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Windows 8 is a revelation of a prudent operating system that can take charge of access to a brilliant security system. In the complex world of the Internet where everyone has internet and computer connected to it and plenty of data which is very much of importance to the user. Now-a-days kids are exposing to internet which has vast array of nasty things that can affect basic mentality of your child and for this it is essential to control access and create a least privilege access security system for your child and this can do easily with Windows 8.

Create a standard account and configure family safety by logging into the administrative account or log in to a standard account and then put administrative password when you requested for it. In this way, you have opened an account for your child and allow it to observe in Windows Family Safety a comprehensive monitoring through the Internet or through your windows mobile phone. If you wonder what your kids are up to internet when you are away, family safe gives you prudent offer to know more about it and in this way they can know entire activities of yours on different aspects of internet behavior. One can find internet activities, and block specific websites and can allow or block social networking websites and email accounts.

There are many viable options out there where one can configure entire aspects of online activities and take on reporting so you can receive reports in windows live accounts with no such blocking. With Windows 8, you need not email account to enable family safety. They recommend it to have a family safe account so you can monitor when you are away easily. You can block specific application, games and behavior of games with family safety. Sign in to your PC with an administrative account and swipe left to lower left corner of the screen and then go to set and then change PC setting. Then click account and then add the account to create a new account for your child Windows will automatically monitor which Family Safety.

Go to the Internet and sign into the same Windows Live account website and then through a user account you can configure and manage how your account behaves with family safety account. There are provisions for secure your account and you can give another account to safeguard your account from hacking or trespassing on others. When you first started PC, you have created an administrator account and for this it is critical to make other account so you can use your PC in least privilege situations. Administrator account gives sufficient access to different diagnostic settings of PC and thus it is advisable to avoid using it always. It is still nice to use it when some maintenance continues. Create everyday account for every day’s use and make one for yourself and also for kids with Family Safety provisions.

Child accounts are useful for parents as they can set a limit of using PC on a definite time and also they can monitor activities of their child when they are away and can see the PC usages behavior when they are away. Apart from this you can choose the sign of methods such as sign in with Microsoft Windows live or for local passwords. If you use former then all your setting synchronized with Microsoft and whenever you login with same user name and password you will find the same settings synchronized all over and this makes you feel at home and you do not have configure entire settings as all has download and automatically configure for your and familiar settings of earlier you will find it at hand when you use it for the first time.

If you sign in with your regional account, it lets you customize all your setting on the local PC only and for this your setting remains unique and sets as it is on a single PC and it does not synchronizes with the Microsoft account. Log in with both account does not require an active internet connection, but if you are log in with Microsoft account then logging into Windows Store becomes easy and all applications are simultaneously synchronizes with other accounts and games and apps downloaded easily to every account without starting fresh downloads.

Windows Family Safety Configurations

The great thing about using Microsoft account means log in with existing Microsoft user name and password is that you can now all your settings, themes, application are synchronizes with cloud server of Microsoft and you do not have to remember anything while logging into your computer. Someone can use consistent application purchased with Windows Store in five accounts of five different PC and considering all of them have the basic requirement of specific hardware and software configurations. Contact information from your friends through face book, twitter, linked in and is synchronies easily and you do not have to manually configure these settings to have access to the entire system.

User account of Windows is a necessity to get control over the entire process of how Windows works. In the summary page, one can find details of your child’s activity including time, applications and other activities. It will show details of website visited, blocked websites and this will reflect internet behavior. File downloads from the internet and downloads from Windows Store Stored separately and you can review and find out what your child is doing while you are not watching. You can block specific websites from administrator account and from internet Family Safety website you can take a watch on your child activities everywhere with no such difficulties. I have always criticized windows for its dual operating statuses. No one has ever wondered how secure this operating system is.

 It has built-in anti malware suits and Windows Family Safety that will give you maximum protection from online threats and secure your child from the vagaries of the Internet. Finally, with Windows 8, Windows Family Safety works properly with no such hassle as it continues being integrated properly with Windows with no such difficulties. It gives one such additional layer of protection to the existing level of security layers. It built by Microsoft so it has not proven to be so much heavy on system resources. There are negatives as if the child has parental password then it can overturn the entire system and for this it is indispensable for parents to keep the administrator password in a safer place. It has tiny list of approved websites. Microsoft should allow installation of third party filter to it so that parents can easily block various websites without adding manually every website.

Family Safety

 It is a very exhausting process to add every website in the list. I have checked unique setting of web behavior and it blocked according to principles. It is blocking porn sites which are not good for the child and also most porn sites have malwares it can mount which on your system and this can create havoc under a good system behavior. It will block those pages and will give suggestions to see back and check website designed for children. It is one such brilliant tool and it is always advisable to use it on your computer to block specific websites and you can also block live application from contacting internet with a certain period of time by blocking apps and this will reduce internet bill of yours and it can stop back ground application from contacting internet without your knowledge.

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