Requests for consumer are properly identified. This action is carried out behind the scenes and in order to fulfill the request, exact resource is identified. Provisioning is determined by the system to find out what the exact need of the consumer is and which resource is to be identified to meet the need while allocating sufficient resource allocations to entire units of the database server.

Information, application and infrastructure of applications are visualized in a single manner, but when provisioning within the logical structure of the database happens it becomes one of the most universal actions which are almost similar in any such relational database models. It provides universal appeal and can work irrespective of any operating system platforms. It gives speeds of access with high percentages of corrosives with lower cost to the company and increased level of flexibility to use the same database for different organizational variants.

At the other side of organizational levels, stands out infrastructure grid resources which deal with physical side of the database server. It takes care of storages, memory, networks, backups, application servers and operating system management. In earlier two segments where virtualization creates initiation of the grid and that is followed by provisioning which allocates resources to grid computing. There may be a different way to reach out those policies, but at the same time finding out that a particular policy which will optimize central processing units as well as different modes of database server to provide immediate database response queries within fraction of seconds.

In this way, under-utilized capacities are got rid of completely thus removing system lag time which can obstruct the proper functioning of the system environment. It completely decreases cost of labor and human error. Identification of the entire process is done in a completely automated manner with a single point of view of universal principle of relational database models.
With virtualization and properly allocated content delivery networks.

Countless images of database servers are equally distributed all around and thus it provides sufficient back up in case system outrage occurs. It reduces possibilities of point of failures. Infrastructures are the backbone of grid computing. It uses and optimizes available infrastructures and virtualizes all possible units to carry forward different dynamics of presenting data within the shortest possible time frames.

Application grid:

Application grid works within application software. There are application resources in the grid. It converts data of business logic and process flow into codes. All these processes are performed within a specific framework of application grid. Application grids are not server specific. They might be complex or simple in accordance with demand for third party applications. Example of application resources can be software which sends automated email to consumers immediately to acknowledge confirmation. Historically, application processes are rigid and their graphical user interfaces are not legible.

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