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Primary difference between a WordPress blog and Blogger’s blog is the way content is created for search engine optimization. Prime motive behind content creation is to fully optimized it for user’s reading and understanding. User’s search through a search engine and reach at different websites. Search engines are a primary factor of visitor’s reaching for different website. Most of the time, a fully optimized version of a database of website can relinquish relevant information to search engines and provides additional indexing option to them in order to circulate different versions of website.

WordPress as a better blogging tool:

This article is especially dedicated to WordPress which has several built-in search optimized tool which can contact directly to search spiders to website. Default SEO tool for WordPress includes ability to create dotaccess, permanents, blog-rolling and pinging. Permanents can create user friendly static URL for indexing into search based websites and perma-links provide additional information to spiders to crawl relevant information. There are many third party plugins, add-ons and enhancement to prepare your site for better search engine optimization. Relevant software installed on WordPress hosting, perfect search engine optimized website can be created.

With software installed on CPanel hosting, automatically, your site is in addition to SEO tools. Then from there, you can add your site to different listings as well as can create sitemap and send these site maps to different search engines. There are many hacks available which can easily be implemented through editing of PHP files within the root directory of WordPress installation and then all these can be modified to make the WordPress site better prepared for SEO. It is good to have a great site with much customization in WordPress theme, but it is not guaranteed that your site will be the best indexed and search engine friendly site.

Validate your WordPress site: 

Implement better and clean code and minimize code and use a better code and validate code before implementing on site. Errors in code may prevent search engines from crawling your sites. Without, creeping of search engines your site might get lesser visitors and that can adversely affect revenue generation and page rank of your site. Page rank of site deals with site’s popularity and most times, search engines prefer higher page ranks website to crawl in the first pages of search engines. First you just have to remove error in codes in order to make your site search engine friendly. Search engines are set of unique hosts located at different locations.

They cannot see your site as a normal person. They crawl your site and read it. That is the reason why content is king and a site with good content can fetch better and larger amount of traffic than a beautifully crafted and nice site with bad to worse content. What matters most are the material from your site, which informs, educate, and convey high quality content to readers.

Decoding the way search engine algorithm works: 

If we decode the way search engine works, which largely reflect upon the fact that most times search engines are constructed to optimize content delivery processes, to end users. When end users to search for specific information, it is the relevancy of search results that matters. In order to present absolute search results, in the background search engine classify relevant materials, and presents those information to visitors through various permutations and combinations. It is about time, to make sure you have quality contents for your site with large amount of long articles to provide sufficient information to public and relevant lead to search spiders.

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