Kinds of mushroom cultivation in Odisha

Of late Odisha has been famous for many kinds of cultivation of mushrooms. Come to Grand Road to Puri, you can find various cabin shops selling mushrooms related fast foods and it is popular among vegetarians and for which many prefer to it. Mushrooms and cheese related dishes are legendary among vegetarians as it tastes like non vegetarian items. During winter, in Odisha predominant cultivation of “Dhingri” mushrooms is famous due to favorable winter weather associated with cultivation of mushrooms. Our farmers are well known to cultivate two kinds of mushrooms one are “Sajor Kaju” and the other is “florida” mushRoom. According to agricultural scientists in total 13 kinds of “Dhingri” mushrooms is cultivated around Odisha in winter.
All these cultivations are done in primary cold seasons as well as in areas where rainfall is higher and most of the days in a year. Advanced farmers who generally use modern cultivation tend to utilize seven to eight kinds of cultivated mushrooms in their lands. Though some kinds of mushrooms give more productivity and some other kinds bestow less productivity of mushrooms in total. Mushrooms need adequate heat and temperature in order to get a seamless production. This article is for farmers who are deciding to join hands for cultivation of these color mushrooms (Dhingri) as all these mushrooms needs a perfect set of environment in order to have wonderful form of cultivation so that they can get more and more benefits from cultivated items. Numerous farmers and consumers feel that all these color mushrooms are painted form of mushrooms which are made on white mushrooms planes. This is a misconception in totality. Government and other organizations give away seeds of mushrooms after going through numerous spun testing of mushrooms. They found the consumable mushrooms from among all these and then they sell it to separate farmers.
Some new facts about colored mushrooms:

Kinds of mushroom cultivation in Odisha

In those spun of mushrooms the color, characteristics, and taste of the original mushroom remains intact, and when farmer plants spun inside land, slowly the mushroom comes out it has the exact same level of characteristics which the mother tree has. There are some supplementary facts about all these colored mushrooms which are very interesting. Cultivation of mushrooms takes huge responsibility and carefulness, for these farmers have to be careful and if they work with proper care and responsibility that can bestow happiness to farmers in terms of gigantic productivity and benefits. After seeing the gigantic scale productivity farmer becomes happy and excited and huge financial gain is coming their way.
“Ious” mushrooms are a kind of “dhingri” mushroom which has faded red in color and it has single or two to three forld. From a distance it looks like the shape of a rose flower, in the beginning stage the color is slightly red but when these trees reached at the state of growth, it becomes faded color. These mushrooms are good in color, and beautiful and tastes comes out from it is very delicious and these class of mushrooms are very popular and people love to eat. It is always advisable to eat these mushrooms while it is in the budding stage when the color of it is slightly red color. The temperature must be between 20 to 30 degrees and humidity should be between 70 to 80%. From among all these mushrooms, these mushrooms remain for lesser age.
Sabor Kaju:
It is a class of “Dhingri” mushrooms which is dark brown in color, and it spreads like a single entity in bags. The size of these remains in semi-sphere, instead of sharp. Among all “Dhingri” class of mushrooms, these mushrooms are high in small, and these are soft mushrooms, tastes almost similar to non-vegetarian dishes. During extreme cold seasons these mushrooms failed to grow and it requires a moderate temperature completely grown-up.
Florida mushrooms:
This mushroom is white and it grows within the bag. It grows nicely despite every not so propitious climate. Productivity capacity of this mushroom is one hundred percentages. These mushrooms grow each side of bags in dissimilar manners. Cultivation of these mushrooms is in the highest priority due to the highest post production capacity of mushrooms. This class of mushrooms can be produced through two discrete types. The back side is if it is not opened for so numerous days during its growing times. It becomes tasteless, but it has bigger sizes which have very much marketability to it. These mushrooms grow in four months during winter times. Owing to bigger in size many clients who are very much acquainted with mushrooms did not like this and they are able to know the difference between big Florida mushrooms and small Florida mushrooms.
De jamur:
These mushrooms are very attractive in an intense red color. It grows within bags in assorted sizes. It has great taste and these mushrooms are widespread among customers. From a distance, these mushrooms paints the picture of a red rose flower. It has adverse productivity side, and for this not famous among farmers. Mostly, farmers are not provided with benefits from this cultivation. It grows within 15 to 25 degree temperatures.

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