Symmetric cryptography

Every instance and elements have secrets. There is one set of good secrets. Everyone wants these secrets to be learned. Secrets create excitement. A fine secret can be shared with confidants. Secrets create excitement. The functional life of the secret is that it cannot be shared with everyone. It should be reserved for some persons. It is important. Otherwise these cannot be termed as secret anymore. There is a kind of code word correspondence between mother and baby. Most of times these words can only be understood by the mother and her child. In a long stretch, the language we usually speak is one form of a code word where those persons who are not able to understand our languages cannot understand ours and this creates a sense of security among persons who know these languages. These code words have the ability to create a kind of perceived privacy from intrusive ears and eyes of others.

Science of code words:

These sciences of code words and correspondence are known as cryptography. It is the science of secret communication. This form of science is nothing new; it has been here for years and has been continuing since time immemorial. Human as a rational being always tried hard to devise many forms and factors of communication and have been in a position to justify and succeed in making the world of science into a form of segmentation among different layers and strata of society.

In ancient times, most times these messages have been conveyed to different people with a pattern of painting and other forms of logical reasoning. During ancient times, when king of kingdom went for wars at distance places, used to fight it those wars for months and when finally became victorious used to send those victory signals by burning fire on a top hill top so that at the distance places where people of king dome there know that their king have succeeded in annexing particular kingdom after long fought war.

The science of cryptography has the presence in all forms of literary works starting from science, literature, technology and even crime. It creates a sort of virtual language or characters only to be properly and clearly understood by a specific set of people. Most times, it is being predominantly used by persons related to spy and have been conferred among a select set of people in general. In the science of cryptography, the other people in the group must have common ability to decipher languages and other forms of symbols that has been made of correspondence among different set of people.

Science of cryptography: 

In the age internet, there are some few famous games which rely mostly on deciphering different set of information and with proper understandings and deciphering of a different set of cryptological elements finally the gamer reach to its logical conclusion. XBOX Adera games are one such game, where the gamer has to search for different elements all around locations and collect those and then utilize those pebbles and instruments in order to decipher common elements in order to move forward. Science of cryptology works in such way considering the amount of elements to be deciphered in order to reach its logical conclusions.

In order to create and decipher own set of goals and accomplishments one should always understand that in order to create a secure environment the substitution of ciphers and deciphering element must provide and amend the basic set of instructions and the principal key that can be always been deciphered must be completely understandable and must be analyzed in order to find the perfect reasoning. The building blocks of ciphers must be completely understood and analyzed and the basic elements of constructions through the path of substitution must be properly analyzed and finalized in order to make the entire process completely clear and lucid.

Cryptography in literature:

The detective stories of Sherlock Holmes another form of reverse engineering of cryptography where there is no such straight forward rules of detective Holmes to find the clue and for every case he used to chance the pattern of cryptography and trying hard to find the basic elements and the proper connection that has been making entire scene and the process completely understandable and analytic with different environmental symbols that can have proper sense of symbolism to cater it out.

That is why. Stories of Holmes have been the most popular where writer Doyle trying hard to show the signs and symbols of capturing the culprit through various environmental variables. Similarly, such movies which have a sense of suspense while the towards moves on creating a sense of suspense through the process of climax scenes inside movies.All these create a deeper sense of commonality which provides an apt sense of enthusiasm in order to create a smarter sense of terms and conditions of cryptological estimation.

Think of electronic mail such as Gmail where you have to put forward a password which can be of any sort of combination of words where you can have separate sense of cryptological elements where you have to put forward those elements in order to log in and access your email account. That is why there has been various literature and writings about giving forward a complete sense of security elements where you have to put forward a secure key in order to access your online document or storage.

Secret cryptography communications: 

It has been known the languages spoken by people of the Indus civilization are still not being deciphered and many people have for many ages have been trying hard to decipher those messages but there is not succeeded with it.
Why a language is called as a complete language when writing part of that language comes to existence. Extra wise that, language can be a dead language. A good language is a form of cryptography techniques used to be the mode of communication among different set of individuals from the same locality.

With the introduction of a different set of writing mediums one can find entirely different form of completion of those cryptography experiences. Writing part of languages comes and slowly that cryptographer part of languages turns into reality. When writing script of language comes to existence slowly more and more literature comes into existence. This has been the processing of complete decryption of language where we can find that we have preserved the set of cryptographer techniques of those languages for future generations.

