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Largest manufacturer of the smart phone maker is Samsung. In last one or two years, it is facing stiff competition from indigenous market players and most times due to stiff price cut in the parallel smart phones segment which is making life worse for Samsung. There has been many die-hard fans of Samsung smart phones and for me it is better that some of the products from Apple. It is a matter of great discussion as most of times, Apple said Samsung is copying their ideas and steal away their patent rights and all the matters are in court of law but personally I do feel Samsung has dine hell lot of good by providing better managed and well hardware built Galaxy series of smart phones inside market.

Most of galaxy devices come preinstalled with a hell lot of application from Samsung, which is mostly the same applications in other variants presented by Google. Samsung Link from Samsung is an interesting concept from Samsung and I enjoyed it very much. It can create a personalized form of cloud storage for you preferably of 11 GB of storage but if you have one such galaxy phone do not worry about you can use it with most utmost satisfaction with most of its nice features of it are coming into surface which provides greater management of application environment than other set of applications.

I read some bad reviews of this product in most of internet blogs but this article relates to how to fully utilize the best capacity of Samsung Link to its fullest maximization. In its latest update, it shows it only takes about 10 MB of RAM which is a far better options that its previous versions which are almost nearer to crap application getting and taking most of the space of existing RAM. With smart phone the size of Ram is always at the lower side and when anyone application takes so much RAM then it can have reverse lagging impact on the rest of processes and working of android operating system.

One reverses influence that one need to have internet connectivity of any sort such as wireless or data connectivity to start Samsung Link. Nevertheless, once it opens with data connection, you do not have to continue to run data connection all the time. It is one such great asset which most of fresh cloud-enabled applications such as Google photos, face book synchronization. One drive and other cloud synchronization application wants internet connectivity for runs within the system.

At the first instance you have to register your device and in order to do it you need to have a data connection and for this it is essential to register with your Samsung account, which you have register your phone and this can be done in once and Samsung Link will remember user name and password of Samsung account which you have used to log into Galaxy Apps the entire set of application environment from Galax. While using Galaxy App you have also the additional options to use Google Play Store, the application environment from Google which is the most popular application environment from Google of android.

In this way, you have registered your device with Samsung Link and now your Samsung galaxy smart phone is now registered properly with it and now you are owner of 11 GB of life time cloud storages and if you have latest build of Samsung laptops and other devices you can utilize such devices by installing Samsung Link there and from there all the images now can be centered around and all these images can be seen at one point of location and for this no other data connectivity is needed only wireless connectivity is the need of the hour.

Now, when you connect to Samsing Link you will find at registered devices information about yours phone as well as information about Samsung laptop and surprisingly all the images from there can now be seen easily from there and all the images are centralized at one location without any such modifications.
After registering devices, now you can register storages which are inside cloud such as one drive, Dropbox or box.

Right click on it and then register storages and all the three options are visible and once you have registered all these three storages the images contents inside all these storages will be seen at one location inside Samsung Link and it will be at the same in all the other devices and this makes huge benefits of keeping all yours multimedia contents at one location. All these informations stays in cloud and even personal computer registered device such as data of Samsung computer also was slowly taken into cloud through efficient performance of Samsung Links.

It is your all in one location where all these data are kept classified cloud. You can upload multiple multimedia contents to different registered storages and all these will be shown inside Samsung Links when you connect it. Right going to it you can reach to its settings menu which can be edited while data connectivity is switched on. In the first phase you can change the name of device and give it a name and this can be changed all across all Samsung Link, registered devices. It is a way to segregate all the existing Samsung devices that are going to be seen inside Samsung Link accounts.

Now, you can change default Samsung Link storage device such as SD card or storage of phone easily from setting menu. It is always wise to change the setting of storage to SD card as most of Galaxy phones gives enough storage options for external SD card and this can complement with the cloud option as if you have 64 GB of SD card storages then Samsung Link by taking small amount of space from external SD card it can complement additional 11 GB of storage to you without any sort configurations.

The next options in the settings menu are about auto upload which I do not like that much as it can take chunks of battery power as well as it can consume most of the data connection while the phone is in a state of ideal. It is a great idea to turn off this option, but if you are not worrying about such trends then you can go for it and enable it. Here you can choose from three available cloud services and if you have registered device such as Samsung laptop or so then it can show that storage options and this is great for your phones as all the multimedia contents such as images form cameras as most of Samsung galaxy devices have great camera and most of times you take all these clips from time to time then it can be simply be transferred to your personal computer and all at once you find all these images are now backed up to your computer which is very good for backing up your images.

