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When a user opens a website on browser space of web browser, it contacts hosting for similar files. It is simple, bigger are the files, more time it will take to download and appear on requested computer. Gzip compresses web page up to 70% and makes the page landing faster. Most times, there are many plug-ins which need access to dot htaccess files or server of website in order to write some codes there and run Gzip compression on website completely.

It is always not wise to make it free for access of a third party plug in or sites directly to dot httaccess file or server. Many hosts have their software installed on CPanel hosting which is known as optimize website which can completely Gzip such pages and make them appear in smaller sizes. By configuration through the front-end server, you place Gzip code at the top of your page speed optimization. You need the latest version of the Apache server in order to implement Gzip on website. Normally, implement Gzip for entire files instead of a few settings.

Similarly, by adding some well-known content delivery network (CDN) with front-end server of web host, loading capacity of hosting reduces considerably and as a result of distribution of hosting of CDN all over the world and the page is being published from the nearby users, page-loading time of website reduces considerably as a result of location of server in nearby areas of users. Some users to apprehend that by placing different versions of website on different server locations as a result of connecting website from CDN can place multiple copies of website and can attract a penalty from Google, which is not correct.

Google does not penalize website at CDN. In fact it praises, such website as it gives excellent page loading times and brilliant speed in landing of webpages. Google likes website to be fast and for this it recognizes faster websites and gives them additional benefits of reaching the front page of website. CDN converts changed copies of dynamic website into a static content and presents to visitors when they browse your website. Those pages loads from servers are nearby your location and this, makes excellent page-loading time and removes extra load on servers.

In this way, you get speedier website, and your web page is distributed all over the world. In this approach, every domain of Google indexing index webpage and enhance its visibility to a considerable extent. There are many interactive sites such as e-commerce which requires prefetching of website in order to present a faster website to visitors.

Prefetching deals you presenting exactly the same set of ingredients which the visitor wants. It stops all other dynamic content and reduces page-loading times to a considerable extent. Prefetching is good for some sites, but it is universally accepted technique as it may not seem good at some other sites.

Many a time, prefetching of some resources may or may not be agreeable by the user and that can make the website bit more erratic and page-loading time becomes slower. Too much prefetching can increase more usually of CPU and that can slow down or completely downgrade your server completely.

It is important to understand. User’s behavior as well as, on which page majority of visitors are landing into. It can be very much known from installation of separate analytics on website. Google offers Google Analytics which has both mobile as well as a computer presentation.

So, while on the go with Google Analytics mobile app, you will learn about different user’s standards and behavior.Note down those pages and try to allow prefetching of that page or articles of website. This will considerably reduce the load on central processing units. For dynamic web pages, you should not prefetch every webpage for visitors, as this can impact heavily on the central processing unit and thus entire website could be down from live internet for a considerable of time. You should add prefetching script to website in such a manner so that only one page is prefetched nd after that the next page to be prefetched and this can speed-up prefetching of website to a large extent.

There are certain well-known prefetching scripts but it is always advisable for a shared hosting of WordPress one must not opt for prefetchig as this can slow down the entire hosting environment.Website is a question of speed and webmaster must ensure greater enhancements to website in order to get into completely faster loading times. On a landing page there are numerous resources, but all these resources need not be prefetch at one time.

Some resources such as, feeds does not have to be prefetch all the time, so give it a break. Some relevant images which might provide decent information about the article can be prefetched, where as some other features such as social share menu need not be prefetched all the time. As a webmaster only you need to take a decision on this and implement such measures in order to speed-up website to a considerable extent. Prefetch right data and ignore all the extra data from there.

A modest amount of prefetching is best for you. Yours users, from time to time to open so many tabs in the browser. If your website takes huge chunks of bandwidth and reduces bandwidth loading time to a considerable extent, it is high time to reduce such annoying web elements which might render a negative impact on page-loading times. It gets you to a good web citizen. It is the time of start of new year, and in this auspicious occasion, during cool winter time, have you specified any such glory for yours own set up goal to speed-up your website to a large extent for the requisite convenient of faster web processing.

It is high time to clean-up your website and remove unnecessary junks from there. It is high time, to remove all these drafts from post section of backend of wordpress. Then remove all spam comments by clicking on an empty spam bottle of akismet plugin and then optimize Oracle MySql database.

This will make you a faster website. I am not willing to use any third party plugin. I only use Akismet anti spam plugin which is from WordPress. There is no need, to use any third party plugins. Most of works done by these popular plugins can be compensated with manual insertion of codes into, front-end hosting.

This removes complete dependence on third party plugins. In this way, you clean-up all plugins, which might be placing too much resources on website and increases page-loading time of website. The first act of cleaning up your website is to eliminate all unwanted and resource hogging plugins.

Everyone a plugin is installed on the back end of WordPress, you may not feel the difference, but search engines surely find it and every time a plugin is installed it shows website down considerably. Earlier, I have written in detail about how to remove spam comments, post revisions and how to optimize website.

Take care, while you optimize database as without improper care, you can messed up with database configurations. I am not willing to use any images on website. I prefer to write articles and convey visitors through a long list of comprehension. Many webmasters want to use images as a complement for complete visual representation of what they say.

Most times, they prefer to use large images, which ultimately take a huge chunk of additional seconds while page loads. It is prudent to use some of the best known online image compression tools so that when you use images that can be completely optimized for your website. This reduces accomplish server loading times and makes website faster.

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