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Being a travel destination, Puri town the eastern coastal town of Odisha of India, has been experiencing hell lot of floating population from around India as well as India. There has been flowing of many travelers and tourists in these hefty seasonal time where finding a suitable hotel has been a strong sense of difficulties for many people. Finding a suitable hotel has been pretty difficult and most times, visitors tied with many middle persons to find a suitable hotel for themselves. Recently, there is news that at one hotel nearer to sea-beach of Puri almost 15 of tourists have been found in malnutrition with food they offered and when investigating officers reached there, they could not find the registration notebook of hotels. All these are surprising considering directives from central as well as state government to keep exact records of tourist on board at any hotel.

Considering directives of central government to keep exact records of floating populations staying at various hotel, it is surprised how such a hotel is floundering with rules and regulations openly as there are almost 140 people are staying in that hotel according to local news paper reports and surprising that in a room there are ten to 12 people are staying which is also against hotel rules. What surprise the most that receipt is only in the name of one person and that person seems to be the middle person. This is a gross violation of rules and in this state of the situation, considering all aspects of secure central government have advised to note who are staying inside these hotels but surprising that such hotels are openly floundering all rules and regulations.

According to the tourism department and police department every hotel must write down names of people staying inside their hotel and also they should write down their complete address and check back their identity through any such identity cards before allowing them to stay inside hotel. It is a compulsory action for hotels and it is compulsory for them write down all these addresses in clear manner. It is also obligatory to keep Xerox copy of visitor’s identity cards before allowing them inside these hotels. There have been 140 visitors inside these hotels for the last two days and most of them are from West Bengal but sadly only written the names of the middle person and there is no receipt and registration form on behalf of them.

When investigating officers arrive at the hotel premises, suddenly without any such reason the registration notebook vanished from the scene. On Sunday, after lunch at 140 visitors they feel exhausted and malnutrition in the course of kind of food offered to them there. It is a sad state of affair after being completely floundering the laws now they have offered sub-standard food to visitors which affect them to different food-related diseases. Even after these illnesses they are not being admitted to a government hospital in Puri, which has facilities for advance treatment instead they have been treated inside those lodging house by a nearby pharmacist and prescribing them with medicines. Owing to such mistreatment, some patients become critical and then they are shifted to Puri government hospital and from there these matters come to light. Some patients are now in good conditions, but some are continuing to be in the state of critical.

What is surprising is that even after such bad foods offered by them to inmates on Sunday, they continue to provide testing foods n the next day making more than 15 people ill with food poisoning. Some people are accusing that law enforcing authorities is reaching at that spot rate and that give excuses to hotel authorities to drive out all these visitors, and after these officers reach there they have found no trace of people. The water tank of that hotel cleaned completely and thus, it becomes impossible for investigating officers to take quality of water samples thus making entire episode invisible and this makes the entire part of situation to think about the state of law and how such mishap needs to be cubed on time. Not one visitor has complained to authorities and for this authorities cannot take such motto actions on these states of things. The municipalities’ officers who are reaching there have seen signs of unhealthy foods at the back side of hotels.

Puri is preparing for a great festival within some months and it has been strange to find about that in such state the prime motive of all administrators to look back and investigate the state of security and how visitors reaching here should get enough cleaned foods and find a suitable place here to stay and enjoy their holidaying with complete piece of mind. Authorities must ensure before giving licenses to such hotels. It should see and investigate whether such hotels are meant for good staying of tourists or not and also periodically administrators must see if such clean up functions are occurring at these hotels or not. In a time when we are considering the aspect of clean India campaign propagated by honorable prime minister of India, we should always see in ours work and culture the basic premises of a good governance sans corruption needs to be maintained in order to make India a healthier ones.

Secondly, government keep a close eye on these middle men, who have direct connection with such hotels as they call it in their languages holiday home or priest of hotels and when such people reach as devotees to Lord Jagannath and stay at the side of sea-beach, they are directly related with priests of tourists and then they contacted those tourists from a distance and then they with their already booked hotels and all these are a set of connectivity from one end to the other. All these becomes a set of nexus when these priest of tourists and priest of holiday homes used to floundered the set of rules and broke such rules by allowing more than stipulated people to stay inside these hotels which in turn prove to be direct breaking of laws of government.

It is always surprising that, even after strong directives that there is every chance of dangers to Puri town from neighbor countries, still most of hotels in these localities are allowed to flounder with laws and regulation which is utter most surprising considering the state of preparedness of provincial government. Visitors also must enlighten themselves of not staying in these hotels and should not come in contact with such moderate men as well as such priest of holiday homes. There is every chance that such middle men will eat out their money and provide them with a lesser standard of staying for what they have paid for in the first place. Secondly, it is always not a good idea to stay at such far away locations, one need to understand that when you are travelling to some other place as visitors one need to be careful and should stay at central area of town instead of choosing sea coasts.

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