there is no such word such as impossibility in dictionary of humans. With the help of nanotechnology they are consistently trying hard to create a different form of nanobots which are from of half humans and half machines and this could make mental power of such nanobots more powerful and efficient as comparable to humans.

With creations of such hybrid humans, mind power of such nanobots could read more dimensions and with it they could see such mysteries and could send such information with the help of multimedia technologies to computers to help humans more readable towards such mysterious phenomenon which might have been showing their presence still humans could not detect such moments and other forms of activities initiated by them from time to time.

This could be a solution but creating such nanobots takes time and most times such creativity is being strictly barred from different social organizations as well as different forms of other political pressures. We have to understand how gravitational forces occurring out from the Sun are wirelessly binding earth from such a distance and at the same time other gravitational forces from different other stars which are in nearby locations could not suppress gravitational forces of such stars. How such form of huge gravitation force which is binding such giant planet like earth with Sun is possible.

Why presence of some mysterious and undetected force in the universe?

There are many mysteries in and around universe and we have a first device and detect what is creating such force as we are experiencing it and then we could move beyond to different dimensions which normally not visible to us at either point. The source of such titanic force still could not be determined. We could not know what constitutes this power which is originating from the Sun. Still we are planning for space voyages in the form of fuel such as petroleum products. Which can have many possibilities attached with limitations.

Petroleum fuel as storage keeps weight of space craft on the higher side. Still to date we did not have any idea about how to outsource such form of mass energy originating from different forms at different locations on the earth. We are thinking about controlling all forms of energy manners in and around at different surfaces of the earth but not devised any such idea and possibilities to drive out different other forms of generations of ideas of how to control such originating effect of a source of energy.

Sun is the source of energy in all forms of its solar system and still we are trying hard to find different forms of energy which are in existence upon earth. If we could bring negligible percentages of energy of sun to utilize it properly at different surfaces and functions of earth, then easily we could find different form of easier energy management to mitigate all the other forms of dynamic functionalities which could make entire differentiation of power management to its maxim limits. We are searching for unlike other planets far away from our solar system and sometimes at some distant galaxies which could provide most adequate and proper management of all forms of existence of life.

However, we still not devising different forms and ways to anticipate and reach into ideas of calculating about all the other energy sources which mostly are invisible and wireless in nature. The day we understand Sun. On that day we could be solving the entire form of mysteries of the universe. This is no doubt true but also the single most possible alternatives that could be making the entire universe a complete reality.

Just imagine in hot summer day, when climate completely changes and we find suddenly about advent of rain and other forms of existence of showers coupled with strong level of lightening which sparks for fraction of seconds and then goes away in vicinity to be closely followed by sounds. When lightning struck on earth sudden eruption of fire and within seconds all forms touched fire to vanish immediately. It is entirely connected with the form of extreme energy which scientists have found that from a fraction of lightening one could generate electricity for the entire earth for more than 50 years. It might have been the estimation but still we have to realize such potential which is in the form of greener energy where one should not be investing in anything beyond certain advisable limits. The best part of it is how to control such overwhelming form of energy which has been there in our atmosphere.

Forget about getting energy from the Sun. It is time to concentrate on different forms of energy that are present in the atmosphere. We have to devise distinctive forms of sending energy wirelessly. Still to date, we are circulating energy through wires. We have been put in very few instances are successful in sending electricity wirelessly. Even though we succeed in doing so still the distance of such wireless communication is far shorter and that could not solve our impending problem of devising a well maintained and well devised distribution of electrical energy wirelessly. First it is now time to take actions and prepare a well ground for storing and sending electricity wirelessly. Through form of wireless transmission we could remove loss of electricity completely. Then, we have to devise ways to control and find different forms of control mechanisms, to gather all forms of energy generated from a single lightning.

Time is to find some innovative ways of converting energy from one form to the other:

After that we could find alternative forms of converting energy from one form to the other. We have seen power of a nuclear bomb and atomic bomb when energy is being stored in one location and then through sudden processes of fission of energy the single most devastating effect comes into being. So, storing energy is not a great idea. It is always advisable to convert energy from one form to other through different dynamic functions. If we could devise how to send and receive electrical signals then we could be easily found different other options to move and convert electrical energy to different forms.

