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Standard & Poor’s Corporate Governance service (CGS)

Standard & Poor’s concept of Corporate Governance Scores (CGS) seeks to express the rating agency’s opinion about the extent to which a company adopts and conforms to codes and guidelines of good corporate governance practices that clearly serve the interests of its financial stakeholders; the rating is on a scale from CGS-10 (highest) to CGS-1 Continue Reading »

The Essentials of Good Governance

According to McKinsey Investor opinion study, most investors say that board practices are at least as important as financial performance of the industry. Investors are more attracted towards a well governed company. It has been estimated that more than 80% of investors would be willing to pay and invest a significant contribution for the shares Continue Reading »

What can be networked around you?

Electronic gadgets are flooded with network capable electronic devices which has futuristic composite values with network attached consoles and storage. You can network them in unimaginable ways. Tablets, smart phones guarantees users multiple ways to network, watch movies, listen songs, play games with or without complete network dependability. With the advent of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Continue Reading »

Corporate Governance Issues & Challenges

Before we talk about creating an entrepreneurial culture in large organizations, we should first understand what we actually mean by a huge organization. Size is a relative term and we cannot practically quantify what all parameters make an organization larger. A Small Organization as the name suggests is miniature in size even though it may Continue Reading »

What is entrepreneurial culture?

I have tried to understand the entrepreneurial culture in the periphery of organizations. Every organization has unique cultures, like every people are different from other. Organizations are not dead entities. Like people they are living entities. Rational thinking, positive energy, creativity shows signs of life within the organization. Like human characteristics, some organizations are extremely Continue Reading »

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