Deciphered cryptology:

Through the resources of languages, we have set forward some of the most valuable process of decryption of that specific languages for future generations and with it languages slowly become universal with a proper regional language point of view. In this way, with the addition of a large set of literature language becomes large set of deciphering cryptology and this goes on to show how humans have preserved some of the most vivid and oldest languages still to date.

They why, languages spoken by people of the Indus civilization are not being spoken by some set of people who are living in the modern ages. It is because still to date we have no signs of any of literary works done by Indus valley civilization. How come all literature written by them have disappeared suddenly from the world. It is the point of deep thinking and probably people of Indus civilization have not created their language in written form and that is why their language has not prepared better for future generations.

That is why future generation has forgotten that language completely and in this process they are able to anticipate the future of their languages. When language is spoken in the form of phonetics, it remains within boundaries of specific sort of generation but when some sort of accident happens and progress of civilization stops for certain moment one sees the basic and vivid description of dead language as there is no way a language can be deciphered at any point of time.

Cryptography technology involved in Sanskrit language:

That can be the only reason for still to decipher some symbols of people of Indus valley civilization. Decryption of language in the form of cryptography technologies cannot ever be recorded and devised in the widest form of imagination. At one point of time, Sanskrit is considered to be the most difficult language for many and even literature written in Sanskrit is difficult to understand. That is why the concept of generation and evolvement of new languages from the original Sanskrit.This creates a subset of existence different forms of languages and from it comes our evolvement of different languages and this safe and preserves cryptography elements of Sanskrit as a language.

Similarly, CID series of Sony television has been popular and has been running for more than 15 years and still running successfully. What is the reason behind the success of this series and have been staying from more than generations. This series bank heavily on cryptography elements and try hard to decrypt the crime scenes with utmost care and implement different form of reverse engineering cryptography elements through the process of different scientific-enabled techniques. For sure every success comes with adopting a different form of modern technologies that can have stiffer successes world-wide.

There can be numerous elements where we have seen implementation of the processes of cryptography in order to create a suitable environment for a specific set of people. By using the process of crypt analysis which is the technique of decryption coded messages we can reach towards specific goals of achieving stipulated successes within a specific environment. It is always true that any code created by any specific set of environment can be cracked.

Though timing and duration depend upon reasoning power of humans who indulge in this sort of permutation and combinations. Creation of a computing environment is a stipulated short of creating an environment suitable for cryptology. Through the process of coding and decoding we can find in detail about every set of amplifications where the process of queuing of a different set of permutations and combinations works considering certain point of action and views.

Functional cryptography: 

Arena and functionality of cryptology are that form of science where we are searching for any sort of gateway where we can find about different forms of seriousness and easier access to the area of the unknown. Many a times some of the most commonly coded cryptography elements might look alike a state of nonsense semantics but in fact all these happens to be some of the most serious underestimation of logic where even person of some of the most cleverest mind will not be able to decipher it easily with any of the most easier methods.

It creates a state of confusion as the term of generally used sentence in any language is better known to us as we have been using the same pattern for telling a state of a particular bit of semantics time and again. Cryptography is simple sentence formation and all it takes for all of us to sit quietly and read through all these semantics and finding the exact pattern of each form of semantics that it carries into it.Cryptography is the art and science of converting anything and at any time and most times these might happens to be a normal phenomenon but in reality these can have serious underlying elements attached with it.

There are many such complicated mathematical procedures where we can find mot of times many difficulties and different set of a series of self-conflicting logic where we can have most times difficult times in deciphering the entire bit of common-sense logic. The word logic is itself self confusing as it indicates that it is the branch of philosophy. Of late these sense attached with logic has been override with different mathematical notions which implies proper sense of cumulative of different processes which might have a strong sense of connectivity from among all sense of ideas and calculus’s.

Many times many experts have employed some of the most sophisticated technologies where users have not been able to decipher those logic easily. Many a times such scripts have become unbreakable and undecipherable despite many attempts from experts. One of the most prominent and widely used cryptography languages in India is the languages used by the underworld in dealing with their black transactions. Though of late due to the advent of these so called tapori languages of underworld of Mumbai most times these languages have become the most common languages used as their secret have been most times deciphered and used, in Bollywood movies.

In these languages, vocabulary is used for the actual word of Hindi languages and then these languages have been used as the substitute of generally known languages of that term. Now, these sorts of interactions are common thanks to widespread use of these languages in Hindi movies but still most times previous decades most of the people inside organized crimes were comprehensively using these terms of correspondence. They have made use of these terms in order to hide their information from law-enforcing authorities.

