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Visions for Space Exploration

In an intuitive mind where plenty of surpassing label information forms scanty ideas in creating a different form of homogeneity in achievements in garnering different aspects of origins of species.

We are searching for an intelligent mind where we could possibly find out the deep sense of desire to alter entire matters that have been residing with us forever.

The universe is a complex phenomenon where most of the activities here specialized to create a different era in the universe. At the beginning of the Cosmos, where it is in a stage of radiation era with large-scale radiation of heat generating from the surface and atmosphere generally stays in a state of constant.

In this stage small, atoms create large volumes of atoms which can create matter in future. In the latter times, we could find how universal is expanding further due to the coolness and in this way matter era at the beginning of evolution pops in.

Now we are moving deep into the era of “life” where we are limited within spheres of matters of atmospheric conditions as well as other relevant origins of life that are a prerequisite for devising different forms of life.

We are searching for intelligent life where we could preserve life within an artificial environment and where we could revive a different set of understandings of living inside artificial construction not needing any help from natural entities.

Here, natural conditions refer to set of preconditioned environments which have been there due to the distance from Sun, the intensity of light, level of radiations and spreading of ultra-violet rays into atmospheric conditions.

We are in the middle of the matter era of evolution of the universe and slowly moving into the arena of “life” where sentient species would not wait for any such precondition of living inside planets.

Scientists feel now there are a lesser number of exo-civilisations all around cosmos due to certain precondition requisite for the creation of life inside the planet.

Most of these are not available everywhere as there are numerous stars and in one Galaxy there are innumerable planets under each star and in cosmos, there are numerous galaxies and scientists feel that still more and more galaxies need to be discovered as knowledge about the better part of the universe is still not known clear to us.

We are still living in imagination and romantic ideas where we can find detail about where about of sentient race living in different part of the cosmos.

We are still not sure as we are the only life planets or there are many deep inside different parts of the universe which is yet to be known and addressed.

All these create flow, of thoughts by generating a different set of ideas which are more and more giving pronounced which to go to space through all these needs to be done precisely with an intimate heart and mind.

According to many theologians, there is enough evidence to suggest that we are in the midst of matter era and life era of cosmic evolution. For the last few years, enough investigation has been done in this field and there are many such ideas which create wonderful happenings in the field of astrophysics.

According to one school of thought, the distance of the earth from the sun is so intimate that the gravitational power of the sun enables the earth to create its own atmosphere. It all begins to settle into a different form of energy increment which recycles and turns into the earth with a simple term.

The problem within the cosmos is that the distance is so much that we cannot travel and traverse within these distances in our life term. So far we do not have any such idea beyond traveling in space at the speed of light.

Space travel at the speed of light is not going to be self-sufficient and for this, we have to devise some strategy to go beyond the limitation of light.

There are many known and unknown entities in the world. Most of the evolutions of earth come from a distinct set of unknown realism where we cannot find the simple symbol of a series of thoughts from its origin.

Newton discovered gravitational power by looking at the falling fruit from the tree, it is not as easy as it is thought to be as prior to him and past to him have seen much such falling of fruits but they have not yet found the real phenomena of identifying indifference attributed to all these scientific inventions.

For this, it is essential for us not to go with the traditional way of thinking but to go with a measurable way to understand and find the reality from which we can find the clue to travel the world in a make or break speed.

Former president and eminent space scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam stress on the factor that we should be looking at different hub stations across universal and starting it should be the moon.

Moon is a prominent part of a space voyage as we can find a sudden burst of thinking patterns as there is no atmosphere around the moon and this makes creating fusion reactors which can give enough boost to augment energy production which is prominent in the development of space voyages.

Now, the prominent problem is how to carry fusion reactor from earth to moon and during unloading one has to be sure that the weight will be reduced to one-sixth of the mass of earth and for this it is of utmost importance that we should not be creating a lighter aircraft and from then we should be starting to load it into space through space shuttle.

But the worrying factor is that so far no spacecraft has been crafted still to date that can hold nuclear fusion, to the moon still to date is not possible but prominent scientists are continuing in creating hope for superior fusion reactor so that they can continue carrying it to the moon.

We should also see how space voyages can become highly commercialized as well as it becomes highly cost effective. There are many asteroids and many planets there which are still not habituated and they contain the enormous scale of minerals which we can utilize and build for development of earth resources.

No one knows, at some point in time, on any planet or at any asteroids we can find crude oils easily, as most of the times, crude oils are not available easily and for this it is essential to keep searching for crude oils at different location in space so as to find cover want of earth from time to time.

All these can create the scope for commercialization of mass resources and for this it is essential all prominent space developed countries unite to come under single banner so that a cumulative development of all plans that will enable a complete set of space voyages in order to find out different set of parameters that will make space voyages cost effective.

