Where to go?

The sad clouds have gone back and the entire area is shining like the light reflection on silver. The reflection is so immense and shiny one could not anticipate what is coming from the other side of the road while driving a utility vehicle. The incoming light reflecting him and it becomes darkness amidst lights and nothing is visible from there at any point in time. It is not sheer imagination or anticipation of any thoughts, but the flow of ideas which has been there formerly in this situation is continuing to be hidden inside the continuous flow of luminosity which seems to be not present there at any point in time. In the mean time, the flow of sounds coming out from the near street, seemingly suggestive of proposition of preparation of marriage where the entire atmosphere seems to be agog with enthusiasm just like moments before world cup win of yours home win and then  it materialized to real situations.

The people’s sound coming out from get together, is making huge embankment of happiness all over to him, as per undue reason the traffic is congested at the super highway and he is driving the vehicle with slower speed and in this way the entire, happiness he is listening from the vicinity and is trying to garner all the spots of happiness through all of his past glories. The lost happiness just like the shreds of tears coming from his eyes with greater simulation of spontaneous moments without any such invisible pathways, still he becomes happy and always trying hard to find all those from the bushes of sideways as if something lying there and staring her from the other side of her conscience. He feels like a lizard starving on the walls and looking for preys, but it seems that the entire room is closed and the lizard is still lurking here and there without any new ideas and dreams.

In the mean time, the parking is cleared and it is now time for him to drive once more, it is already nine in the evening and he is late due to some pending works and also he is taking two days of leave and for this he works for more hour and in the mean time, he is trying to drive with good speed without any sort of hastiness. In the mean time two big lights seems to be coming towards him from the other side and surprisingly they are not dipping the lights and still continue to be there, he slows he vehicle as if it seems the already running cloud stops for some moments before enliven again through huge vent of winds and air. Passive ideas are slowly broken with the attendances of reality. All the trees are there and it seemingly fading to the most possible ways to attend the real standard of life and with due diligence he is trying to revive his life with full motive and possible plenty of dreams that can have been there but many a times, it seems to him that all these are from very faraway places and he is trying hard to collect it like the precious metals from the sea.

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Beautiful songs coming out from FM stations and he is surprised to see the finding of some FM stations in these dense juggles and this must be due to cool winter climates and in this way the entire possibilities of ideas that has been coming out form each and every passive side of brain is worth considering. The beautiful songs that is flowing from the sides of sea is very enticing to consider and the way the winds flows through the vents gives the sense of chillness and without any such ideas the entire volume of dreams seems to be attending the source of movement which cannot ever be without any such doubts be minimized to the entire straight of his life where few ducts have been there which were full of bridges and other noticeable ideas. It is like not the pushing of other eggs to stay in the prominent position but it is like staying together and remain inside a bond to create the most energetic and wonderful motion where everyone could stay in one unite situation upon one another without any signs of liability and other facets of administration which can ever be misconstrued and underutilized.

All these are not the examples of some wonderful inventions but all these consists of the path where the aim of all attendances comes to prominent and the proficiency of estimation is making entire situation liable to the most misnomer but yet can be identifiable with each facets of life and considerable with pro value of intrinsic ideas. It is not like a situation which would like to be reeled in difficult situations but it can have the most memorable and understanding of all happenings which you can ever be imagined to the core attendances of life and in its relative wonderful considerable moments. Why all these moments cannot be counted back and cannot be assimilated to a single entity which no one would ever foresee understanding and assimilate.

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All these seems to be going overboard with some farcical defacements among different departments and all have been continuously been poking at each other without any such of prior inhibitions and other forms of separate acts of omissions and commissions. The arguments and the strong commitment among local staffs is slowly, stopping the entire mass units like nothing and they are obstructing the conversations among each other and trying to stop the entire office work with their, and it seems that the only motive for them is to extract the sums and nothing else, and for this they demand money for each work but in reality they do not need this as they have been paid by organization but what they want more from the executive to pay it more and for this work environment is now completely diluted to the extreme cores of imagination.

Each day, there would be many more talks and more confusions and arguments among staffs and they simply wants money and nothing else and for this the entire spheres of life revolves around the self and underestimate of probability and the competitions among the masses is making the life more than difficult to anticipate and compare. Due to more 20 years at the same branch office, most of staff members seems to have coordinated into a single units and the executives who are reaching there for two to three years seems to be getting into entangled among the different discussion and other facts of ideas where entire work process if they allow the power from these staff pressure groups goes overboard without any doubt. They are form the local areas and they try to create the differences of the local people with that of people outside as executive though you have larger power but it seems that you fail to recognize the potential as it is not easier to attach the recognition and implement executive powers while you are at the helm of affairs.

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Laws are nice and they are good always but not easier in the practical sense and for this it is always been the nice idea to sense the situation in what so ever manner and in this way the entire path of ideas which has been crippling with deep sense of flow is giving the momentary shifts of generating the complex anticipation which can never happen at the first place. This is short of exercising power over real power and that too in a way which is not in compliance with the proper set of rules which are never ever meant to come to real terms and for this the entire path of ideas and possible contribution comes from many sources and in this way the entire path of sequence of laws are meant to be broken one by one and in this way the entire sect of ideas is slowly going towards the sand and it is always possible if someone make friend ships with those staffs pressure groups it is always chances that one can be easily go to corrupt practices.

If one goes with the correct practices, then he would face the dangers of life, it is true, that in order to stay in the right course of path one has to be extreme careful while dealing with these sort of issues as this can have deadly impact due to local staffs which has been there for years and without any sort of difficulties. It is a difficult situation, in one situation of one goes with the straight path, he have to face the danger to the life and on the other hand if he goes with the not legal way of what the staffs are been demanding then certainly he would do the acts which are not there according to the laws of organizations and this would really put more stress on him and certainly there are difficult decisions and which way he could choose, decision is not easy to take, as there are dangerous circumstances to each situations. Smile

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