We could convert electrical energy to kinetic energy and make it as an alternative for long term space voyages which could be for generations to generation due to distant of the universe almost close to eternity. So in this way millions of light years away when the space vehicle would be traversing at different locations of the universe we could control its fuel wirelessly and provide it adequate supply continuously without halt. All these are mysteries of energies which humans have to solve it completely before advancing themselves for fresh forms of ideas relating with space voyages.

In brief the total scientist community who have been trying hard to utilize the simple form of communication and management energy need to come out with differentiate innovative methods that not only bring about all sorts of positive changes but also other source of conventional energy sources which are yet to be explored in widest sense of imagination. It is dutiful, energy cannot be destroyed or energy cannot be curtailed, it is there as it is and it can be only being converted from one form to the other. Without a doubt all these forms of modifications which energy relates to could bring back the single most positives out of the box when all sorts of traditional energy formation are explored.

We need not think of the universe as in a totality, but need to understand there are still unexplored destinations for us which need to be properly attended and guided in order to find the real meaning of life. It is of the true essence and understanding that we live in various dimensions. If we are able to understand indirectly the possibilities of all such dimensions which probably up to 11 dimensions exist in earth then it is better for us to go for a broader sense of understanding and proper stipulation of ideas such as creation of nanobots or other form so hybrid creation that not only makes the way for all possible attendances of understanding of different form of dimensions but also pave the way for more satiable understanding of universe which might likely to be shown as smaller in relation with all eleven dimensions mechanisms.

The single most problematic of traversing through the universe is the distance and that too is measured with light years measures. On the other side, all these symptoms and understandings which can be easily integrated with different form of ideas and systematic notions can be curtailed once we solve the discrete dynamic mysteries associated with the form of different dimensions up to eleven in number. Take one example where everything about the existence of confusion over dimension can be clearly explained. Suppose you are watching a pulsating cricket match and the match is in the climax with very few balls left to score many runs. It was heading for a pulsating finish. In the mean time bowlers bowls the delivery and the batter steps forwards and tries hard to pull the ball at one side of ground to score a boundary but due to trick of googly the spinning ball does not touch the bat and reached near to the gloves of wicket keeper.

In a splash, the wicket keeper removes stumps while the ball in his hand. On the other hand, the batter after getting beaten y a stupendous delivery from bowler tries hard to return back to the home in order to protect his wicket from imminent stumping. Now, it was a close call, entire fielding team units’ jumps in the air to appear and the umpire in order to give it correctly refer that matter to the third umpire. Third umpire is the television umpire who watches the television replies of the incident and then provides his verdict on this appeal. After looking at repetitive reply the decision had not yet been conclusive. How comes this happen as the cameras used for broadcasting of cricketing event are of two dimensional due to television signals and for these entire results of this appeal remains inconclusive?

Presence of fifth dimension:

But, majority of people inside that stadium knew the result and they know the batsman was out bill is not conclusive in open eyes while watching it on television. People know the difference because they can watch more that what lenses of camera watches and for this it is evident that entire incident was a single one but the perspective of two humans are different. One is from the spectators at the ground who knows because they watched on the point of three dimensions and that give them conclusive evidence while television umpire saw what the television feed was given to him and most of times these are in two dimensions and these hide most reality form these incidents. Similarly, we could not detect incidents related with more than three dimensions and as a consequence we failed to understand these events. Most times, incidents related to five or six dimensions failed to provide much fillip to us and most times these remain invisible and hide from our observations.

So, is it a fact that there are some other living beings also staying beside us and we could not detect their existence because of their proficiency in staying with more than three dimensions which are mostly not visible to our eyes and senses? If these theories are tries and remain as it is then there is every possibility of existence of some other forms of life simultaneously with us but with some other dimensions. Is there some other chambers beside earth where these life is still staying with each passing moments? Everything seems to be not so true in a sense but many of these ideas can come to the forefront after learning and studying about these aspects. May be all these concepts at one point of time remains vague and not so truth but still one needs to follow such principles and if all these dimensions are true then for sure, we could be getting more and more featured thoughts about these to understand different aspect of universe which are mostly not revealed at these point of times.