Even though they known their way of talking and correspondence are being tracked and covered they are confident that law-enforcing authorizes will not be able to take control of their conversation and this is a form of cryptography which has been there and probably is there with some other form which we have not deciphered it so far. It is an example of symmetric cryptography where the some other forms of the same languages are being used in order implementation process of cryptography. From the above discussion it has been clear that the process of cryptography is being used to restrict public access and provide regular access to a specific set of people.

Practical use of cryptography in day to day lives: 

In our day to day life, there has been innumerable instances of use of cryptography on various instances. Most people are using Gmail and Facebook. All these uses HTTPS protocol which runs the system of cryptography. We provide a password to access this website. Every user has to create one user account as well as other forms of differentiated account management in order to access his or her personal space within these large set of website. Sometimes we have seen some PDF documents require passwords to open and this is needing to be done to restrict public access to these documents.

These are some of the examples of utilization of method of cryptography in day to day affairs of our lives. We have seen some website use HTTPS protocol which means the information shared within these website goes on the principles of encryption and then it is redirected with encryption and this creates additional security as even workers of hosting computers will not be able to read these data. While using ATM com debit card at ATM machines, we provide the password to open the account and then make transactions. All these are being done through a process of cryptography. First while inserting ATM card inside the ATM machine and the added password, the pin of ATM and password is encrypted and send to the central server of the bank.

Then the front end server receives and authenticate that it is the real user and send a command to open the account from there. This means cryptography is everywhere and in modern times when we transact anything we find distinct variants of cryptography in motion all over. The process of ATM transactions comes with two distinct methods of cryptography. The first one deals with sending pin of ATM and password in an encrypted mechanism and sending back those information again to an ATM machine with encrypted form.

All these methods and information take hardly any time for completion as the process of encryption is being done in a fast and fluid manner. It is estimated that with cryptography entire process of data sent and receive is being done in the form of encryption, which guarantees that even if data is lost or being stolen at any point of time while performing ATM transaction, still those information remain secure and intact from any prying eyes.

Only through the process of shoulder-surfing thieve trying hard to take back that vital information but on the point of view of entire transaction even though the entire distance is far from imagination due to aerial distance of client and front end server computer but still most of times we find it wonderful to have a complete and through transaction with secure encryption policy as a result of presence of different cryptography methods. All these information mean to suggest that all these information and cryptography security are being done to completely secure entire transactions and limit various login methods or brute force attacks from third party vendors.

Cryptography methods in financial transactions:

In the travel seasons, we have seen most times, going towards the railway reservation for booking of advance tickets. Now, entire reservation system of Indian Railways is computerized and has a central server. All of its transactions inside databases are performed considering the importance attached to security entire transactions is encrypted and for this reason there is no chance of doubling of the ticket at all in the entire system of transactions.

It does not mean cryptography is related with computers. People who does not use computers also use cryptography from time to time as per above described information readers can very well understood and comes to right point that the process of cryptography is very well nearer to people and the process of security is being allowed by all considering the protection needed for entire transactions.

Most of times the use of cryptography methods can be observed mostly on financial transactions considering the aspect of the movement of data from a single tapping of computer and if there is no such proper cryptography protocol then there would be widespread hacking everywhere. Of late in order to further addition of strength, most of the banks are now started adding up mobile numbers so that there would constantly send of information when there is any such financial transactions take place at any point of time within your account.

Hardware authenticator of cryptography:

Adding mobile number to already established cryptography methods gives an additional bit of encryption and security mechanisms for bank accounts. So, in this way, without using computers we are constantly using diverse forms of authentication mechanisms in every walks of life. With the advent of Google in mobile computing, five years ago, there have been numerous such advancements and improvements in the field of touch-sensible mobile computing. Android has vast sense of customization opportunities and with it comes the most sanitized version of the flow of large scale of data where every data needs to be well protected from lurking of prying eyes. Android works in principle of cold-storage where there is every possible opportunity for gathering and accumulation of large sum of data.

Data consists of personal information as well as information regarding all sorts of walk of life. Some competitors of business might love to take back your business data and try hard to take maximum advantage of it. You want your data to be well protected as all knows android mobile is connected with computer and all data can be accessed offline and online too. Now, comes the serious importance of security of your data where you want all such brilliant mechanisms and all possible security mechanisms in order to further maximize security in which all data are being kept at. You want cloud service accounts such as Google’s Drive. Microsoft’s One drive, most popular Drop Box and many others must have reliable server as well as other forms of security mechanisms so that your data stays secure.

