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Collaboration is the instrument of working jointly. It creates many opportunities for multi tasking and enhances productivity. It gives opportunities to all team members far and near to access collaborative documents and authorized users can edit and share to other authorized members. When considering of collaboration it is always wise to use cloud document processor for document collaboration. It not only provides you always online status but also can make available to the authorized user from different zones through different mediums. Here, mediums of communications deal with diverse areas such as smart phones, tablets, personal digital assistant, computer, laptops and laptop replacements.

It all provides access to cloud servers which show online word processor documents and provide authorized users the updated access at different locations. In this way, proper time management and there is no worry to send the document to headquarters as all these documents can be edited on site on cloud server and everywhere on every computer such documents updated with edits from different authorized users at different locations.

In the earlier article (link), we have extensively discussed about, how to write collaborative essays by Google Docs. It was perhaps a newer feature of Google Docs, but this feature is already there with Zoho Docs. It is one of the popular word processor which has many free features combined with custom domain and also it provides optimum use of resources for small and home (SoHo link) to perform better with a high degree of productivity. In this article, we will understand how to create and write collaborative essays with Zoho Docs.

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Zoho Docs is document management software and it has a very good word processor which has a very nice interface. Zoho Docs provide easy online document sharing and management to boost productivity. It provides 5 GB of free storages to store collaborative documents and on the go whenever and wherever it is needed. It gives you opportunities for real time collaboration within your specified and authorized communities. You can sign up for a new Zoho account and then create online word documents from a web browser.

It enables to securely share file and folder to anywhere to any person and this safeguards privacy of your data within internet spheres. In this approach, one can share documents easily without fear of being stolen. Zoho provides realtime syncing or instant synchronization of editing documents in a cloud to make it available for all clients and users the latest version to present nonstop multi tasking on the go. On line word processor of zoho is a productivity application which works on collaboration among different people.

1. Log in Zoho Docs

2. Press the red log in button.

3. Then sign in to your Zoho Docs account with ‘Email Address’ and ‘Password’. If you are browsing from home then tick on ‘keep me signed in’ and then press ‘Sign In’ to login to Zoho Docs Account. Insert credentials to log in to Zoho Account

4. Then click on green ‘CREATE’ icon to open a blank word processor document or click on ‘UPLOAD’ to upload already written document to this cloud word processor.

5. Then click on ‘Share’ tool bar. A new sub tool bar appears just below ‘Share’ toolbar.

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6. Click on ‘Share’ from sub toolbar to activate sharing of document.

How to write collaborative essays with Zoho Docs6
Click share from sub toolbar

7. A popup window opens namely ‘Share Settings’. It has visible options and here administrator can assign authorized users manually. If in earlier users are authorized, list of authorized users will be shown in ‘collaborators’ space.

8. Click on ‘publish’ from the sub-menu bar. Click on ‘Publish’

9. A popup window namely ‘Publish Share’ comes about and it also shows the status of document in bold such as ‘This document has been published to external world’ and from its right you can change the status of share of this document through ‘Change’ button. From ‘Publish Link’ you can find the public link to the people you like to share, click on ‘Select URL’ to copy this link and can be posted on blogs, forums and anywhere which you like the document to be published and shared.

10. Just below is ‘embed code’ which provides you with an HTML snippet and paste it in your website/blog. Or else you can click on the sub menu bar namely ‘embed’ to have to open a popup window only containing HTML snippet code for website/ blog.

11. Zoho Docs provides you an additional option for inserting Digital Sign. Click on ‘DigiSign’ from the sub menu of the tool bar and a popup window opens. Fill in adequate information in email and password field in order to insert a digital signature in a document.


Zoho Docs provide more than currently what Google Docs offers. It provides avenues to a digital signature which removes the hassles for offline sending of a document for signatures. As for my knowledge, this feature is not there with Google Docs. The easy in sharing this document is apparent considering the fact that most of these settings can be accessed through a permanent share menu in toolbar, where with Google Docs most of these settings are in semi hidden state and user have to find it and use it at the first instance and then in order to find HTML snippet and link of open document one has to go to file menu of Google Docs in order to manage and find code snippets. Where as it is all clear with zoho docs and it is visible upfront where one can be with a single button enables sharing setting of a word processor document.

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