What is cryptography?

Everyone has secret and the nice thing about the secret is that it stays with a single person and do not move to different persons. Secret stays confidential so long as it remains as it is otherwise it is no longer confidential. There are many antique pillars which are yet to be deciphered as they speak about a definite code which decipher secret language. What is gained by it? It gives some sort of perceived privacy to everyone to think about it and go with it the way it can be dealt with differently from the rest of us. It gives a sense of understanding of a particular group of people who devise various aspects of understanding life with intimacy and the code of correspondence remains same every time we see and feel about it. Science of cryptography is very ancient. It is known as the science of secret communication. It had been there since human civilization. Every secret has the key and when a person reaches that key, it becomes easier to understand and march ahead with every part of advancements. It is the combination of science and art and it becomes some sort of correlation to genuinely were two sides of completely separate disciplines combines to form a brilliant cryptography. “Adera” Xbox game is one such example of brilliant utilization of the concept of cryptography. Here, the game itself is difficult and one has to open one code after another to reach and advance in the game play on the other side one has to solve puzzle one after another in order to reach complete answer.  If the said puzzle is difficult, then one should not be too much to worry about it. There are easier way one can solve puzzles to learn about different keys and solve the secrets.
One has to be extremely careful about what to solve and what to collect and nothing have to be left in the midway otherwise the corresponding puzzles is always impossible to understand and solve. One has to find transportation of ciphers and complete transformation of ciphers and then the entire puzzle need to be solved. This game is the brilliant amalgamation of such stories and puzzles where one has to find exact details of what need to be undertaken to be considered as true and then slowly all these puzzles are interrelated and for this life like graphics gives immense understanding of clues or the keys that has been embedded within. In this approach, when the user feels part of the puzzle is therefore difficult to comprehend than he could opt for auto answer and then within a few seconds answer could be drawn out and this is the beauty of this cryptography game. Every person wants to hold something secret. In the previous eras, where monarchy as well as kings used to have large secrets. They have underground tunnels in order to escape from the route when enemy covers their kingdom and in this way they escape with their life unhurt. In many erstwhile communist countries, after many years of dictatorship as well as other forms of tyrannical rulings, they have built us under tunnels and even underground palaces and there they are saying when there is an escalation of wars and other forms of dangers.
All these are distinct examples of cryptography where everyone can find their own safe passage so that they would not be in a difficult situation when that arrives. The underworld language of Mumbai is a marvelous example of cryptography language and it is used as a substitute for popular words in order to hide reality to law enforcing authorities. When you use website in its secure mode such as https, all information from your personal computer to the server is transported with encryption and then it is described only at the server session and in between if any one tries to steal the information he would find nothing but some weird codes made of some different classes of languages. Most of social networking and email services are now using secure cryptography transmission between server and computer in order to create a decent path of communication between diverse routes. In this way, the entire route is encrypted and hacking possibility decreases. In the erstwhile popular “Yahoo Messenger” where one can find many anonymous users have lurking with different set of names and many males have impersonation to present themselves as women and talking with men like women all these have been some part of methods of cryptography in which we can find, original names have been ignored and in the place of it some newer and different name resurfaces and this is part of science of cryptography. 
Real life examples embeded.
What is cryptography?
 In childhood there is one such general cryptography message which talks about changing part of letter to some other similar sounding letters so that the common person would not understand this but the meant person could easily understand it and know about it and for this it is impertinent to use this sort of cryptology if the middle person could not understand the sequences. Language can be used as discrete forms of cryptography. If middle person does not have any knowledge about two persons who are in conversation, then it is impertinent for both converse persons as their different language works like their codes and for them it is now simple piece of cryptography language and they can simply talk with themselves without any such harm and knowledge.
Modern web browsers like Google Chrome have built-in password mechanism which synchronizes itself to your Gmail accounts, and then it is shown when you log in chrome with the same username and password. So, here Chrome keeps all your passwords with the header of a master password of your default Gmail account with that mail account and it is always advisable to keep that account to https so that all information sent and receive can be hacked by trespassers. All these are an integral part of a system of cryptography. In a way, effective medicines can be termed as decode code to heal serious diseases. Here, disease can be termed as a puzzle and medicine the decode code of diseases. In our day-to-day settings and living standards, we could find numerous examples such plenty examples where one can find an easy puzzle as well as difficult crypto standards. All these technical excellence has been borrowed from day to day living standards of life and from it comes basic identity as well as basic ideas about life and the whole idea consists of a systematic form of control mechanism where access to this is restricted to some specific individuals. It can be termed as some sort of access control as well as least privilege mechanisms for administrators to follow and find the answer about. From all these basic concept comes the brilliant concept of system administrator as well as least privilege standard users where everyone can find exact right and restriction of control and still there needs to be checked the working of administrators with the introduction of master password and super system administrator control concept.

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