How do we conclude the presence of spirits?

Many of us do still not believe about the presence of ghosts or spirits. Many still believe and some in the neutral phase of two where their opinions go in either way. If we believe spirit as in archaic scripts as well as in modern day scripts we find mention of it. How can be smoke without fire? Is it relevant to think about spirit as there are people who have claimed to have felt about it and there are some who do not think so? If spirits exist then how comes such ghostly activities are showing at some point of time and most times these remain invisible.

Are they staying on fifth dimensions and sometimes over to third dimensions and at that time we saw these existences? May be it is right but probably most times all these ideas and generations of theories come into vague as still there is an absence of many such innovation practices and understandings which we have always failed to anticipate and find out in detail about it. The problem with these method of theories related with different dynamics comes to the forefront when we think about presence of differential methods of research methodologies when we brought out similar effective mechanisms which could brought about ever-changing trends of change that could utter the most satiable understandings of presence of different form of dimensions which could bring about far-changing and widespread ideas of change all across society.

Another problem attached with it, that most of times all these researches which deals with various forms of review of processes deals with dimensions comes about in the form of vague respondents as most of times all these inventions and researches failed due to complete absence of human researches in all these inventions. Most possible in the first instance we have to create a form of robot or nanobots which we have discussed earlier that could bring about real change of ideas and their mind must recognize the real form of dimensions beyond three dimensions and must provide intricate access to different organized methodology in detecting and finding different mysteries associated with it.

For this the mind or brain part of such half human and half robots is important which will create a direct process in making and creating a perfect experimental feature. For this, at first we need to realize what mind is all about. So far, medical scientists have never ever been able to devise the process how the brain works. Only a fraction part of functioning of the brain is known for them and still many parts of this brain needs to be worked upon and for this there is the importance of understanding the basic functionalities of brain and carry out overwhelmed study about it in detail. Then, only such nanobots can be created at some point of time when most of these mysteries related to brain functioning can be revealed completely.

It is all about knowing humans fully, still to date we learn about heart, kidneys, livers, various limbs, eyes and so on. But still there are miles to go when we could revive functioning of the brain when it is dead. Brain death of a person’s is not the sign of death as during that time the process of heart takes into being but the brain does not work as it stops and in this scenario a person is alive but he is clinically dead. This comes to a question. If a person’s is brain dead but his heart is still beating when in fact he is in the state of hibernation. It is called as a stealth mode, where only small part of the body is working to keep the body alive but mostly other parts of functionalities become stopped a short time. It is a similar situation just like a computer is in sleep mode where it will use a small portion of power and stops functioning.

The difference between a window computer and persons in sleep mode relates with. That still to date there are no such mechanisms available where we could revive a person when he is in the state of brain dead. So far it is not possible due to not so complete study on human brain but it can be possible in the long run when we study entire aspect of running of brain and this could bring about revolutionary changes the way medical science treats such phenomena of life. If such situations are reversible then perhaps in longstanding space journey humans can be sent with such methodology of sleep and awaking from sleep. In this way, age of humans can be saved and race with time can be won easily without any such need for complete changing of ideas and different permutations and combinations.

When humans go for lifelong space exploration the prime motive behind such explorative space vacations could be to continue to live for days of innumerable count days so that when reaching at some location after many light years, the same humans can awake from sleep or hibernation mode in order to understand different planets and galaxies on its way to know the mysteries of universe. Prime difficulties of crossing different barriers of distances in terms of light years come from the notion of understanding the long standing difficulties of how a human with maximum age most times less than 100 could cross such distances with plenty of light years away. One needs to understand humans are not machines and they are not going live forever. It is important to understand the basic point of action and this with the process of sleep mode in action if it is possible for humans then it could be the biggest gain for humans.

