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Similarly, a well-made website should have good communication links as well as proper lighting everywhere inside diverse areas of website. Users must gracefully go from one site to another with equal ease and should not have an answer difficulties in finding out any part of website. This makes your website well-connected and proper distribution of entire links in well-to do manner. Built your website and validate the site to know detail about any errors if there is any of it.

Then, write some posts there and write good contents that could attract search engines spiders and then submit it to different search engines. Try to submit sitemap every week to search engines, and most of the times, many search engines have their own versions of webmaster tools and do not forget to register inside those webmaster tools and try to login and find out detail about it.

Google Webmaster tools:

It is artful to login to Google webmaster tools and try to understand each and every aspect of information written there and try to fill those information in detail and find out whether all these informations are relevant for you or not. By giving some content to your website, it provides some additional feed to search engines to find more detail about your contents and examine the validity of all such contents in detail.

Do not write the contents from other sites as most times, Google is always wiser to know about from where you have borrowed the contents from. This land you in the case of infringing of copyright as well as there are many chances of completely banning at Google. Remember, once your site is banned from Google; you will find lesser traffic and revenue generation will be extremely poorer than you literally think about.

Do not completely over rely on search engines; try hard to register your site to numerous name directories. In this way, you can expand the reach of your site to a completely new level and it provides you additional opportunities to garner and find in detail about various other new zones that are completely unaware of and unheard of. Do not resubmit too soon to various directories, keep in writings the records of assorted on line directories and try to submit your site once in a month.

Try to keep records of various webmaster tools of various companies such as from Google, Yahoo, Yandex and so on and submit your site and sitemap and use numerous other tools to optimize search engine optimization. In Google webmaster tools, you can submit sitemap, create robots.txt files and send it to Google and can check the status of your site in various search engines of Google such as Google search, Google image search and so on.

Meta tag SEO for WordPress: 

There are some search engine optimizations for WordPress resources, which not only, optimize create room for search engines but also create enough facilities for search spiders to crawl your site comprehensively. Meta tag is one of them and it is situated at the head of header dot php in the root directory of WordPress.

Root directory of WordPress means the link where WordPress installation is there. There are numerous other third party plugins which helps you to add meta tags easily. You can browse the official WordPress plugin directory and from there choose various plugins which help you to directly add meta tags and other relevant information. Some time ago, meta tags were very important in SEO for WordPress.

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