The cost of the space shuttle and the material that is to be used inside it need to be done with serious research as during space journey we do not know at any point of time nearer to any star the heat radiated from that could hurt the basic structure of space shuttle.

All these are important points of consideration and need to be well looked after. It is all probability scientists have speculated about, the scope of space voyages, and try to find out about exact arrangements in which the journey of the space shuttle can be carried out.

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Heat Island Effect

Jungles are burning in this hot summer. This year, according to newspapers, summer is over four degrees Celsius hotter than the previous year. In the last week of April, the heat waves and the patterns of summer have been difficult for people. Kalahandi is in the western side of Odisha. The Easter state of India has been the hub of the tourist destination, and primitive tribal races are predominantly in the major part of this land. Many jungles and hills of this district are burning. Fire comes generates from dry leaves scattered here and there inside jungles and hills and it spreads from there to the entire jungle and many tresses and households nearby two jungles are catching fires.

Jungle fire has been there for the last 15 days and it spreads about 29 kilometres. It covers many nearby villages though they do not report many of these newses in state media channels. Many trees including rare authentic trees and many animals of the jungles are dying as the result of spreading of jungle fire. Besides super hear summer, the smoke emerging out from jungle fire is making life difficult for people living near these hills. Because of fire and smoke, the entire environment is so full of air pollution and it is imparting various health hazards throughout these lands. There is proof of destruction of large-scale jungle cultivated land from satellite images. These issues have to with seriousness to reduce impact of summer from lower lands of jungle where people are staying.

The state government has implemented “control burning” and “watcher” inside jungles to curb and stop spreading of fire inside jungles. But these measures have been unsuccessful, and the fire is spreading the nuke and corner of this district. I reserve most of these forests and there are three reserved forests of 62289 hectares. Apart from this, there is 46 proposed reserve forest it can reserve which forest. There are many summer cash crops inside the jungles they now waste which because of mass scale spreading for the forest fire. There are many instances of wild animals who reach out to villages in fear of spreading wild fire. Many tribal who have been inside jungles for many years have completely depended on the jungle for their lively hood. Now, they cannot find the adequate amount of food because of destruction of jungles.

Nearby villages are applying fire to jungles to cultivate jungle and hill-track. They clear the waste leaves and this they ignite the fire. This slowly spreads to different jungle domain and fire remains there as it is. There is no rain for some time and this also not helping to remove fire from the jungle. Many excursions people who reach the jungle to have a thorough study of botanical life, left fire in picnic spot and this spreads into jungles. Because of the strong summer, most falling leaves are now dry and this helps to spread the fire within a different domain of jungles. Many people who travel into these jungles left burning cigarettes, and this creates fire from place to place. The fire at different places of the jungle is burning for some time, but there is no seriousness from the forest department to stop the fire from spreading to distinct-zone. Most of the time, the forest department is to cleanse the entire jungle-fire.

Removing fire from jungles is a difficult task, as developed West cannot solve this crisis. Most of the times we have been learning about news of spreading of the campfire to different locations of Australia but sadly all these helps from helicopter spreading water to remove fire and other sorts of works are useless in stopping to fire. The forest department has been making organizing village committees to awaken from local villagers about bad sides of fire spreading through jungles. Sadly, all these are going into deaf years of people. Every year during the summer the same age old jungle fire spreading across the hills and making and helping summer to give more grants to local people in terms of summer heat. Many forest department officials are travelling into a far and nuke corners of jungles to stop spreading of jungle fire but most of these fires result from a lack of awareness of common masses of the seriousness of jungle fire spreading all across areas. In many areas, just down to the hills and jungles, many unapproved brick industries are popping up.

It does not register most of these with the government, and they are doing these businesses far from the lurking eyes of law. For this they choose places of isolations such as nearby jungles and inside hills and thus generate heat and fire and there is every possibility of spreading these fire to different locations. Brick industries generate huge heat in summer coupled with every possibility of converting wild fire into the jungle fire. All these have different adverse effect towards the life of individuals who are living in and around nuke corners of this part of the world. Agriculture lands in and around brick industries are being wasted because of the generation of greater heat coming out from the burning of bricks from these brick industries. Most of the mafias and goons are the owner of these brick industries and they are forcibly evacuating farmers from their land and they are forcefully occupying lands of farmers and converting these soils to create bricks.

On these locations something heats the entire environment because of the large fire inside brick industries and this reduces the fertile power of soils and this has long drawn the consequences on the efficacy and vitality of soils. They do not stop if at some other day people will find difficult to live in this earth. People should always know it as so far earth is the planet where life exists, and for this it is vital for people to preserve this diamond known as earth and this should be the greatest message on the occasion of Happy Earth Day! I have seen two Google Doddles today while telling intelligently about the importance of the earth day and this creates the much-expected probability of importance attached with saving the earth. It is all our duty to save the Earth from destruction. It is best to start now.

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