You can now choose either images or videos to be backed up or not and then at last the option to use mobile networks, I would prefer to use wireless network and if you do have then it will not cost you any such money while transferring data from one device to the other. Just connect Wi Fi network to two of yours devices and start Samsung Link and slowly now all these images you have taken with you cameras are now being slowly transferred to your computer as modern computers have huge memory and this will not make any such impact on local storages. If you chose none from auto upload options, then it will automatically believe that you do not want your contents to be backed up at some other locations and auto upload turn off automatically.

There is one option inside setting is on video optimization which can optimize videos and make them slimmer before being in cloud and this can reduce bandwidth cost as well as drastically reduce the time of uploads to its maximum level. Now return to registered devices and from there you can find your own device and click on it to enter into four different variants of informations such as photos, music, videos and files and all these are located at specified default directory which I have mentioned above, one can store it at default phone memory or can shift it to external SD card from there.

Personally, I feel music runs with music player of Samsung Link plays brilliantly than default android stock player as well as a Google music player. One needs to listen the same music at all these three locations to understand and capture the exact mood and the beats of music and from all of these the music player of Samsung Link is greatest and the similar happens to video player of Samsung Link and with its latest updates in last November 2014, it is now giving an option to see the video in full sizes which is not there in earlier versions of Android.

With some other middle level android galaxies devices are not providing full scale sound alive environment such as three dimension sounds but with Samsung Links one can find every bit of nice music and videos and it is always a pleasant to watch movies from within perimeters of Samsung Lin which gives some stunning visual effect with class and crystal sound to observe movies even without ear pieces. Believe it or not one is understood that the music of songs generated from music player to Samsung Link music player. Here you have one more option to send the song connected with the similar WiFi to other connected player thus creates an environment of completely surrounding environmental conditions all over.

Suppose you are inside of a smart car and connect audio of cars to yours Samsung Link and then you can share and transfer the current song from your device to music device of car and can use your galaxy phone as the supplement of remote and can change any songs from device and that can play on your car’s music player. The function and the way it can carry out diverse functions is of immense capacity and one is understood that one need to be super emulative and understanding all these affairs to understand and know the exact scope and dimension of usages of these devices.

If you connect modern smart television from Samsung or other televisions with the same Wi Fi and most of times connecting with same Wi Fi does not cost you much and then open Samsung Link while connecting with the same Wi Fi connection and run a music and from the upper left hand side click on the icon and it will connect you with those television to runs music without any such connectivity. Most of times smart televisions of modern times used to play songs from the same Wi Fi networks of smart phones but it needs to be configured but with the advent of Samsung Link there is no such configuration is needed and automatically all these of music and videos are transferred to smart television which is at a distance from there.

The concept of windows operating system is entirely separate from the concept of android Mobile operating system. One needs to realise in detail of how such techniques involving operating system work. Windows works on the principle of centralized operating system where every application works as dot execution files and windows works in accordance with it and all those files runs with same operating system environment and the developers have to develop their programs in accordance with the rules and regulations of Windows operating system and this ends the scope of customization and other related Windows resources to a strict null.

On the other hand android operating system though it is a mobile operating system, works in an individual manner and all applications runs individually irrespective of their stance. All application runs in a standalone manner so developers can customize such applications in view of their own whims and wishes. All programs not run on the basis of execution files but on the basis of their own way of executing and this makes this operating system special as more and more application gives way for different dynamism and that gives the path to more stubborn and dynamic operating system which can integrate the functions of clouds and other online resources without any sort of hesitation.

Where as with Windows operating system integration of clouds and its specific application environment has been a strict sense of difficulty owing to the presence of centralized operating system environment. From Samsung Link, one can easily share the multimedia contents of separate social networking sites and other cloud-enabled storages. It is wise always to store such images inside Picassa albums and this only can be possible with blogger and android as in turn in gallery segment of android you can find all those images in one segment even if all these pictures are deleted from hard disc of yours phone.

So there are numerous possibilities of customization and reaching towards cloud with the times when we are entering into we have been surround with large scale of internet connectivity and other forms of deeper integration where clouds have been the order of the day we can greatly utilize the different functionaries of integrated cloud service management. One thing for sure with android in its functional excellence a user can learn from diverse aspects of cloud computing easily and slowly, the user can become one of the more efficient geeks, without any such need of efficiency and greater computing knowledge at its perusal.

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