Humans could live forever by properly utilizing hibernation methods to make these experiments to function properly. In the past, in ancient Hindu religious scripts we found many great sages of eminent personalities have been able to concentrate with meditation for more than thousand years in order to please the Almighty and get their blessings.

How holy saints in ancient times live for thousand years:

In reality these could look to be some concepts but in reality all these are mostly nearer to some of most brilliant and positive developments of ancient time which perhaps in those times, ours ancestors are more capable than us, most of these times, great saints are examples of great knowledge and for this they able to concentrate without moving from one place for longer hours. All these do not impact their concentration and they continue to reach Lord with such level of concentration. How could they live for thousand years or more the possible real answer could be that they must have mastered the art of hibernation of body and mind and during the level of concentration they should have implemented this method in its fullest capacity and that could have long drawn impact of concentrating for such longer years and living for such astronomical times that could ever be thought of. So, here is the time to completely look at different perceptions of different nations worldwide and find out what ancestors have done so far and what needs to be done at this point of time.

Most of time, with all these discoveries are in prominence, one need to believe how at a certain point of time of history humans had conquered time and managed to achieve inevitable through initiation of different management of time. When preparing for a longer journey one needs to take care of the amount of time one needs in order to stay alive and report back to earth in order to send different information found in and around the earth. There are many mysteries to solve and the prominence above it should be the presence of unusual dimensions and how to solve that eminent puzzle. If such dimension of different notions comes from one needs to solve these so that, by removing such mystery one could find that such vast universe could be much smaller with the presence of fifth or higher dimensions. I am not assured, but these could be such possibilities which various astro-physics must adhere to and learn about it.

Can it be possible that with smaller dimension the perceived distance of the universe could be nearer to infinity? With larger dimension such as fifth or above these perceived distance could be much lower. May be it is right as here is one such example to build such notion about. This article is all about finding some ray of hope all-around and with. These tags scientists could build their own perceptions and research. Many great mysteries of the universe are being solved and begin from different unbelievable stories that are being constantly based upon this. So, here is the chance that we think about universe with ours restrictive three dimensional views could be in the long run has the shortest distance if such dimension is increased and humans would able to see and feel the existence of such dimensions.

When for the first time we reached to movie theaters for watching of 3D (three dimensional) movie and found that without glass it is very difficult to watch and understand and most of these pictures are ghostly and the pixel size of each image are on higher side. With the insertion of glasses specially made for three dimensional viewing the same pictures become crystal clear. This means that we have to find information about fourth, fifth and so on dimensions of objects in order to find detailed prescribed information management.

We have to find out different ways in order to touch the fourth and then so on and these are real mysteries which one could find about and from all these we could find efficient management of information where all sorts of mysteries of universe can be solved easily. Think of the example which I have talked about to say you in earlier time relates with proper management of viewing angles and finding out different other dimensions through proper understanding of each facets of viewing angles.

Finding glimpse of presence of fifth dimension:

When a child of two years come back to his grandmother’s house during holidaying, while staying inside vehicle the child looks back at grandfather’s home from outside and it looks to him/her one of the biggest mansion ever. First we have to find which is the fourth or more form of dimensions and then bring about different hardware that could empower humans to view different forms of dimensional view.

In a world of unknown distance and longitude one needs to think differently and find more about different perceptions and that too related with different perceptions on viewing which could bring about sea-change in understanding different adaptive technologies and movement different ideas which could brought forward all such positivity while making research on unknown perimeters. Many such innovative ideas comes straight from asymmetric ideas, where many a times contemporaries laughed it out but most of times all these are creation of some of basic ideas that could imply different positive set of parameters to go about much distant information that could ever be completed.

Similarly, one needs to think positively the existence of ghosts as there just something that is there but visible to only specific set of people. Are these so called spirits which we think of dead persons but other sets of aliens living at different locations beside us and they are staying in fourth and above dimensions and this we could not be able to visibly such things. Then, the similar question might arise how some of us could see those spirits if they stay at fourth or fifth dimensions. Perhaps they have devised such mechanism in which they could traverse through different dimension and when they reach in three dimensions and sometimes we tend to see those entities. It might be. Nothing to suggest but through these processed research can be done.

