Users and administrators can command SELECT statements to data dictionaries for tables and views. It gives unrestricted access to different structures of the data base as it works on the principle of read only access it is important to understand that most of the changes and modifications to the database occurs here at real time and inside data base this changes takes time to alter.

Structure of data dictionary:

From all these above discussions as well as directives the constitution of data dictionary gives significant interests among the users. It is like a running live log file of Oracle data base, but it works on the principle of read only access to provide complete and faster understanding of data base accesses.

Data dictionary have two segments one is base tables and the second one is user-accessible views. The first one relates with tables and the second one relates with views of data dictionary. Base tables store information about the associated database that has been related to information associate with tables there. Administrators must configure that all these tables should have exclusive access to all these tables and apart from these no customers should e able to access these tables.

User-accessible views are precisely the information that is stored inside base tables and display them to clients and users. Most of times, due to encryption of tables users unable to see the information that has been there inside tables and in order to work them in good way, most of times they have been seeing these information in terms of summarized views that has been most of times very much of use for most of users as they do not need most of information at one go.

These view useful information that is stored inside, base tables and simplify information through where clauses. That is why in an Oracle data base most of these users have given exclusive access to user-accessible views to simplify entire processes. These also give sufficient amendment of security profiles as it also secure tables which relates directly with oracle database and thus it is one of an extremely useful tool of administrators to preserve the integrity of the Oracle database.

Owner of data dictionary: 

Who owns exclusive access to oracle database is the real question which has been meandering around all technical readers who have been in deep and exclusive reading of this information about the Oracle database. The oracle user SYS owns all base tables and user access views and control all these information exclusively. User SYS owns all information regarding information about oracle data dictionary.

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