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There are enough articles on the internet to create manually sitemap for your site to achieve perfect SEO for WordPress. When we think about optimizing WordPress site it is always prudent to implement every possible opportunity for a better WordPress site. In an era of crowded information, it is important in order to create a sense of visibility amongst other competitors and SEO for WordPress provides much required medicine for prudent search engine optimization techniques. Countless webmasters prefer simple SEO that is making website well-connected with different links and trackbacks and make it available on the go for visitors and search engine spiders.

Creating a minimalists website designing for better WordPress optimization: 

A better navigated website can also be called as a competent SEO website. So, SEO is not only making a good website for search engines but also making it available for readers to navigate all those pertinent links without any disturbances and design faults. In this way, the concept of SEO can also have a bearing on the fact that a site must be fast enough to be loaded with faster loading times so that visitor’s bandwidth would not be wasted at all. A good SEO friendly website creates a good market value for your website but also provides a niche marketing tool in order to amplify and enhance the price of your website.

As we know, in the marketing senses, designing and branding of products also has many impacts on creating good value of product. Similarly, is the case of website where it can be considered as a product or brand and one need to understand when a user reaches to your website. It uses the internet and this means users do not reach your website for free! So, you should as a good civilian, make a minimal site with lesser coding and faster page loading times so that a minimum quantity of bandwidth should be used while browsing your site.

Google, Bing and Yandex webmaster tools: 

Remember in a world of cut-throat competition you are not alone. You are surrounded by many immediate competitors and your sites are a part of competition. Google favors a faster web and it is your duty-bound to make your website faster and easier for navigation. I think, still know you are not confused about all these stuffs as the simple fundamental for success is to create a super-optimized website and this article for sure is going to help you immensely. Google, Bing, Yandex are some of the examples of commercial search engines and most of them are ruling all over the world.

The primary reason for such situation is that, it is not always easier to remember the names of websites. For this concept of search engines come about and keyword search gains prominence. Slowly, importance attached with search engines comes into lime light as most times every search term we use give million of web pages in the ranks of immense popularity. There are some other mediums of sharing web contents such as, social media sharing and giving links to different content directories but most of them give lesser percentages of traffic as compared with traffic originating from commercial search engines.

Acquire real traffic from search engines: 

Search engines provide unique and targeted traffic. Search engines provide real traffic and that is why importance of search engines can never ever be minimized. Commercial search engines are like a set of catalogs where people place their choices of words and then click on search to find millions of webpage. With modern and latest web browsers have built-in searches in their title bars now use of search engines have become common. Now users can type name of website to see and find the exact detail of website through the process of auto completion.

That is why the first stage of SEO for WordPress is to create a search optimized website and content with good navigational links in order to appear in various search results of commercial search engines. There are a few unanswered questions, why cannot search engines all by itself read and find out information on website why all these sites have to be completely optimized for better utilization of search engines.

Search engines are smart and with day to day updates to the process of crawling and indexing of websites, still there have plenty of work has to be done as there is no such artificial intelligence available with search engines and it is not impertinent to create website that can be read well enough by different search engines easily without any help.

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