Shree Jagannath

Shree Jagannath is the Lord of the Universe. He is found everywhere. The more look into His eyes the more one will profoundly find the immeasurable quantity of limitless where the path before eternity is clearly can be seen and felt. He is creator, destroyer and the preserver of the universe. People throng to the holy temple, with large numbers to get a glimpse of Shree Jagannath, from far and wide in the world. People want to find solace from the eyes of Shree Jagannath the solace and tranquility coinciding with peacefulness comes into full bloom and people find the real cause of unending apathies in their life henceforth. Lord Shiva is seen as the destroyer. Brahma the Creator but according to ancient Vedic ideology, Shree Jagannath is regarded above all Gods and Goddesses as he is Avatari the supreme source of Avatar.

Avatar is the incarnation of Lord Jagannath where every lord takes shape of Shree Jagannath and reaches to earth to clean all signs of demons and evils from around Earth. Shree Jagannath is without a beginning, he is eternal, he has now begun and ends and he is the source of all mystic Om. Origin of mystic Om is shrouded in mystery. No one ever reaches at any sort of destination of origin of ideas of mystic Om which is close to Shree Jagannath the sovereign Lord of the universe. He is covered in thousand names. He is Lord of devotees. He watches the toils and passion of devotees and protects him always from lurking evil eyes.

Lord of Universe:

For them, he is on the brink of their heart. Whenever they find it hard they think of Shree Jagannath to find Him within their closest. They reach is considerable number to have a glimpse of Lord of Lords. People in Odisha are recognized as Odia, they call their beloved Lord in many names and Shree Jagannath always listens to them irrespective of distance. There are many instances where Shree Jagannath stays his journey during the famous car festival in order to accommodate extremely beloved devotees. Shree Jagannath, wants when devotees comes to Him to see and when inner servitors carry him from temple to cars during car festival, there has been numerous instances when he stops from being moved to a single inch if He is not satisfied with state of things there. Cult of Shree Jagannath has innumerable and unbelievable followings.

People are blinded by their faith and only want to know what Shree Jagannath want them to show it. In the eyes of Shree Jagannath, ever persons irrespective cast, creed are equal and he comes to grand road to show His glimpse to the world and He is the moving Lord, where he lives by normal person and tries to enjoy life as and when people enjoy it. The sense of equality in the eyes of Shree Jagannath is the most brilliant aspect of the Jagannath cult. He is the self willed Lord and he aims at creating equality in the eyes of everyone. There are abundant instances of different diversions and myths about Shree Jagannath. He is found in every age in different incarnations and in this age. He is Kalki Avatar. Shree Jagannath, along with His elder brother Lord Balabhadra and sister Subhadra along with weapon Sudarshan is staying inside Shree Mandir (Holiest Temple).

He is present everywhere:

In Dwapara age, incarnation of Shree Jagannath is of Shree Krishna, where he presided over holy war at Kurukhetra, to have a war between good and evil. He supports the Pandavas, and with them he assists them to win the war. It is a war between an extended family, where Kauravas have in greater number and have not given any chunk of land to Pandavas. When inside warfare, great warrior Arjuna, is disheartened to see his own elders and juniors of families are against him fighting out, he sat on the ground and dropped his weapons and tried to surrender before the opposition who is incidentally his close relatives. His sarathi, Shree Krishna told him, look at me and understand who am I. He showed His true incarnation, from where Arjuna could see the entire universe.

He told him. He is fighting a war for talented people to destroy and wipe out the evils. Then, he showed him that it was his sudarshana a rounded weapon with sharp edges and destroys persons with evil mentality and comes back to Him and no one is killing anyone, it is the will of His which is killing evils. Arjuna in listening to this becomes bemused and amused. He sat on soil and with extreme devote he performs namaskar to Shree Krishna and then rises again to fight the war. Whenever there are evils. Shree Jagannath takes the form of incarnation to reach into the world to wipe out them and save his devotees from any sort of hardship. Shree Jagannath takes away sorrows and sufferings of humans, animals and other forms of living creatures. When someone reaches to his temple at Puri, Odisha, India, one can see in front of patitapabana, always there has been animals who have been standing there quietly in front of Shree Jagannath temple.

Entrance to heaven:

People are blinded by His faith and come to Him irrespective of hardships, and difficulties in reaching there. He established perennial peace on earth. He empowers ordinary humans to have more vision and work for more for self development as well as continuous augmentation of self from the perimeters of thinking. On the side of holy sea shore, there is a cremation ground which is called swarga dwara the entrance to heaven. Swarga means heaven, where Shree Jagannath is staying and swarga means entrance gate. Every human being after their deaths wants to be cremated inside swarga dwara, the entrance to heaven in order to get his soul inside heaven after death. It is believed that when the body is being burnt there, then his soul does not search for any other body after death as it gets salvation and reaches to heaven.

Shree Jagannath is fond of foods. He eats many delicacies and it is believed those people who eat Mahaprasad, the sacred food of Shree Jagannath, purify his souls and removes all evils from inside body. Shree Jagannath has been in mind and soul of Odias. They support their life according to Him and enjoy every bit of life in accordance with religious cult of Shree Jagannath. Shree Jagannath is beautiful. He gives pleasure, and when devotees see into his eyes, all difficulties come off. Mind becomes clearer and more and more positive identity and thoughts come into mind. He is the foundation of all love and affection. He gives extreme pleasure. Shree Jagannath is the creator of the entire universe. He is the savior and can only give salvation to the common man.

His blessings are always betterment of human race:

The world is so full of earthly tensions. Life is troublesome and Shree Jagannath gives peace to mind and solace to the heart. He is the ocean of kindness and gives adequate elevation and shows the path to salvation of the mortal body. Humans are mortals they reach the earth with a mortal body through the soul will never end. Entire universe is in his creation. He creates waters and rivers for humans. He creates an atmosphere and oxygen for survival.

He also performs super cyclone to wipe out the evils from Earth. Humans with souls are like lifeboats which floats in water form of life and it is well protected by Shree Jagannath for the betterment of people in general. He always stands for skilled people and remove protects them from evil monsters. His eyes are Sun which lightens the earth, heads the sky, waist the Himalayas, body the mountains and his breathing is super cyclone. He is Creator of the universe and we are living inside Him. His blessings are always for betterment of the human race. Jay Jagannath.

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