Online and offline tablespaces:

A single integrated tablespaces refers to a similar environment of dedicated hosting where every bit of server functionality relates directly with the front end of the computer. There are many variants of tablespaces known as online tablespoons and offline tablespaces. Online Tablespaces are accessible by clients through different application processes whereas offline tablespaces are inaccessible for public. Many a time, due to internal work and development purposes some particular part of tablespaces needs to be kept offline till all relevant filtering and updating processes completely absolute and during those time those part of tablespaces is known as offline tablespaces. Normally, it is a norm to keep most of these tablespaces online as most of the basic workings of the database begin and end with it.

For offline tablespaces, users must anticipate that some managerial tasks are going on. At the atomic level, Oracle data are stored inside data blocks. Every data block has a specific number of bytes inside physical database server. The parameter to create the standard data block size inside Oracle database query is DB_BLOCK_SIZE initialization parameter. With this parameter, one can create data block inside the server and in the similar process these instances can be created as logical structure side of the database.


Database users allocate data block sizes in free database spaces of server. You can distribute five other database block sizes while performing initialization of database commands. Data blocks, extents and segments use existing database spaces to create different data block sizes. The next level logical database space is recognized as extent. Extent be employed to store specific type of database information. An extent is ever closely related data blocks which are done through single allocation and are utilized to store some specific singular type of information.

There are some similar data blocks and those sub-segments are united into a single logical structure to be used easily in case of retrieval of data from different application processes from client’s computers. Similarly, segments are set for the specified extents and being allocated to different logical structures. From the concept of empty space of server or physical storage space of Oracle data base come the concept of data blocks and then a set of data blocks comes the concept extent and then the set of extent comes the concept of segments. There are different types of segments considering the nature of work it has to do with it exclusive server.

All table data are stored extents of the data segment. These data are considered as non-clustered table inside a data segment. Each index has a data segment. Each index is an index segment. There is temporary segment inside Oracle database segment. When a SQl statement is queried from a client computer, it needs a temporary database segment to respond such SQL segment as it creates speed responses as well as provide adequate relief to the existing server. When the extent of statements is finished the extent of temporary segments is returned back to server computer and is retrieved again when there is need for similar SQL queries from the server.

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