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What is having a faster mobile operating system, brilliant responsive design within seconds of touching gestures gives out the most satisfying moment. Out of many technological devices we have smart phones provides room for faster interface and we always want to access it immediately without any delay. It is mobile. Most of time, we have seen, Android devices show waggishness after a certain period of time. These mobiles never able to perform with such speed which it has been in the initial years.

If you install lesser application, your phone will also lag,so as if you install 1000 applications. There are many battery saver applications which vows to make your phone faster but in reality they add some more processes and processes need central processing unit (CPU) and RAM (Random access memory) and this creates huge burden on resources making your phone becomes slower and this can slow down your phone considerably. More CPU runs and more it becomes active the more it drains your battery as the CPU need to power and whose power comes from mobile batteries.

All these processes need CPU and RAM power to run in the background and this makes the entire power process resource hungry and this creates huge drainage of batteries. Many a time, there are many articles of removing cache files in order to make your phone faster. All these are negative and wrong impressions and users should not be following such advices absolutely. Cache files are meant for reducing CPUs to run for more cycles and more the cache files the more your phones become light on system resources. Cache files are meant for RAM and to reduce CPU from starting again and again. When you remove all such cache files this means, RAM will not work, and CPUs has to start such processes again and again and this takes a huge reduction of battery powers.

It is advisable not to delete cache files as these are meant for making your phone faster. When there are some finite number of applications are running, then android system uses RAM and CPUs to kill such unwanted processes in back ground, but when there are too many simultaneous processes runs in back ground, then, RAM has to confronted with too many process starts and ends and this can cause the process cycle and recycle to a considerable extent and this make entire system to hang as in such cases use of CPU becomes overloaded with too many applications running simultaneously and create a system of the state of hanging. When an application caches, it uses part of CPU usages, but when there are no such cache files, application has to be started from the beginning and this creates use loss of battery drain. Most of application runs with hidden or background process and this when you install another application to save battery it also runs another one background processes and this creates smart phone unstable.

There are for two applications that will in reality save your battery and remove all resource hug application: Greenify and ShutApp

Android has two more significant functions such as syncing and notifications. It wakes up phone from sleep mode and thus it consumes more CPU power than in the normal state. So, when you are not using your phone, It also takes a huge chunk of memory and drains your battery. Most times, rooted phone does have many applications which prevent other applications from waking up CPU in the state of deep sleep. Lots of applications do it without caring about securing resources of battery.

Rooted phones have wakelocks that can stop such resource hug applications. There are for two applications that will in reality save your battery and remove all resource hug application: Greenify and ShutApp. This article is all about Greenify application and most recently it has created convenience for unrooted stock android users to use it and though it does not provide as much as convenience as automatic wakelocks but still it gives your phone accepted level of processing powers and saves your battery from considerable draining.

In an unrooted phone, these two applications use the concept of hibernation of application while android system is running such as completely shut off specific application from messages, notifications, weather updates. It will run when you manually run that applications. One such application is Facebook which takes too many resources by running some other processes in android eco-system in the background. It is not prudent to delete android cache.

There are some applications which clean cache and give a message to users for a clean and speed phone. It is not correct at all. Stop cleaning such cache constantly, as by cleaning such cache files, application burns more central processing unit and battery and slows down your phone in terms of display. Display of your phone uses maximum CPU and when these are not available it reduces lighting power of the CPU.

Use ‘Process widget’ by It-Dan software, and notice an application that is running undauntedly then use ‘Greenify’ or ‘ShutApp’ to completely hibernate

Only time you clean cache files of android when you feel some of the applications are behaving incorrectly and are not giving too much corrective measures. Cache files are not junk files, you can remove junk files by going to file explorer and searching for unnecessary files of already uninstalled applications. This makes extra hard drive and this can provide more space for cache files. Cache files need a good hard drive place and this can make processing of cache files speedier and faster.

Use ‘Process widget’ by It-Dan software, and notice an application that is running undauntedly then use ‘Greenify’ or ‘ShutApp’ to completely hibernate. It is not wise to any battery gimmick application such as ‘Battery Saver’, ‘Battery Doctor’, ‘easy battery’, ‘Juice Defender’ or so many battery gadgets from running.

With auto-hibernation now works in non-root mode when the phone is not locked gives ample space for stock android user to aim for this application to save battery drainages. Even if you have secure-key guard enabled then also you can create a shortcut from ‘Greenify’ by creating a shortcut on home-screen of ‘Hibernate and Lock Screen’.

Its working is visible and your phones become fast and secure. With a non-responsive phone, it is always a chance for too much tapping and that can completely make touch screen fault and most times cost of such touch screen is on higher. ‘Greenify’ by Oasis Feng is a master application to smoothly run your phone. Now, it is easier to use greenify without root access.

In non root phone-stock android phone automatic hibernation are only possible when you allow this application in accessibility segment as mentioned above and allow in device administrator list and also you should not have a security lock key guard at all

After installation from Google Play, go to SETTING—My Device—Accessibility—Services—Greenify and turn it on by moving the slider to right. Then go to Setting—Security—Device Administration—device administrators and tap here and allow Greenify to turn off the screen immediately after automated hibernation. After allowing ‘Geenify’ to perform such action, you can manually apply hibernation to the application and start using a smoother smart phone with extraordinary speed.

There are two ways applications can be hibernated, the first one is built in application analysor which analyses running processes and suggest you or you can access all application, it is better to use screen rotation and widen the view so that a plus sign will be seen at upper right hand corner of ‘Greenify’ application dashboard and in clicking on it you will have to wait for few seconds then all application will be visible and form there you can easily greenify application and a cloud will be seen beside each applications that are greenified there.

You can also create hibernate shortcut at homes screen and hibernate and lock shortcut at home screen and with one touch all hibernation actions can be performed easily from there. In the first place it will ask you to force stop such application and it will show a dialogue box on force stop that if you force stop an app, it may misbehave but still you would like to touch on ‘ok’ in order let know ‘Greenify’ that such application is allowed by you to perform hibernation when it exceeds resource Limits. In non root phone-stock android phone automatic hibernation are only possible when you allow this application in accessibility segment as mentioned above and allow in device administrator list and also you should not have a security lock key guard at all.

‘Greenify’ provides users of non root stock android mobile phone users easier life to hibernate all running heavy resources: 

Android is an open-source mobile operating system and there are many custom-mode available which helps users to easily root android phone. On the contrary, Many users do not want to root their android phone as it voids guarantee and from there on the original equipment manufacturer will not provide additional updates.

‘Greenify’ is not a task killer and does not bridge any applications. Free versions of this application cannot hibernate the system application and you have to pay 100 rupees or three dollars to buy and get this option. It is not a heavier price and even free ‘Greenify’ application also performs all such functions in great manner. There are two versions of greenify one is free and the other one is donation version.

The way it is integrated into android setting menu justifies this application to be purchased by Google and should be built-in with an android in order to make it faster and smoother. It saves almost 40 percentages of battery use and with prolonged use android phone becomes faster than ever before. This application is surprisingly the most underrated application and it should be on the front page of Google Play store.

According to developer Oasis Feng the workaround to work this phone in password protected phone with screen lock, which is otherwise called as secure key-guard enable, this offers an alternative solution, which can be triggered by a simple ‘pull up’ gesture on the Home soft key, which is available in most of tablets the square oft key just down the home hardware key.

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