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Precautions before attending walk in interview

Introduction: Every talented professional is wishing for a good and passable job with an excellent salary. He wants to have a brilliant job profile as well as a fantastic salary. He dreams how to work in the next stage of his career and wishes those dreams to be fulfilled. Parents spend a heavy sum for Continue Reading »

Desire is the obstacle to liberation

Posing a straight challenge to law enforcing authority and municipality members, some influential people, forcefully opened “shoe-stand” in front of the famous Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri. The shoe stand is straight in front of “Patitapabana” in front of auspicious Lord of Universe “Lord Jagannath”. In earlier times, some parts of famous “Emara Matha” was Continue Reading »

Kinds of mushroom cultivation in Odisha

Introduction: Of late Odisha has been famous for many kinds of cultivation of mushrooms. Come to Grand Road to Puri, you can find various cabin shops selling mushrooms related fast foods and it is popular among vegetarians and for which many prefer to it. Mushrooms and cheese related dishes are legendary among vegetarians as it Continue Reading »

Time management tips for students

English: A stopwatch is a hand-held timepiece designed to measure the amount of time elapsed from a particular time when activated to when the piece is deactivated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Introduction: It is sometimes difficult to manage time. Time is dynamic and is always on the run. Many successful people in the world have Continue Reading »