How narendra nath datta converted to swami-vivekananda

Ramakrishna Paramahansha the saint was wondering nearby sea beach. He observed the cool breeze oozing out from the sea shore and that touched him before reaching out to hinterland. Sky was slightly dimmer with light with a purple patch meandering in the entire sky which symbolizes the end of today and now the night time

He was looking at entire distances from there and observing people out there as many homes with families as well as come along to feel good nearby sea shore. In the mean time, he observed a young man was running with great speed seemingly with fear because of some monkeys seemed to be chasing him in sea-beach.

Young man was running as if it was his last day of his life and he was chased by a monkey from behind thereon. Young man crossed Ramakrishna Paramahansha and he signaled him to stay there but the young man was filled with so much of fear from monkey that he could not stop nearby to him. Fear of monkey crippled the mind of a young man so much so that he could not understand for a moment of the sings and indications gave him by this great saint. Without going to go back, he responded to Ramkrishna Paramahansha that if I stop here, then the chasing monkey would surely have a bite on him and for this he could not stop there. He told this without looking at Ramakrishna Paramahansha and spoke while running at that time.

Ramakrishna Paramahansha listened young man’s words and then smiles mildly and told him no. Not you stop there and if you stop there the monkey would not hurt you at all. He was talking with so much authority and saintly voice that the young man stop there without any such hesitation. He was apprehensive of his words but he could not know how his mind listened to Ramkrishna Paramahansha voice but his heart could have not already done so. Fearful young man looks back at the monkey with great fear and apprehension and to his utter surprise and astonishment the chasing monkey also stopped there at the point he was chasing him at a breakneck speed.

The monkey stopped at the same place where he was chasing at that point of time to the young man. Still fear cripples in the mind of youth and he was shivering with fear there and for a few moments he was completely blinded by the thought that he was now not followed by the same monkey as that monkey was standing at some distance from him as there. Ramakrishna Paramahansha noticed that youth was still griping with plenty of fear form the chasing out of monkey and he decided to go near to youth and told him now it is your turn and now you should start chasing the same monkey and this time the role reversal should happen.

He slowly makes him believe that now it is time to run behind the monkey and try to chase him as he was doing to you. Youth listened to words of Ramkrishna Paramahansha eagerly and then he was apprehensive about running behind that monkey. Youth immediately tells Ramkrishna Paramahansha that now he would not be chasing that monkey. He was speaking naturally as he was already terrified from the dead run from the monkey and he did not want to do the same incidence again from there. He told Ramkrishna Paramahansha that for sure if he would chase the monkey it would surely bite him and he would be injured completely due to attack from monkey.

Ramakrishna Paramahansha gives him a mild smile and told him no no what you were thinking of would not be happening, store courage from yours inside and create a bond in between your mind and then follow that monkey form there and for user nothing would happen to you should not be afraid of him as if you do not remove that fear form yours mind then for sure that would going to hurt you for long in the future course of action of yours life. This was the time to remove all such false fear from the mind and became courageous from there within from yours inner intrinsic mind settings.

The magic voice of Ramkrishna Paramahansha mesmerized the youth and he gathers courage from his saintly words and accumulates all these courage and restores confidence in his inner self, and began to listen to his wonderful words. He gathers all courage and began to chase the same monkey from there and this time he runs behind the monkey and to his utter surprise now the monkey runs in front in fear and the youth runs behind the monkey in order to catch him from this chasing. The youth runs behind that monkey for quite some time and after sometime he stops there and now returns back to Ramkrishna Paramahansha and stood there silently.

Now the saint speaks to youth, dear youth this world is like the chasing of monkey towards you which you have just experienced, still to date you are afraid of the world that will haunt you and chase you from behind and disturb yours concentration and you could not do anything but running in front of wanting to do something but could not perform anything. Most people run in fear to save life before the world and still to date they would not be in right frame of mind at all but still the date they understand the world and make it reverse then they would win the world and the world would walk like what they have been thinking upon themselves.

If people did not learn this from their life than with these chasing of life, they would one day fall and their life would be a complete disastrous upon the rest of the world. There are a lot things to learn from this world and one should not be afraid of anything that has been confronting before you time and again. The youth who was listening to this saint during all this time he is no other than Narendranath. In due course of time, Narendranath became famous and he became the best disciple of Ramkrishna Paramahansha. Later on he is renowned as Swami Vivekananda and became famous all over the world with his great saintly chanting and famous for his great work on Sanatan religion.

On that day a small incident which reflects deeply upon the life of saint Vivekanannda to his greater extent and it reflects deeply upon his life and if he would not have been confronted Ramkrishna Paramahansha on that day no one would find the great saint Vivekananda and his great works that has been flowered all over the world. This incident brings upon revolutionary changes to the life and livings of Saint Vivekananda and that imparts deeper and wonderful alternation to the life of this saint.

Both seer and saint like diamonds to civilise society as they together make the world change too much to the world that no one ever thought of bringing such magnitude of change that could not have been possible without the united effort of Ramkrishna Paramahansha and Saint Vivekananda. Due to wonderful advice from Ramkrishna Paramahansha the life of Saint Vivekananda undergoes complete and huge change in the life of a saint.

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