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Over the years, research gives the proof that people prefer faster and more responsive website. Many internet enabled protocols and codes were developed when the speed of the internet was at its slowest ebb. With the growing emergence of the internet more and more new web applications and other scripts to enhance designing and interactive part of the internet is available. All these loads on servers are not properly manageable due to advancement and emergence of different related technologies.

There are many such web and internet applications that are constantly being on the rise due to emergence and advent of HTML 5 web technologies, which features more productive applications such as preference for AppCache which now can write JavaScript ridden web application to stay as an application inside any logical processing units of web server. In the last decade, we have seen maximum performance improvement of Javascript and CSS applications. All these helped to make a faster internet.

All these enable webmasters to devise newer strategies for making more feature rich and new generation tools to combine all scripts to make website faster. There are numerous broad brand users all over the world but in terms of percentages of use their quantity is still at its minimum level. No doubt, we have to make a web page that should be responsive and adequate for slower internet.

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Modified: 21st Aug 2015

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