You want while using internet connectivity in Wi-Fi terminals, all data must be securely encrypted and further to and fro of data transmission must have some valid HTTPS protocol which is well augmented with different forms of cryptography. Now, after security all forms of data in the arena of cloud servers now it is your turn to secure or apply different form of cryptography methods to your computer, laptop, tablet, smart phones. With the advent of smart phones, we have seen accumulations of large sum of data everywhere and as a result of this most of times, when your phone comes into the hands of some other persons then he or she can misuse it and can steal all data through wireless internet or blue tooth wireless transfer.

Cryptological methods involved with android:

Think of you as a big businessperson and you have phone numbers of many persons of your clients and you do not want to share phone numbers of those persons to others. If such information come into hands to some other persons than they can take advantage of yours and can benefit and incur heavier losses to you. Without a doubt you do not want to divulge these information at all and for this you want to secure your phone so that even if someone takes your phone for fewer seconds that would not be hurting you at all. Android is open-source and there has been numerous such levels of customization available and for this it is wiser to learn about such customization and apply this customization wherever possible to maximize use of such beautiful operating system.

Android gives many more opportunities for the user to create more and more security mechanisms and without a doubt it is one of the most secure mobile operating system considering you imply such specific security mechanisms from time to time. In security settings of android you will find in screen security different cryptography methods and those methods will enable and give opportunity to you further advance more security mechanisms so that when your phone is open the third party will find it the most difficult time to scramble through different settings. In this approach, you have scrambled the opportunity of normal entrance into your phone.

There are different forms of screen lock cryptography with android, the default one is being none of these and simply by touching your phone you can enter into it, and there are some other forms of key lock such as sliding into screen from left to right will enable you to enter into phone. The next form of screen lock is voice unlock and the next is pattern simply by drawing some dots you can unlock the cryptography patterns of your phone and then pin which is combination of four numbers and the last one is password which is the most securest way of secure your phone by implementing strongest form of cryptography methods.

Cryptography is the scrambling of information:

In every form and every walk of life we encountered so many situations where we have knowingly and unknowingly have been using various forms of cryptological methods. Take a look at some of the houses where we have seen big boundaries coupled with large gates in order to secure home. When someone comes to house then they ring the calling bell. What it does mean all these are one form or the other type of manual cryptological methods and with increasing use of computing we have seen more and more use of modern cryptography in its modern form. This does not mean that cryptography is a complicated science. It is the act of scrambling of information. Information can be preserved in such a way that it only looks at some type with some users and most users will find difficult to trace it back.

Similarly, within some of wireless connectivity there is some form of secure pin method by which only restricted bit of people is allowed to download content or use internet services. It aims to prevent other users from accessing such links in order to preserve the magnitude of bandwidth there. Similarly, when some of pictures are being zipped with password you are actually using AES security to encrypt data, and it modifies data in such a way that still correct password are not used it goes on to show some different structures of files which are not being recognizable by any sort of zipped files and folders.

Entire universe can be a form of cryptological mystery:

Think about how big is the universe is and the distance in units is not being considered as distances but with consideration of the universe the age factor becomes the most definite constant from which various theories of traversing through the universe can come into handy at all. There are some exceptions to this. As at one point, in time you can find such an intelligent talent where it becomes almost impossible stops such hackers.Still, android have an answer.

Android from Google always pioneered different versions of ideas and various definitive constants where we can find that process of cryptography comes along with secure mobile devices and this means that whatever hacker tries hard to decrypt cryptography but for surely they will not find your mobile device to secondly authenticate it as this will give additional solutions of improvement and other forms of different aspects of security.

Every security comes with some software cryptography technology but one need to understand that software security has its own vulnerability and these can be easily controllable by the highest form of hackers’ worldwide. When such cryptography methods are preserved with hardware authenticator such as mobiles or Google authenticator from android bestows additional level of protection. That is why more and more servers are employing, hardware-based server authenticator which strongly protects separate servers from severe brute-force attacks.

When security of cryptography is broken: 

Consider, you want a better phone book inside android and do not want to use default stock phone book android app, then it is important to examine the security of application, from time to time. If you are using third party application then it is important to look different security parameters of such applications, while installing such ones, it is always wise to check security of such applications in its fullest capacity so that, yours contacts, can be taken over by third party applications and for this it is important to use stock android version as it is the securest way to constant preserve some of most preserved information. In computer science, mathematical algorithms are a group of a series of instructions when executed would solve a particular problem.

