Self respect

In this mortal world, there are many kinds of personalities beginning from rich persons to poor and poppers. Many are philosophical in thought processes and some are real in their thought processes. Some wait for sunshine to grow up whereas some do not wait from dawn to dusk to continue their ambitions. In this story, I shall elucidate more about the real time self-respect of a poor and how it is the most vital ornament of him and how he has continued to make it more resourceful and prudent. For richer person, there are many utilities for theirs for self-respect but for the case of poppers it is the self-respect that matters the most to them. This story relates to an incident occurred at Kalighat where one beggar was seating there and begging people for money so that from accumulated money he can run livelihood of his family.

Kalighat is nearer to the Ganges and many people reach them due to the attraction emanating from the beauty of the Ganges. Only work that beggar does be to beg for money and in order to achieve that perfection in real manner there were a plate in his hand and the passer by looks at him and if they wish they gave some money to him while walking nearby there. Some people used to throw money from a distance but the beggar collects that money which may have fallen at nearby places and then put it back on that palate.

Throughout the year this process of collecting money and putting back inside that palate continues by a beggar and this process becomes one of the most revered names in him day in and day out. What is surprising the most that even during the hardest sunshine of summer, chilled boned marooned winter, and cyclonic thunderstorms that beggar stays there as it is and waiting for people to pay for some money in return of his begging at the same place.

Every day, irrespective of climatic conditions that beggar stays there as always still the advent of dusk and when the night comes cropping in he slowly moves from that place and left for his home. It is his routine task and no one has ever asked him about from where he is coming and from where he is going in the night. Everyone sees him those persons who reach to the shores of the Ganges have watched him staying at that place begging for money.

No one has ever asked him about from whereabouts he was preaching there and from which location he was going in the midst of night time. That beggar is something different from the other beggars in his acts of actions and behaviors. There are another beggar were there but most of them were not like him in his attitudes and manners. The beggar does not shout to others and in a great loud manner did not ask for begging.

When someone walks beside him he used to raise the palate towards them and if the moving person wishes to give him some money he would give some money otherwise he would not press for money from passerby’s. If the giver wished to give some money he would otherwise some other would left that place without looking at him. On one day a person’s visited a nearby temple and left there and he walked in front of that beggar. He was heavily built and one heavy gold necklace was there at his neck. From a distance and one can say that the person was a richer one.

From a distance the basic look and manners of that person look something different. Beggar in anticipation of getting some money from the rich person as usual showed his plate towards him. On the contrary, that rich person showed his nose in some other manner as is some bad odor is coming out of that beggar on the spot.

He acted in such a manner as if some bad odorous matter comes in front of him. Carelessly, he moves his hand into one of his pocket and come out with one rupee coin form there, and deliberately he throws away that coin not on his palate but nearby pillars and carelessly moved from there as if nothing had happened there at that point of time.

He moved ahead. Beggar saw all these happenings from that person and silently looked at his behavior. He carefully measures that respect of money from richer person and reached to a conclusion that the rich person did not want to give back money but due to some sort of compulsion arising out seeing the palate in front of that person from beggar he compelled to give back some money.
At that time he watched facial reaction of the person who is giving away that money and came to the conclusion that he did not want to give it to a beggar and for this he called back that same person who is not reached at any distance from there.

The beggar was poor, but he was filled with self respect. As he was confident of this richness which bestowed the most passionate understandings of richness of self right. He told him please take back your money, I did not need it. He told him with a voice of respect that was filled with compassion and gratitude. After listening to this, the rich person stopped abruptly his boastful walk from there, and he looked back to beggar sitting there at that point of location from between two of his eyes. He watched how the beggar is reacting from there.

He looked at him for quite a sometime and thinking about why the beggar has called back to him and asked him politely to take back his money that he had just made the giveaway to him. Rich person suddenly remembers one of intense ethical quote that he had read about quite a time back. That quite is like this when the person who gives away the money to people, with the calmness of mind and a sense of security, that giving away of money is a complete wastage for that person This is no doubt all these ideas and thought processes had greater impact on his process of thinking there.

This goes on to prove that such giving away of money by the person is a matter of great waste of time and resources. When people are blinded by egoism while giving away money to the need, that giving away of money is a complete state of waste and this was the worst part of giving of resources to deprived.

When giving away of money to people you feel a sense of superiority complex and wanted to show that person then that giving away of money is a complete state of wastage of money and time. It is recommended to prevail better sense while making some good work and remove all such egoism and self-soundness which were not going to make you feel better for the best.

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