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CloudFlare or other content distribution network, makes your website faster by taking your website to cloud. Once you sign up for such services, then you are part of a global network and your site is now spread all over the world. Cloud services not only preserve heavy server load and reduce bandwidth consumption, but also provide a complete sense of security against malicious codes, fake bots and other harmful internet viruses.

Cloud services not only preserve CPUs of yours server but also optimize your website and presents a complete newer version of website. It protects website from harmful contents and helps you not to be blacklisted from Google. By stopping unwanted bots, loading time on the server decreases and this saves precious bandwidth. Saved bandwidth is crucial as protects real visitors, and gives them adequate saved bandwidth to browse your website.

Get found by visitors is important in order to any website to be commercially viable. Most of web traffic of most websites comes from search engine and it is the search engine optimization which makes any site popular and found by different people all around the world. There are many good search engine optimization mechanisms and sometimes some hosting provides these in front-end hosting.

These tools give complete access and peace of mind to webmaster as they generate sitemap of almost 1000 articles once a week and send it to different search engines for indexing. These sites also give a good way to link building and provide a safer route for adding your name in the yellow pages.

Many WordPress users go for different popular search engine optimization (SEO) plug-in which provides is not only cobbled with a large chunk of advertising but also many unwanted tweaks to header dot php files of front end hosting which delays page-loading times of website completely.

Not only, can be this by using more than one SEO plugin lead to complete puzzle and resentment of website. It is better to use SEO to host which provides a greater amount of practical SEO and adding your website and its article on Google. Remember, Gzip compression won’t work for images, PDFs and videos which are now compressed.

These are an example of binary files. Gzip is a very simple concept. It finds out similar strings in text files and replaces these similar strings with a single line of code and thus reduces entire files size limit. In a dynamic website, most times plenty of CSS and HTML files are used.

WordPress presents php files in the form of HTML files. These files contain plenty of white spaces and repetitive codes which can be reduced by completely eliminating these codes and Gzip performs exactly this while presenting the requested webpage at the user computer’s browser.

Now, requested browser receives a compressed webpage which is smaller files size but similar in appearance. With speed of internet becoming larger and larger, at some point of time, you feel that it is not necessary to optimize your website.

If you think so, then you are not in correct way of thinking. In all phases of internet, you need a faster website in an optimized form in order to attend complete peace of mind and tremendous speed through different optimization techniques. Search engines have been pushing for prominence for faster websites and most of the top ranked website on the same subject are from faster websites.

There are certain bench-marking services such as GTMetrix , Pingdom Tools  and Google PageSpeed to measure how many seconds your page is loading from different locations of servers as well as it makes you completely understand how to improve your website speed.

There are many plugins which persistently store many informations and increase the size of the database considerably. There are sure types of plugins which adds many rows and columns to database and interpreting database while the query us on makes website landing slower.

Many plugins constantly connect to server and database and makes continuous and persistent calls to it and consume plenty of essential server space denying smooth selling of visitors when they log in to website. There are some plugins which constantly make call to third party services which are external services and when such third party services are down.

Then it creates huge lagging time of loading of web pages. One such example is social media sharing buttons which completely slow down website as it connects and constantly makes calls to external services. So, uninstall such plug-in and make a worry free space for visitors.

Next page option gives you an additional tool to divide a long post into multiple segments. In the first stage, some part of the article is visible and next link gives you an additional opportunity to click and read the entire article one by one. This is known as styling of page links and this can be achieved by putting some codes in HTML format of posting segment of backend server of website. WordPress trash is a failsafe system which provides accident insurance for you. It is also wise to delete trash from time to time.

At all these posts and articles are stored inside database and it is wise to remove all such deleted articles from time to time in order to speed-up your website considerably. Server response time is being and always been affected by a large database, and it is wise to remove all such unnecessary junk files in order to make your website faster and accessible. Fast loading sites have enormous visitors and lesser bounce rates. This increases page rank of website and enhances visibility time of visitors in prime duration.

Bloggers should install original WordPress themes as most of them are well coded and responsive and most of coding have been done considering speeding up web content. If you are placed on shared hosting, then after some time you can switch to dedicated hosting which hosts only your website.

When, demands of server are high, on a shared hosting environment, other sites have a tendency to load slowly than in normal circumstances. In order to garner speed and accuracy you can shift to dedicate a server environment for better rendering of webpages and faster loading of website.

Countless of third party themes which are mostly premium are not properly coded. Then, this obviously had issues with rendering of web pages. It is good to use the default theme of WordPress in order to find solace in a faster website. If you are using a content delivery network, then it is better not to use any of cache plug-in.

CDN changes are dynamic PHP files into comparatively lighter HTML files. PHP files impact loading time of website. Here, HTML files are served directly from the Apache server without putting too much impact on servers and its configurations. On June 23, 2009, in an official Google blog, Google stresses first on creating a faster web.

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