The most intelligent animal on earth is human beings. They can speak and can express fully in order to justify their actions of omissions and commissions. Every human has faith and he expresses it through various deeds and tries to justify these acts through reasonable actions oriented demonstrations. There are two kinds of languages, one language comes straight from the heart and the other languages come from mouth which sometimes relates to instant actions. Most times, talking with families, of near and dear one comes from the heart which I mostly related to talking originating from different class of ideas those are related with different forms of conversation. When we go out and talked with others we tend to talk straight front and tend to exchange what that is straight. When speech comes from the heart it carries forward some faith which can be called as the tendency of faith talking with each other.

Many would say talks straight from the heart reach to people without any barriers between them. We know whatever we hear through ears bears with certain complexities such as environmental barriers and when we get to a certain distance it will not be listened through ears properly due to certain environmental variables such as wind and other sounds. Tell of hearts goes between persons easily without barriers to any such environmental obstructions. When sounds come from the heart it does not depend too much of distance as it transcends all barriers of uncertainties. Conversation of hearts comes from animals who mostly talk in the medium of hearts between their races and most times. These are understandable by normal humans. When walking in roads, one can strictly observe the behavior of animals such as cows and dogs of streets who most of times talk between themselves without uttering a single word, but they close look at each other without looking anywhere and seems to be corresponding something between themselves without uttering single word.

On the other hand, great people who can watch the world with some other vision can observe these movements and can understand these exchanges of faith between two animals without any hesitation. .Those conversations are generally missed by general people who stressed mostly on the conversations related to talking conversations. This incident relates to such an incident. There was a religious home on the banks of a large pond. Heat summer wave is flowing all across that region. It was the summer season all over there. In these time of year, generally most of the times, devotees organized the boat festival inside that pond. Boat festival relates with, putting Lord into boat and then make voyage of Lord inside that pond and taking Lord to middle of pond, and devotees most of times, staying on the banks of water reservoir used to put many religious drums in order to celebrate the festival of summer. Most times, these are observed in the summer season in order to defeat the heat wave and it is one such incident relates with humanization of the Lord. It is like Lord is also feeling the heat wave of summer as normal humans do. Lord also feeling the heat and that is why the observance of bathing festival in order to mitigate the heat waves of summer.

During these times of bath festival, the sound emanating from all these celebrations through advent of different drumming sounds, in these times of celebration no one could listen to other words yet all have one attentions to watch Lord takes bath and this creates enough akin to faith and which cannot be said in words but can be conveyed with each other without uttering a single piece of word to each other among large gatherings of masses attended there. In the middle of all these people stays Lord and most of the people silently look towards Lord of the universe taking bath among large gatherings of people. That festival would take two to three hours to complete and the bath festival of Lord inside large water reservoir has just started and within sometimes from outside order come from somewhere to bring back Lord towards the shore of a water reservoir. Everyone surprised with these orders and they are now anxious to know about it more. The boat has not been reached by the middle of the pond and has not been settled there completely and how comes someone order the boatman to bring back the boat which takes Lord towards the middle should be brought back to the middle again.

Everyone was looking at the boat man and why did he be bringing back the boat towards shore as per usual practice the boat must stay at the shore for two to three hours and then brought back to shore. Why this sudden change and everyone not able to understand this change of trend there. Boatman takes the boat to the shore of a water reservoir and without looking at any anxious people staying there he runs towards the religious room which is nearer to that water reservoir. Impatient people gathered in huge numbers who were in the mood of celebrations wanted answers from boat man but in vain. Boatman ran in so much of speed that the towel which upon his shoulder fell towards his belly side and he had no time to adjust that towel on his shoulder. Boatman was not looking at the ground. The ground that lead to religious room is uneven and he did not care for it and even the cloth on his belly also tend to go around and tend to make some sort of falling situation but he hold that on one of his hand run and run towards religious sanctum which was nearer to water reservoir.

Still on such uncomfortable posture he ran at a great speed even speedier than his own average speed and rest of people and most of them known him as he had been doing this for many years had not seen such an sudden and immediate action on the part of boatman. Many devotees and followers also behind that boatman running towards religious sanctum. Surprisingly, many of such devotees who were following that boatman reached nearer to an area where there were many animals and birds residing at one place on the grounds and trees that accompany that place completely. Most of the people who reached there were surprised that boatman and devotees were not reaching towards religious sanctum instead they reached towards the place where animals and birds were conglomerated and united calling the names of the Lord in their speaking modes.

One speaking bird is sweetly speaking the name of Lord, which unites all the other animals and birds residing there. The sound coming out from that bird is being resounding nicely in between there and most of the people attended there were surprised to see the power of the Lord there. One snake was about to eat that bird and that bird was crying the name of the Lord in a shout. That snake was almost half in the taking of that bird. Boatman immediately reached there and rescues that bird from the mouth of that snake. If he was late for one more second than that snake would have taken that bird who was speaking in a loud voice about the name of the Lord. After being rescued from the mouth of a snake the bird then again shouted the name of the Lord. In reality, that bird does not saved by Lord but by the master of that bird, and in reality Lord comes in the form of human beings to rescue and it is the master of that bird which is a boatman saves that bird on being called the name of that bird.

This is the right of nature and this is the way life goes on. Most people are surprised at being reprinted from the clutches of death of that bird. On the other hand, many people were surprised to find about even call for humans while at the point of help is being completely ignored by fellow human beings in times of urgency.

This shows that we were losing the path of dependency from one person to the other. We were ignoring the calls of other persons and similarly our life have been becoming the tale of saddest faith where we have been completely ignored by one after the other without the slightest possibility of dependency tensions one among others. With such huge sounds and music all around and that boatman was at the center of a large reservoir everyone is surprised how the sounds of help of that bird to its own the boatman reached at the center of the pond. These are not the sounds which normally dependent upon the environment, this is the correspondence of faith between bird and boatman that transcends all sounds in between and reaches to the ear of boatman easily without any trace of hindrances in between. In fact that the bird did not sound too much to reach nearer to boatman among all this hue and cry of sound of faith all around. That bird was at the scene of death and its voice was weaker comparatively and slowly slows sounds coming from there but to utter surprises of countless devotees attended there they had been completely bemused and astonished with this sort of astonishing trends emanating from there. No one ever heard about the sounds of that bird who nearer to the bird but from their faraway distances boatman middle at all such sounds able to listen to its voice and this is the correspondence of faith and nothing but other paths of life. For this only connected with faith to each other through the process of dedicated involvement able to hear sounds enchanted by the bird from a distance.

That boatman was not a common man he was great Abhiram Paramahanshs and his religious sanctum was still there at Karmalla. In the Puri district of Odisha. India and the name of his religious sanctum are a peaceful place.

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