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Google always likes webpage with responsive designing, faster loading times and fewer external scripts. Google is the most important online repository of webpages and Google Indexing provides good page rank and suitable visibility for webmasters. Secondly, with a faster webpage landing, more and more visitors continue to stay. Within the premises of your and read better content. Even a good web content with heavy page loading times, negated by visitors due to longer waiting times. Heavy web pages coupled with a large chunk of java script files create multiple connectivities to a different web server and wait for their responses. This delays loading of a web page to a greater extent. No doubt, the prime motive of starting a is definitely earning handsome money and for this many install large chunk of advertising agents through installation of manuscripts from dashboard.

Generally, all these javascripts, installed through back-end servers of WordPress, by reaching out to appearances, then to widget and then to text and then add text and then copy pasting that java scripts from different advertising companies such as adsharemarket or infolinks. There are some negative aspects upon installing large number of javascripts in backend of wordpress. This increases page load times and reduces crawling of webpages to Google and other related web engines.

As a web master, one should always be constantly concentrate, on creating content that should be very much legible and this can only be possible, with a smarter and speedier website. Think of a book which you have purchased by seeing its vibrant and beautiful cover page but when you want to read that book while travelling inside train, you find that entire letters and semantics they are not legible. What reaction you find in your mind about that book, for sure it is the negative aspect and strong difficulty in reading the book gives you the negative aspect about that book.

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Think, in such situation, can you think such a book be a best seller at any point of time. This gives negative feedback of word of mouth, and this gives bad publicity to look though it might have good contents inside. Similarly, website is like a book, and most success mantra deals with legibility, speed of website and amount of time landing page takes and quality of content of website is prime for a best seller website to succeed in the long run. For sure, as I have discussed above, javascripts provide connecting to different servers at a time which is necessary.

Then what is the solution for this, the best possible solution is to compress thoses javascript through better compression mechanisms and install part of those scripts in the front end of the server. Closure compiler is best compiler solution of Javascript files. It is easy and it gives three separate options to compile javascript files. The basic steps in reducing loading times of javascript files begin with hosting specific javascript files on your own server which means putting that files at the front end of your hosting and it is always advisable to put it at root settings of your host. Root setting of your host lies with the space that all your website hosts stay. Hosting part of your website also known as the front end server.

Before installing javascript snippets from an ad server company first collection javascript link to a javascript snippet. The best possible way to reduce page loading times is to completely minimize files and other connections that are connected simultaneously from website and decrease server loading times. Closure compiler decreases loading times of files size and reduces bytes and as a result it reduces various server loads of website. In case of HTML website, many web hosts provide Gzip compression tools which are inbuilt within Cpanel hosting, and this reduces page loading times, and number of images and scripts resides within website.

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First reach to closure compiler web service . There are three tabs in closure compiler main interface,  the first one is ‘Add a URL’ and in the corresponding space, paste the javascript link, and then click the corresponding ‘Add’ and in the next tab which is known as ‘Optimization’ select radio tab ‘simple’. It is important to check the radio box simple, and ignore other two radio boxes such as ‘Whitespace only’ and ‘Advance’. Then ignore ‘Formatting’ radio boxes such as ‘Pretty print’ and ‘Print input delimiter’.


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