Monthly Archives: January 2014

Precautions before attending walk in interview

Introduction: Every talented professional is wishing for a good and passable job with an excellent salary. He wants to have a brilliant job profile as well as a fantastic salary. He dreams how to work in the next stage of his career and wishes those dreams to be fulfilled. Parents spend a heavy sum for […]

Desire is the obstacle to liberation

Posing a straight challenge to law enforcing authority and municipality members, some influential people, forcefully opened “shoe-stand” in front of the famous Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri. The shoe stand is straight in front of “Patitapabana” in front of auspicious Lord of Universe “Lord Jagannath”. In earlier times, some parts of famous “Emara Matha” was […]

Driving and accident

In my own state, road accidents have increased significantly. With due course of years, there are many vehicles roaming around roads. Owing to rise of income and the advent of neo-middle class people, more and more people are now buying vehicles. The size of roads is not expanding, and owing to congestion in and around […]

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