In silver screen, we have seen many different types of cosmetic surgery and many stories are built upon it. Sometimes, the protagonist goes to create a different identity so that he can take advantage of invisibility and with it comes his excellent phenomenon to search for villains in case of serious hunting. At some times we have seen in the movie ‘face off’ how the villain took the face of protagonist and in turn he forcibly kidnapped the protagonist who is a police officer and always chase him and then change his face with him with cosmetic surgery and vice versa. The movie ‘face off’ goes on to show, how person’s identity can be changed with other person’s identity and for this movie world has been in a craze for using different directions. The degree went to the other but the real knowledge gained by the protagonist goes on to help him to be a scientist with any pending patents.

The reality of cosmetic surgery:

Cosmetic surgery what we know the silver screen is entirely different and the process go on in an entirely different segment than what we see and enjoy in movies. Cosmetic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery in which appearance of a patient can be changed completely, appearance of patient can be changed completely or partially or can be modified to look better in this way personal self consciousness and esteem of a patient can be overcome completely. In earlier times, many movie stars and rich persons go with this surgery in order to augment their book, most of the times; movie stars go with this surgery in order to improve their presentations and appearances in front of the general public. In West many pop and rock star undergoes cosmetic surgery in order to be better presentable and efficient in front of the general public or while creation of any such albums released for general public.

Yesteryears, rock star Michael Jackson undergoes a series of cosmetic surgery, though all news comes from sources, and at one point of time his face slowly becomes faceless and it becomes almost uncertain to have public present due to time and again changes of tissues of human resulting most of times decreasing of all such tissues from face to sustain it in face. Most times, in his last years, he used to come out publicly with his face covered with cotton as most times due to constant cosmetic surgeries most part of the face becomes almost impossible to watch out in public. Most of public figures live due to their public personalities and for this they do not want to be out in the open in such stage of face situations.

Self ambitious goal for attainment:

Slowly, cosmetic surgery has become one of the most lubricious job in the market as due to the advent of competitive environments among different physicians more and more doctors are now introducing different form of surgeries to attract more people. In modern times, many students who want to appeal for prospective interviews, students go to cosmetic surgery, and improve facial appearances. Suppose a student has many hairs in face and wants to remove it in order to present a good facial presentation as most of times, we have seen, handsome man or beautiful woman can be more presentable, then chances of success rate is on higher side. It is not on particular point of action to understand that handsome man should have greater chance of success, it is a myth, but it enhances self esteem and it grows understanding that a good understandable person has better chance of success than a self down persons.

World scenarios are changing very fast and it is changing in accordance with unique dynamic situations, in order to control self ambitious goal for attainment. Similarly, a fat person always looks down upon himself as he feels everyone is trying hard to make a mockery of his presentations due to physical appearances, and for this he can opt for cosmetic surgery to remove extra fats and flab in order to become slimmer in an easiest manner.

Difference between physical and mental problems:

When somebody comes forward and feels that the way a person presents himself from inner talents a percentage of this also comes with physical appearances. The real point is that people are a problem, but in reality people are not the problem. As there is no social awareness as we always talk about our physical problems but ignore most times, the mental problems. Most of times we have seen most people are not aware about strong mental awareness, now with the times, without opening up all these we are reaching towards more mental diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and so on. Most times, normal persons come to the front, they seem to be normal but they are stressed out. In such cases, the stress level comes from three sources, such as work, relationships and money.

When we do not balance our priority and does not balance in work life and particularly in metros we should have been slowing down out life as the fast paced life has become a slow poison for us. If you have a car of five lacs and want to have a car of 15 lacs and this makes you more difficult, and if you have business in America, their business persons want to have business with the same economic capacities. All these are bad sites of globalizations. We should not make every irrelevant thing as priority. Priorities important specimens and works in your life. If you have heart problems, you should consult a heart doctor but also take counsels from food advice doctors. As most of the problems can be solved from councilors than going towards directly towards the doctor. Unfortunately ours home has becomes a dry land due to increase of speed of life:

Students know a day’s go to six hours of school. Then five hours of tuition make the mind more difficult. As after plenty of labor in these segments, we have seen stress levels arising out of anxieties should be controlled efficiently, as every person should have its own time and review what is a good thing or bad for us. We do not have the time for us to think and ponder upon what goes right and wrong for us. It is high time to concentrate and better manage our life in order to find a suitable movement and drive out all such stresses from within the mind. Then we do not need going towards for cosmetic surgery or any such difficult surgery which is not as easy as we have seen in movies. Suppose we have a vehicle and we take it for service to service centers, but we do not give, much time to ours body, for this we should do regular exercise, share thoughts to close relatives, take good food, and if need arise goes for a good counselor.

It is advisable to go for six to eight hours of sleep in order to maintain a good mindset of yours for betterment of your thought processes. Unfortunately, we do not share anything at home but share more with friends outside, unfortunately ours home has becomes a dry land due to increase of speed of life there, and persons who are in challenging jobs is learning more and more difficult works and this creates a situation continuous learning, and most of times, you have been always connected with your company always as in this situation we are constantly staying in such land which is making it difficult for people.

It is essential for all of us to go for self grooming:

Awareness needs container, and it has to be contained in a container. If my values are not correct then it goes in some with extra arena. Like water stays within container, but more water can be harmful to this so as it goes with life in such manner. Ask yourself what is yours mood today, I have asked many persons how is yours mood, but no one is not asking this, for this it is important to create a set of close trimmed friend, who knows yours strengths and weaknesses, and good friend is great to remove yours stress, then take responsible with elderly persons in order to create a state of mentoring, so that when we discuss ours life with them, then they can reduce yours tension as they streamlined five from a set of ten standards. Take good hobbies where these are not connected with your works, such as taking photographs or learn to create or use software, as you can know that these hobbies will reduce yours tensions considerably.

Pain from mind is problematic from that of physical tensions. Run for goal setting and self image so that people can rewrite and recognize inner talents and visibilities from within specific intensions to succeed. It is essential for all of us to go for self grooming, and enjoy relax time with your family and take relax time with each other and create more and more patience and you should have ultimate patients with you so that you will be able to listen to your family. In the era of information technologies, proper communications among different segment of people should be done in proper manner, as this increases knowledge within people in order to enhance and augment the basic knowledge about you.

Remove outside influences such as type of movies you have been seeing, types of yours food habits as well as the way you spend most of time is important for you as all these gives you proper enhancement to enjoy life and the way you want to reach to the destined world. Proof read and review yours life style to know more about you and then try hard to reflect upon different segment of life to understand what is being perceived by others does not seem to be correct as it is you who can design and think about you not the others.

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