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Nonetheless, with several rounds of updates of Google Panda updates, now this becomes minimal. But it is always a good idea to keep good meta tag in order for search engine spiders to learn about brief information of yours site as well as various other descriptions, such as owner of site and the contents of sites are mostly related with which subjects and that create a similar table and information of websites.

Next phase of search engine optimization techniques is to create a robots dot txt files of your site and it should be at root directory of your site and in it there should be clearly written what to be included and what not to be included while indexing yours site. Google also recommends every site should have a robot dot txt files and this makes works of the search engine easier to function.

Existence of sitemap for site: 

Existence of a site map is important for every site. A sitemap is a single page listing all articles in terms of posts, pages, categories and tags. It is a complete chapter of contents of your site and ready for the search engine to index your sitemap. A site map can be in HTML form which gives information to visitors about links and with WordPress all these links can be automatically updated when you update the contents. On the other hand, search engine is a single link which points to all relevant links of yours sites and this is immensely helpful as a search engine like this sort of links and wants to index entire site from a single link.

With a good sitemap of HTML form, it helps visitors to reach entire links from a single tab and browse entire links irrespective of post, categories and tags. It is also one aspect of providing better understanding of good browsing links from within the perimeter of the search engine. It provides one of better navigation for your site and this is a splendid example of SEO for WordPress. On the other hand, there is also one brilliant misconception about making a site with WordPress. The misconception is that site with WordPress is already optimized for SEO and webmaster are not required to work it out on their own.

Open source WordPress has many possibilities: 

In actually there are all probabilities to build a great site with WordPress. SEO for WordPress, is a great idea and WordPress has each and every tool to create a marvelous site made with WordPress. WordPress is an open source framework and like every open source framework, various works need to be done in order to optimize SEO for WordPress. Similarly, is android mobile operating system, which is open source and various jobs has to be done in order to get complete security.

It is always said and done that android has best security among all of operating system but in reality the stock android version is weakest in terms of security point of view and for this one needs to clearly understand and analyze and enable all sorts of security features that are present inside android. Similar is SEO for WordPress where there is every opportunity for webmasters for great SEO for your site on one hand and on the other one needs to understand and enable those features and conscious of those mistakes that might have happen as a result of mis-configuration of SEO parameters.

At some point of time in many websites must have put forward serious thought on optimizing WordPress without creating an XML sitemap. Google says XML site maps help them finding all pages of your website then you have to do it and place it in the root of your WordPress directory. If Google feels that content can be discovered in one such way then it is you who should be placing XML sitemap on the WordPress root directory.

Putting sitemap at root of WordPress installation: 

Indexing of website is always been a first step to optimizing WordPress site. Second mode in which sitemap works can be attributed to the fact that indexing of sitemap does contain a lot of information as how much interval do you update your site and what are links and back links that are related to your site. All these information provides much anticipated popularity of your site and from above all these information popularity of website is clearly known. It is a good idea to create a sitemap and put it inside root of WordPress installation and then submit that link to various webmaster tools.

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