What is cooking between Google and Samsung?


It is a dream come true having an phone with every modern facility and that too from Internet giant Google which is offering all these nice fascinating applications and a brilliant platform where even starting from five inches can have ample space to work nicely. It is a case in marvelous operating system which has redefined how an operating system can become inside small environment of smart phones. It is almost akin to a desktop operating system where the user does not have to be so much concern about whether he is using this within the environment of a or inside . Google has made it open to smart phone manufacturers and it has been great for all original equipment manufacturers to equip their devices with such marvelous system. Owing to android’s popularity Nokia falls and marches forward and becomes prime manufacturer of Galaxy series which is now synonymous with android series. Both Google and have gained from their partnership and it is believed by many technology experts has over 32 percentages of market shares in android market and for this it can be considered as the leader in the production of smart phones. Of late there is some sort of anonymity among and Google on the basis of recent decisions taken by both companies and this article will try to analyze what went wrong with these companies.

Google and Motorola: 

Few months back Google acquires Motorola, the pioneer of push technology and it is widely speculated about Google’s own manufacturing company to produce android phone. Google produces android phones on Nexus brands but there is no such brilliant after sale service all around country and for this it is speculated about Google’s acquisition of Motorola can be seen as starting of its original equipment manufacturing companies that could challenge existing android manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and so on. It is considered as one of the brightest idea of Google entering into manufacturing market and this move is not seen in a good motive of already established companies such as Samsung. I seems Samsung has taken this seriously and begin to unite its own in-house development team, as earlier to android it has its own mobile operating system known as “Samsung Bada” and for this it is now trying to unite all its developers to begin a new and comfortable operating system, when Google will probably leave Samsung then it can use that operating system on its mobile phones. It is developing a new mobile operating system known as “”, which it seems to have learnt from its own past mistakes and also it has learnt immensely from its present association with Google to have brilliant mobile operating system. Samsung thought Google will probably develop its own phone with the Motorola brand and for this it is trying hard to develop its own operating system.

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Samsung fears: 

Samsung fears perhaps Google will now send its own handset preconditioned with latest android operating system. As in their party developers, who are tweaking android before sending its final release, but Google nexus can update mobile operating system with ease as it has no tweaks as with other manufacturers such as Samsung or HTC. For this update to other devices is taking a long time, but Google nexus phone is updated without any delay. This is an issue between their party manufacturer and Google and they have been discussing these issues for some days but due to tweaks and other issues it is not possible for their party manufacturer to update their device within no time and for this they are taking time sometimes it is over two to three months before they release updated version in different devices. Google has objections to Samsung to some of application which are principally for Samsung Galaxy android phones. Google feels those applications are already by default inside android system and it is not necessary of these applications to be there inside that phone as users cannot uninstall those applications due to restrictions put on there by Samsung as these applications cannot be reinstated without rooting.

Recent technology developments
What is between Google and Samsung?

Flipboard controversy: 

Rooting is not good as it breaks guarantee and most users do not want to employ this as there is every possibility of breaking of system setting if something improper with rooting happens. Samsung has its own problem as it has a contract with some application maker such “Flipboard” which is not necessary as “ news” which is fast and has many customizations. Users cannot uninstall “Flipboard” as restriction put on by Samsung, user cannot uninstall it at all and for this Google is constantly talking with their counterpart Samsung to remove such application which are slow and bloated and it seems these are not necessary for users anymore. Some time back with android jelly bean Google introduced “Play movies”, a video application which can play SD card movies as well as movies downloaded or purchased from “ Store”.

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Future is uncertain? 

But surprisingly in later updates its functions become limited only to view movies downloaded from “Google Play movies” and it is no longer able to show movies from SD Card. With Galaxy series of Samsung smart phones, a nice video player is given to users from Samsung and perhaps in seeing this Google has withdrawn this functionality of playing movies from the SD card by “Google Play Movies”. It is now expecting to Samsung to act in such way as it has been doing by removing the same functional application like “Flipboard”. Google resold Motorola to Lenovo and industry experts feels it has been sold to a lesser amount which it has bought. But Google has retained some of the most vital patents of Motorola such as “push technology” which will be applied to its operating system in later times and for this many feel that it is not such a bad deal. Samsung released its latest “gear smart watch” on the platform of its own mobile operating-system of “Tizen”. In seeing this Google realized its mistake and cancelled its contract from Motorola. Samsung is also considering dropping of some application from “Samsung App” especially one application which has the capacity to market movies and songs. Though, I feel there should be a peaceful environment between those two companies otherwise so many galaxy users like me could feel the heat and the future of galaxy phones could be inside dark hours of mobile telephone history.

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