It is a set of rules and instructions for how to solve a specific set of problems to encrypt and decrypt a specific set of problems. Te process of encryption and decryption is known as a cryptography algorithm. It is just like a complete set of principles of processes such as the process begins with input then throughput and then output which completes entire processes. First, think of a situation where we can see and observe symmetric algorithms, which starts with the process of plain text, then it is accompanied by the process of cryptography algorithm. It is a work of converting the cipher-text back to plain text.

Avoid brute force attacks:

In these processes, the process of cryptography is being implemented on a single platform, and the entire processes are created through the process of cipher-text based on the algorithm. For every cryptography methods, there is a secret cipher key which is known by the system administrator and there are some different forms of pass keys which are being implemented at different zones of system privileges. These symmetric ciphers are also called private key cryptography.
Most times, we observe passwords as other forms of cryptic mechanisms where we can find of different levels of layers of security.

Most users prefer to use cryptography, in the form of passwords which are the prominent part of attacks from different hackers. Where to store such passwords and create such strong passwords so that it never ever at any point of times these cannot be hacked by hackers. There is voluminous such online password management as well as other forms of offline password managers where e can store such huge numbers of passwords generating from these.

Importance of secret communication:

In the world of hackers, mostly the timing part is the single most important factor. Most of time, mostly, decrypt mechanisms go with the time factor and attempt to log in factors and with due course of time and after a series of failed login attempts, slowly, decryption mechanisms stop all such functions abruptly. There are specific data encryption standards where there are certain specified rules are set and certain forms of queries are allowed to be executed. This has been done to make the inner most strength of algorithms, as there are some specific form of allowed queries and after certain point of time mostly these queries are stopped in order to abrupt sudden brute force attacks on systems.

Since the dawn of history of human evolution, confidential communication has been developing and has been staying in prominence. The process of these coded communications which are being carefully coded with cryptic methodology has been in development for most times of human civilization. Till the year 2003, we have experienced a unique perspective of history. Most times, various incidents occurred throughout history have been predominantly with different forms of influences and other forms of stories mixed with true and false. There is no way one can completely examine the veracity of truth but we have to believe what it has been written so far.

Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code created a new form of anticipation among different levels of critics as well as people who is eager to know the history through lenses of cryptography. This goes on the show and proves the presence of cryptography in older forms of art and science. Cryptography is the science of secret communication. Since it deals with secrecy and methods of different mysteries, most times it deals with various forms of dark arts and dark belief. These sometimes have different connections with shady practices of religion.

Many religions believe the science of existence of ghost or spirit relates with atypical form of cryptography methods. It has not been completely established and many a times many views attached with science do not subscribe to this. Many believers tend to search for related scientific views that have been generated from different forms of cryptographic quotient which many a times justifies the existence of some cryptographic rules in the presence of spirits.

Spirit as form of cryptography:

Some believe that presence of spirits is not only most antagonistic but also single most perceived form of it, that many a times humans are not willing to decrypt it at all. Similarly, there is conscious absence of huge literature in the dark ages and what reason behind it is so far not a single person able to determine it. In the middle ages, there are many secret societies and other forms of organizations whose individuals tend to send correspondence in the form of secret codes or paintings with valid reason depicted inside it to be disrupted by a specific set of people who deal with such organizations. There are many such encrypted ciphers and secret codes coupled with symbolism which is yet to decide and most of these writings and paintings are yet to be solved and most of these information are still shrouded in mystery.

This goes on to show how secret groups during that time able to consolidate and unite themselves through these forms of secret communication and move their decisions and advice to such specific set of people without bothering anything about being caught red-handed. In Europe, in fear of Church rules, many scientists and individuals fear to hide their intentions and preserve it in the form of cipher codes in order to correspond their inventions to fellow scientific groups. These great people preserved their scientific inventions for future generations so that they will be able to decode such cryptic messages and find out the real meanings of their splendid discoveries.

Cryptography in ancient civilization: 

It has been considered that the earliest cipher stays in civilization of Mesopotamia where most of their ciphers are formed of cryptography messages which are eluded with different forms of symbols which have various different meaning related with philosophy to scientific inventions. History is full of interesting stories based on the cipher. If you already were a fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, you will find many interesting description and analogies related to different ideas of cryptography. This gives you a high probability description and amalgamation of ideas of how some cipher works.

