Multiplier architecture:

Modern servers have astronomical units of hard disc capacity as well as very faster processors. With due course of time these processors with high technological excellence have gained significant rise of handling multitasking with ease and this modern enterprises have no capacity to contain very large demands arising out from different zones of clients located elsewhere in the earth. Similarly, on client side modern architecture related to new scientific innovations have seen extreme growth and rise of the application server which is the principal component of multiplier architecture.

It contains a client which has a right to initiate an operation. Second component of multiplier server consists of an application server which receives queries and has some capacity to analysis of it in order to distribute to a particular segment of a database server. It reduces loads on the server as the initial analysis is being done as logical units of the application server and then it is transformed to a different physical structure of the database. The final and inevitable units of multiplier architecture are physical database storage mediums or popularly known as the server.

The database server is the principal medium of storage where all editing and modifying of the database are constantly being screened and recorded. In reality, client computers are located at different locations irrespective of operating system is installed there, and for this the server part, application server does some virtual inspection mechanisms in order to create data on equity and data integrity. It validates genuine identity of clients. One example can be explained in order to identify the real reason behind all these operations.

Suppose, we consider Gmail as servers located at different locations of the world from Google. Users or clients login to it from a web browser from their mobile, smart phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers. Application server of Gmail used to check and validate credentials of clients such as web browser and identify through different mediums to understand and identify the actual user as this is to ensure extreme security of clients and provide security to privacy of individuals.

Also, all these aspects of security are intended to provide better security for data quality and to protect the main server from external aggression. Application server works in an environment where it validates customers and queries and then connect essential queries to physical database server. In a way it performs essential task initiated by client computers on behalf of them and performs requested operations.

The question may arise why there is a sudden need for a middle operational entity known as an application server where the client can have direct contact with the physical server. If it is so then the client has to in similar application environment such as a server computer. This reduces much capacity of the server as in the modern day world, people like to attend server through various mediums beginning from, smart phones, tablets to laptops to various application of different mobile operating mediums.

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