When a database is created a data dictionary is also made simultaneously with it. Data dictionary is automatically updated at the time of constant updates of data dictionary as it reflects exact use of Oracle data and this gives enough particular information about how much space and how much exact processor is in use in an Oracle database.

When the structure of the database is altered, the specified data dictionary gives sure information about and it gives true feature of state of the Oracle database. It is of enough importance to note that these specified data dictionaries give sufficient access and help to the system administrator in handling a deeper and wider understanding of the Oracle database which has been undergoing constant change from various clients all the time. In a way Oracle database relies heavily on working and integrity of the Oracle database to understand the exact configuration of data dictionary.

Oracle database relies heavily on conduct of data dictionary while reading, modifying and editing data from clients. Through, functions of data dictionary, Oracle database read through data dictionary about schema objects as well as verify users who have gained proper and real access to clients to modify database through various application processes.

This shows the importance attached with data dictionary in oracle data base and how much importance is attached to it in constant and functioning of oracle data base. Data dictionary contain all definitions of schema objects such as tables, views, indexes, clusters, procedures and so on. It contains default values given to columns.

It has all the information of privileges given to different customers or users and Oracle database accesses these information before completely updates inner values. Data dictionary is constituted like the additional data base’s data. It makes up of tables and views. The place of a data dictionary can be found in database’s SYSTEM tablespace settings.

Data dictionary is an important tool for the database as well as it has a significant role for all clients, application processes as well as other processes that has been running inside Oracle database. Data dictionary can only give read only access and for this it accepts only queries from the user as well as from system administrators.

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