Aldrich Ames

Aldrich Hazen Ames (born May 26, 1941) is a former counterintelligence officer of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Counterintelligence refers to information gathered and activities to conduct espionage. It is a critical post. He was convicted of reverse spying by US for spying on behalf of the former Soviet Union and Russia. The cIA is one of important information and intelligence gathering agencies of the United States federal government. It is the sole independent U.S. intelligence agency. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) forms through roots of the Russian Revolution of 1917. It is estimated that Ames compromises the second highest number of information asset of the CIA only second to those betrayed by Robert Hanssen. Ames was from Wisconsin. Name of his parents are Cecil Ames and Rachel Ames. His father was a college lecturer andhis mother was a high school English teacher. Since childhood, he had been brought up in a significant educated household.

His childhood and education:

His father was working for the CIA and was posted in Southeast Asia for three years, but subsequently he received negative performance appraisal because of his severe drinking problem and subsequently posted to CIA headquarter for remainder years. Ames entered University Chicago, but his grade was not up to mark as he was more oriented towards drama resulted in a decline in grades and he could not complete his rest of his education. He worked for the CIA in three summers from 1960 and then he went to Chicago theatre as assistant technical director until; 1962. Then, he joined the CIA as a full-time job and performed some sort of clerical jobs there.

His initial work: 

Then after some time he completes his graduation from George Washington University. Here, he received a good grade and slowly he enters into a training program related with alcohol-related brushes with the police. During trainee program, he met with his future spouse at the same trainee officer and later on in 1969 both married. His wife Nancy resigned from the CIA as there is law that both spouses cannot be in the same CIA office. Ames was given the task of recruiting Soviet intelligence officer and he succeeds in infiltrating into security agency of Soviet through activist Deniz Gezmis.

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But he does not get good career report and this time he was seriously considering of retiring from jobs of CIA. In 1972 he was assigned to CIA headquarters and there he managed paperwork and his performance was just ok. Like his father his excessive drinking habit was noted seriously and that remains the main contentious issues for his promotions. In 1976, he handled two prominent Soviet Union assets and his performance was best among the rest and he received many praises and appraisals.

First sign of his espionage! 

But he was reprimanded for doing some important security violations such as leaving one important classified documented briefcase on the subway but he was not warned but a verbal warning was given to him. Till 1981, where he was in a different city than his wife, he was engaged in at least three extra marital affairs. His drinking habit makes him over aggressive and many a times he was reprimanded for his outrageous behavior. He was associated with extramarital affairs with a foreign diplomat and it is not in consonant with CIA regulations but he does not report this to his higher officials as it is evident that some higher officials and colleagues are well aware of his affair.

His wealth creates first suspicion: 

In 1983 he was given charge of the most sensitive Soviet document and he had access to all CIA plans of operations against two Soviet military intelligence known as KGB and GRU. The kGB was the main security intelligence agency of the Soviet Union. In October 1981, he formally separated from his wife and financial pressure of divorce led to rethinking of work in counterintelligence agency of Russia. During trial, he also noted this and the primary reason to work on behalf of the Russian security agency are primarily this. His new wife Rosario proved to be a heavy spender and later on further investigation it was found about amassing of huge sum of money and land property and later on further investigation lead to more and more revelation and this lead to the arrest of Ames.

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Searching of Soviet bugs: 

As part of his work, he has maximum knowledge about potential intelligence assets of the Soviet Union by the CIA and FBI. In 1985 he provided the Soviets what he thinks essentially valueless information and he was quickly paid $50,000. During his testimonials, all these con game was done by him to satisfy his immediate indebtedness. He has passed right through the line and soon knows that more than top ten levels CIA and FBI officials are working as sources for Soviet spy agencies.

By 1985 many CIA intelligence officials missing from ranks of CIA and this numbers are on the rise results to suspicions among ranks of CIA top units to believe that something is wrong there and for this they have prepared for a through scanning of entire officials in order to know the exact truth behind this. The cIA believed that something was wrong, but the investigation goes on possible searching for Soviet bugs that broke into the system. At the initial stage, it never considered, existence of one in-house mole inside the CIA and FBI.

Counterproductive field agencies: 

Ames continued to meet Soviet officials and this allowed a lifestyle well beyond means of a CIA officer. In 1985, he married to Maria Del Rosario and built a new story that much of his wealth has come out as a result of his new marriage. He was posted in Rome in 1986 and due to immoderate drinking problems his performance was well beyond evaluation. Surprisingly, so far he was never ever caught during all these times. In 1990-91, he was redesigned and access to extremely sensitive data including information on double agents.

Double agents are usually very tractable agents by the controlling organization, but they are very useless in counterproductive field strategies. In 1990, CIA was almost certain that there was more to the agency and or this appointment of new Soviet agency comes to a halt due to apprehensions of double crossing by spies. In 1989, there was suspicion of some CIA employees about life style of Ames and his real wealth of his wife was lesser than it is earlier information provided by Ames.

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Ames passed two polygraph tests successfully: 

During that time, the news spread across from Soviet that a mole has been infiltrated into the CIA who is born Soviet in order to move attention from Ames. In this way, comprehensive information gatherings and investigations upon Ames go on slowly for the first instance. Ames was kept in two polygraph tests in which though there are some abrogation where he passed successfully. Late on CIA concludes that the investigators of the polygraph are extremely friendly towards him and that results him not asking him too many difficult questions.

Finally the fish is in the net: 

From 1992, the CIA and FBI began electronic surveillance in his trash and in his car to track his movements. This intensive investigation comes after the dissolution of Soviet. Since then, he was kept under virtual physical electronic surveillance all the time. During 1994, he was arrested before attending a summit in Moscow and while arrest he told officers you are making big mistakes and you must have the wrong man. He was punished by life imprisonment and his wife received five-year for tax evasions and hides the conspiracy of Ames to CIA. It is concluded that his sharing of information led to a flop of hundred US operations in Soviet. It results in execution of at least ten US forces. He was serving his life imprisonment at the high-security Allenwood U.S. Penitentiary, Pennsylvania.

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