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There are times when withering of innovative technologies comes casing upon you with vast utilization of undone possibilities of using smart phones with style and statement. Many a times these smart phones have become somewhat undeterred style statement, but for me it has become one of most advance utilities with understanding upon vast and vivid manner to express and remove loneliness. It is not always easy to be a student of standard nine and keep continuing the various aspects of augmenting and knowing the different possibilities of what is happening all around the world. On my 16th birthday, parents gifted most superb smart phone of galaxy series to me and I have been pretty immersed with it. Most of gals on my age tend to utilize smart phone for face book and other conversations purposes but I continue to use it for most of my benefits and try to learn every bit of it in detail to understand it and make it speedier and snappier than ever before and hope to write my experiences on blog in order to share whatever knowledge I have been carrying with after using this phone.

What I like most about Galaxy series stylish phone is its versatility and the scope of its usages. It is part of most popular phone series and comes from biggest smart phone makers of the world. The whitish look of the phone is brilliant and the touch-wiz interface works like a charm and it responds well and many a times without touching just showing my fingers on a particular icon it opens and this surprises to me to my utter astonishment. It was Sunday morning and parents would have to go to farm lands in order to oversee the work going out there and this time, I have plenty of leisure time as New Year’s coming and most of school works have been completed successfully. I always prefer to stay alone even during schooling and I have almost no friends inside school as I always prefer reading and watching and observing nature in its most original format without bothering anything about what is happening elsewhere. Now, in my 16th birthday the gift of the smart phone has been phenomenal and this galaxy phone seems to be my best friend at first sight. It has plenty of customization to functions and I slowly getting it to be drawn from it.

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What I like most about galaxy phone is the weather gadget which is from accuweather and is presenting with smartest information with weather conditions, temperatures, time, date and short presumably scene of incoming weather, which is most of times always been almost two hours late but you can presumably now what should be the weather likely to be. The first and foremost task of the phone is to wipe out and uninstall unnecessary files that have been there within specified file portions of mobile. It has almost 8GB internal memory coupled with some part of it is being covered by operating system which gives almost 3 GB for me to utilize available spaces and then there are 64Gb options for data to be kept here as additional external SD card and this gives me additional options to fillip my favorite movies in those portions. Most of my class fellows have installed face book in their smart phones but I prefer not to do it as I have seen the problem with Facebook installation of android application is that it takes huge space in memory and it cannot be transferred to install it on SD card also and this gives the difficult part as it makes my phone slow with memory reproduction and this can slows down my phone.

A speedier phone is all important for me as it can give me the additional bite having receiving phone from parents at one go without slowing down and while walking and going towards school it is almost of important to have to receive phones amidst deep traffic congestions locations. From cached processes settings it is evident that Facebook even when it is not running is using one process and one service and it consumes 31 MB of RAM and this gives the idea, when Facebook is not running with smart phones it consumes so much of RAM so it is a good idea to delete or uninstall it from settings and then application manager. I have also noticed that upon installation of Facebook take 75.09 MB of hard disc space inside smart phone. It cannot be installed on the SD card either and this is the most visible disadvantage. It is wise for me to use Facebook with a laptop rather than use it with the phone. What is the most surprising is that it installed some additional folders inside operating system locations as well as inside the DCIM folder which is exclusively meant for camera photo mode. Galaxy phone has also one provision for using Facebook as an auto photo unloaded, as you can do it by reaching out to settings, then accounts and then add account and then syncs application with face book, it will be installed and one needs to take important notice is that one needs to activate mobile data while using it and then it will take some seconds and ask you about your user name and passwords and then it will automatically synchronies camera photos to face book.

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In my personal opinion there is much auto synchronization from camera in android available but the best is from, face book which provides instant back-up options and the backup of photos even with slower second generation internet connectivity is faster than its counterpart such as , DropBox and One drive. In addition to all these storages, in my galaxy phones, drop box is offering 50 GB of storages and Link is offering bonus 11 GB of storages which makes this phone a huge storage box for me to work out for me. Now, it gives me additional value for money and most of my photos and video now should be inside system to be easily accessible in one go without any such interruption. The most difficult part of face book application for android is that it cannot be used as messenger and this gives me additional job to down load the messenger application which I does not prefer as for me only needed applications to be installed inside android and apart from this all the other applications seems to be irrelevant for me in long term.

In the future I have plan to download some applications which can provide valuable input about road congestion, better climate prediction and better functionalities of my phone so much so that I cannot simply think beyond it and all of my multimedia contents needs to be there inside and whenever I require I can play those easily without any such disturbances. Galaxy phones provide me all the way adequate facilities go far beyond and provide me the more sophistication smart phone experience than the other smart phone makers of the world. (This is a guest post from this writer)

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