Manali India Adventure

This experience came about seven years back when I was posted at New Delhi and after a month long joining at some point time I had seven days of leave which geared me up to travel to some one of my favorite place where I had been there four to five times earlier. I just tried to reach there, the land of snow balls and skiing in the month of September where there would have been the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful expression of scenic beauties of nature. It might have a hell of a drive from Delhi to Manali but the tiredness and soreness of the journey would be decimated completely once visitor would reach at Mandi where beginning of a journey through banks of river Beas was simply amazing and jaw-breaking.

From Delhi to Manali by road:

The town of Manali of Himachala Pradesh is at northern Kulu valley. In fact, this town begins from Kulu in the ground situation and from there one has to pass through what roads to reach Manali. From Delhi it is almost 565 kilometers and for this I had to be played this out with respectable and steady mind. From Shimla it is 274 kilometres. By road, it is a lot of drive which begins from Delhi and hill drive starts from Kiratpur.

It is to a great extent a smooth drive with flat roads and considerable widen paths which not only provides peace of driving but also give additional time to enjoy beginning of geographical surroundings all over in these arenas. It is still a wise idea to drive early in winter times as most of the time the entire route is covered with fog and denseness of fog is more than fog present between highway connecting Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.

From Shimla to Bhuntar by air route:

On another occasion one year, after this journey I reached at Manali through air route, which is quite astonishing and brilliant. I reached from Delhi to Shimla by bus through Himachal Tourism overnight bus service which is available at their Janpath office and from their journey starts at ten pm and I teach at the early morning at Shimla.

In between that journey bus stopped at a beautiful road side dhaba hotel which has very nice foods but afraid of taking those foods due fear of food poisoning. It had been a great rejoice for me as I was willing to take my flight from Shimla to Bhuntar which is about 50 kilometres from Manali. Bhuntar is the latest air-location and from there I have to hire cab to reach Manali.

It was an amazing flight from Shimla Bhuntar, with only 12 persons inside that small fight and the cockpit of the pilot is visible from there. It was one engine flight with an open cockpit. Pilot is talking with you directly and foods are given there. Though, owing to smallness of flight, the sound of flight is immense, and the way that plane traverse through all these miraculous peaks of Himalayas is absorbing.

Manali India Adventure

Land of snowballs and skiing

I would recommend everyone to come on that flight and take advantage of the beauty of nature at its peak. It was the second flight with pilot talking and laughing with you and sharing jokes at you and describing numerous details of mountains and the clouds which would be touching glasses of wind-panes. The most painful is the sound of the engine as it was so hurting to ears that for some time I would feel as if inside some of marriage celebration with full swing music and other forms of sharp sounds.

In the mean time, pilot announced that we would be reaching to an area where there would be seven mountains and we would be crossing all these mountains one by one and later on finally we would be crossing just the space which is between two bigger mountain and that was the most dangerous path of this adventurous journey. I have been too many flights but for the first time, I was so intimate with pilot and flight assistances. Two pilots were there as the flight was a smaller one pilot accustomed to sit beside us and telling jokes and fun stories.

Most amazing and fearful flight of my life:

In the mean time, we saw some of fun snow points inside top of one mountain where the rise of snow touching the clouds proves to be an wonderful generous intimation for all of us and in order to justify that beauty pilot keep plane there for some more time and I felt as if I was beside one of the most beautiful place on earth.

The journey was simply amazing with unhealthy excitement. In the mean time six of mountains are crossed and now we reached near the most dangerous path of journey where out small flight would be crossing just the open space between two bigger mountains and that space was so limited that if such small vibration here and there then we would be finished there as one part of wing of flight could be touching any side of top of mountain.

The open cockpit and hilarious pilot:

Just before it flight assistant served food to all 12 people inside that flight and she accustomed to serve on her place and then expand dish from there as there is hardly any space there to walk freely here and there. We saw pilot also eating and also telling amusing stories and giving us added courage to fight it out these adventurous journeys.

In the mean time, he laughingly joked that please eat well as we did not know whether we would be alive or not and this terrifies us but after talking this he laughed and said it was just a joke and told everyone of us to watch from window pane and enjoy the beauty of nature of how two serpentine tops of two mountains are intertwined in such a way that the flight hard to be carefully moved from one side to the other and if at any time these control are failed for sure we would be finished before blinking of an eye.

It was like a hill road with stiff cross and unlike hill roads, here we saw on both sides there are two mountain ranges with whitish snow and as if the clouds are touching these snows and letting them know that we are reaching nearer to them and from a distance within the spaces of windows pane of flight it seems to us as if these peaks are moving and going to touch wings of ours flight at any point of time. In the mean time, pilot advises us about not moving and seating in still position as we are inside that dangerous area where we were crossing within exact spaces of flight here and there.

After moving for about ten minutes, finally we reached towards the end of these hazardous air zones but the last leg of it was the most perilous. Two big horns of these two mountains but in between these two space we saw vast arena of wide white clouds mixed with stiff fog making it almost invisible for us to watch through but pilot was confident of route as only a single movement here and there then wings of my flight would have been into ruins as a stiff collision occurring out from touching of top of hills.

So near yet so far:

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