Strike by vegetable vendors of Puri

Vegetable market is important destinations of citizens to garner and gather different vegetables for consumption at home. Most of times elders, reach there and bought out relevant vegetables in order to make way for preparation of dishes at home. With the advent of nabakallebar of Lord Jagannath, various spaces in and around the Jagannath temple of Puri are now widened. This is related to security concern. If one looks at the number of shops in and around Puri temple are unbelievable to understand as we can know how such small shops are allowed in these locations at the first place. Entire area is now squeezed into a very narrow place which was once better known as wider place and a brilliant area where most of the devotees come and take the blessing of the Almighty.

In recent years, due to order of honorable High Court of Odisha, the surroundings in and around Temple of Jagannath of Puri needs to be sanitized and cordoned of mainly for the reason of security concerns as well as for the reason of creating wider space in and around temple area. If you have ever gone to Puri town and near to the main temple you will find one market namely Laxmi market where, the biggest vegetable market of in and around the district of Puri can be seen and experienced.

There are just so many people in and around roaming there and without any security concerns. Hoards of vegetables are gathered for auction in Laxmi market nearer to Puri Jagannath temple and most of retail business persons reach there at the morning time before sunrise and flock foods and gathered all vegetables from there and goes back to other markets to sell these vegetables at different locations.

Now, with the order of honorable High Court, that market now needs to be closed and to be shifted at some other location, which government is wanting to give space to these retailers but they are not willing to shift to newer location and for this there is direct confrontation between government and wholesale vegetable vendors for the last two days. As of now, at the time of writing this article the stalemate is continuing and entire progress of development is still not recognized.

The second biggest vegetable market of Puri town of Lord Jagannath is nearer to fag end of town nearer to Puri main hospital, where vegetable vendors in nearby districts come and bring vegetables from Laxmi market and sell there. Unfortunately, when in this second market vegetable vendors open for selling, business persons of Laxmi market come and force them to close their selling.
In fact business people of Laxmi market are from the local people who have been at Puri town for generations.

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