Making research for fifth dimension:

The question might arise from which indication we could find information about more and more dimension is still to date we are completely blinded about it. Researchers can think of assumption to begin research, at first instance by taking ghostly entities as the representation of fourth or more dimensions. Then, we could think when such entities goes out and vanish suddenly, this means these are not against theory of gravitation, but they just shifted to another dimension which is there but we could not find it and ours senses as well as viewing angle could not detect existence of such entities.

By following this as mere assumption which does not imply to be considered to be true but it could be taken as the path to discover the mystery could provide adequate and sufficient information in order to find detail about various forms of mysteries that are yet to be resolved. Most prominent problems in dealing with such things of unknown leads to different dynamics and optimism which could provide the right fillip if such myths could be transformed to reality. One need to understand what we are seeing about universe is related to one’s understanding of certain specified vision which is restricted with specified limitations.

What we need to detect there are many such myths and incidents which have been there in the universe even though most part of the population still not able to wish to understand these. When we talk about such dimensions or existence of so called spirits, one need to clearly understand that if we believe in such a way, then why such beliefs are still in its existence even years to come. Why there are so many literatures and why many people are still demanding that they have viewed such abnormalities. I am not asking to believe such notions but scientific communities must drive out from these mysteries the inherent underlying of different dimensions which could have been a great source of inventions in years to come.

It is wiser to solve mysteries by staying inside earth rather than with our perceived dimensional existence; we could build other side of vision. If we were successful in finding, in detail about, seeing what is going on inside different other unexplored dimensions, then we could possibly solve mysteries surrounding universe. It might not be true but what is wrong scientific communities to look beyond and have some of such reverse engineering approach which could possibly lead them to some unexplored destinations.

Research should be done to find out existence of such intrinsic dimensions:

There are so many instances of development of such intrinsic presence which might have posed many such questions but still to date there is no single answer to it. One needs to understand there is already so called calculative ways to measure every bit of research and its consequence methodologies but still to date we have failed to find anything significance that could solve these mysteries which not only stays forever inside minds of humans but also most of these visionary presence does not have any such implicative presence in what so ever manner. The problems with these concepts such as the presence of spirits as well as presence of a different set of dimensions cannot be visible at any point in time.

While making different research point in these subjects one need to carefully map and formulate different form of virtual presence and look into these entities in that form so that proper admonishment of these settlements can only be meted out. One need to feel it but at the same time one need to find different other formats of research methodology in order to find out the presence of these entities which prove to be most of the time the single most invisible elements of all time. The first and foremost aspect of all this experimentation is to find out whether these experiments are for success or not. Major part of this research is to find out how these entities should be accessed and how to know what some other dimensions are. If we think in such way and go with these methodologies, then we can move beyond and reach of distinct ideas to succeed.

While making researches on finding information about additional dimensions, we could be throwing stones at dark room as there is no way at the first instance we could find enough information about these additional dimensions as we have to carry these experiments forward and find out about some other additional bit of information in order to devise some new concepts. Similarly, there are many other concepts where we could find in detail, about some of the other bit of information such as the new way to research about the existence of spirits. We have seen some of ghost busters used to venture into different perceived ghostly areas and their tools and ammunition they used to search and find ghosts. What they use some form of meter which could detect some extra supernatural activities in case they are there and all these are mediums of detecting their presence at most times these ghosts are not visible to humans but could show their presence to them.


What they found sudden change of electric movement or some other light radiant solutions but hardly have we found presence of ghosts in this experimentation. Now, scientists have to go in a way of thinking presence of such elements in some other dimensions which we have never ever seen before and they should continue to think as it is so that even if this concept proves to be wrong but still it could provide some other richer ammunitions for food of thoughts, as still to date we have not been able to understand the concept of supernaturalism and presence of other forms of dimensions. If there exist three forms of dimensions then why more forms of cannot be dimensions are possible all these possibilities can grow and provide more and more supportive and constant theory generation in order to find more about the real world of the universe. Rolling on the floor laughing

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