Anger management

Anger is the most difficult part for humans to control. Anger is the unexpected understanding of emotions of the human mind. When it reaches to sense is always a syndrome of deeper discussion. One cannot find the way to understand what happens when certain part of anger comes into the way of routine living. Anger can come at once or come when someone needs to wait it for long. It is the severest of the enemy of self and it needs to be controlled and channeled through particular directions. Many great and successful leaders have devised various modus operandi to wipe out the deeper cause of anger and that is why they have been remembered for ages.

Some say it is yoga that can heal anger and some say it is the control of the senses that can heal anger completely. But no one knows in deep detail what the cause of this is. Many pundits feel in times to come people will understand the real reason behind it and also from every part origination of anger from the deeper roots of the brain can be discovered. The day it will be revealed and that could be the smartest and possibly the most wonderful invention of anthropological science. Here is one such delightful instance where anger can be controlled through this example.

Julius Caesar has a lot of friends as well as so many foes. It is only natural as famous people have also many enemies. Once upon a time, he was alone in his home and when one of his friends now comes to know about his loneliness, he reached to him in order to remove the portion of boringness from his thoughts. During deeper conversation between two friends, the person asked Caesar, friend, I cannot understand what is your brain made of.

Yours opponents have been criticizing you time and again and many times they have been severely criticizing you time and again and day in and day out, but you are receiving all these criticizing on an open mind and never ever be sorry for all these trends. Why you are ignoring all of your foes as they have been time and again criticizing you and you are staying silent all the time. He could not understand his tactics in fighting against his detractors and why he is keeping his silence, and he asked Caesar to explain it on a kind note.

To his utter surprise, Caesar does not hear his friend’s deep concern about deeper criticism on him from his detractors and he changed the topic and began to discuss some other topic. He began discussing some other topic and started to take the discussion on some other way. His friend began sadly as he wanted to give a good suggestion to Caesar but he could not go to his deeper sense as he ignored it completely. In the mean time, messenger reached to Caesar and gives him a bundle of letters that has been issued to him from various directions. During his discussion with his friend Caesar looks and read some of the letters at the same time.

He gave some letters to his friend to read at the same time from the letters he has only just been read. His friends get a deeper look at those letters. Most of these letters are from his detractors who have been vociferously criticizing him all the time. After reading these entire letters Caesar for many minutes has been in the mood of attentiveness for some time and during that time, he has forgotten that his friend was seating beside him. Then suddenly, he gathers all these letters and throws these into nearby fireplaces which have been there in order to create warmth in his room from deeper winter that has been ravishing at that time during that part of the land of the earth.

His friend was looking at all these surprising phenomenon of Caesar from his side for some time. He reached his peak of surprise at seeing all these peculiar behavior of his renowned friend. He asked Caesar why you have burnt all these letters which you have considered these as the most precious valued substances. While asking these questions he was so surprised and confused that he wanted to ask these questions all at one go. These are all valuables letters and you should not have burnt.

These letters are from your detractors and you should have kept it as a safer place as in future these could have given you sufficient protective cover against yours deeper detractors. In future, these letters could have given you sufficient leverage against your detractors. Caesar paused for a few moments and then with a smile he said to his friend, dear friend I have done this with a conscious state and with sufficient attentiveness of mind with a reasoning perspective.

He told after some pause, that he had taken this step after thinking deeply about it for some time and he thought this was the right step in this direction. He would feel aggrieved and angered after seeing all these documents in front of him for time to time and with this his anger could have been multiple times when he would see those letters from his detractors.

Then, he felt anger is riding on him and he tried to do away all the angered that has been stored inside of him due to stock files of these letters. He resolved to burn these letters to decimate these angers completely from his mind and thought processes. He agreed to abolish single signs of anger completely from his mind, heart and soul. There is a single way to stop anger from the mind is to find out the root cause of anger in mind and then remove completely the cause of anger from there within. The cause of anger is the burnt substances that can have explosive value to his mind and he does not want to live with these dangerous thought processes of his detractors.

So, he resolved to burn all these criticizing letters completely from his detractors on order to feel completely relaxed in heart and soul. If he would have kept these letters with him, then that would have completely cause of all the sorrows and sadness to his life and these should have been completely avoided and that is why he burnt all those letters at one go. His friend now understands the motive and the exact reasoning behind completely abolishing letters of his detractors and after realizing this he understands his mistakes and says sorry to Caesar immediately.

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