There is vast difference between codes and ciphers. Codes work in larger senses and most times cipher work in smaller senses. Ciphers are unusual way to scramble existing messages. Ciphers are mathematical algorithms. Codes are way of converting one language into another. Codes are complex and if someone does not know much about it then it is almost difficult to decipher it but ciphers works by the principle of certain algorithms and that can be deciphered by intelligent minds.

Codes are some of the most personalized messages and these are created by persons and these can have personal implications on person’s ability to perform certain works. Cipher follows certain uniform algorithm and all these can have much severe bearings on the state of human mind. It is an intelligent mind to find out and search for such perfect algorithm to decrypt entire messages. Cipher is based on already established mathematical procedures and it is for intelligent people to find out the actual mathematical permutations and combinations that have been there inside every cryptography ciphers.

Difference between cipher and codes:

The main difference between ciphers and codes is that ciphers only require a single code whereas the code does not depend upon the principle of a single master key. That is why decoding codes are the utmost difficulty as in these mechanism cryptographers creates new rules which might not have been able to understand anything about it. That is why most times, any form of ciphers are not so understandable and many such codes are still the day are not being deceived and still shrouded in mystery for most times.

Modern day ciphers are based on permutations and combinations drive out from a different set of ideas and mysteries that has been encoded from time to time. Modern set of cipher instances is mostly made of combinations and culminations of a different set of ideas and mentions which might have been there at some point in time. When intellectual deals with such cipher instances, might revert back to various historical instances which might have repetition in modern times. That means there is a process of evolution all over the world in the field of ciphers and this can have modern scientific influences all over the world irrespective different connotations and decryption methods.

Presence of cryptography in ancient Hindu literature:

In ancient Hindu literature, there has been numerous instances of practical implementation of the theory of cryptography which has been very much influential as well mind breaking where we have seen some practical aspect of using this in order to convey a message to the same set of people. In the great epic of Ramayana when Ravana forcibly try to take Goddess Sita, she was crying during that period as well as throwing all of her ornaments on the way to convey Lord Ram, her husband about this news.

This goes on to show even at the presence of Ravana who is number one enemy of Goddess Sita, she threw all of her valuable ornaments inside deeper jungle in order to let Lord Rama about this incident, all these part of incident related with, cryptography use where primitive form of use but it goes on to show that science of cryptography is as old as evolution of human itself. There are numerous lurid instances of presence of cryptography messages and implementations of different forms of cryptography ciphers and codes.

Throughout history of history of human civilization, there had been numerous instances of existence of modern cryptography technologies. Why there is so pre-dominance of such methods. The only simple answer is in the form of wide scale of its use in practical practice of such technology as this is widespread and its widespread use has been phenomenal and outstanding. In historical times, most of use of cryptography related with string of secret information and sending of confidential information during war times among trusted confidants and lieutenants.

This means there is already a strong sense of cryptography community backed by the strongest sense of a cryptography group of people and they pass their knowledge from generations to generation further intensifies different forms of intellects. Only, recently with the advent of computations and electronics all these cryptography messages augmented with the strongest form of transportation to modern form of codes which seem many a time unbreakable.


It is exact anything in this mortal world is not impossible to break. The most important form in which cryptography is being used comes from the notion that in modern times in the era of internet whatever we do and sit with internet is visible to the entire world. In an open-end communication model, the primary factor that provides deeper and immediate demand to create one such medium through which an entire phase of correspondence through the internet can be properly secured with the possible goal of secrecy of transmission. Most of the public system use private cryptography keys.

As a result of this entire database can be properly segmented and dissected with a different form of information management which not only can reduce trespassing of information but also can provide secrecy of detailed transaction of unauthorized access from third party lurking eyes. Hackers try hard to steal master keys which can in the long run pose profound challenges to individual rights and privacy issues. Then comes insecurity in transactions of messages from client to server computers.

There is almost many chances of encrypted transmissions as and when sender sends encrypted algorithm through plain text with a properly configured key, the intruder can create a cipher channel almost same as that of original channels just like a properly configured cipher-text to intercept it and before decryption algorithm of server starts entire process of encryption mechanisms begins to stop and the message while returning from server reaches towards cipher client instead of original client. In this way, a duplicate message reaches to cipher and in order to stop these trespassing of information.

Entire transaction route is completely encrypted with HTTPS protocol which does not allow clients from unrecognized internet protocol addresses. By using HTTPS protocol in public utility systems such as Gmail, Facebook and so on, entire internet correspondence goes on with different set of cryptological methods which not only secures entire client computers but also implements several other hardware authenticator such as mobile checking, android checking and so on.

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