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Billion dollar farmers

During the first week of December from third to sixth, World Trade Organization hosted its ninth convention in Bali Island of Indonesia. Total 159 countries took part in this meeting. Here, topics from varied subjects are identified in the discussion. There are numerous conflicts and feuds in varied subjects among diverse nations. The subject includes Continue Reading »

Silence is the best medicine

In the miseries of life, many a time one goes to have to confront with definite situations where indecisiveness and confusion broads into thought process like never before and reaching towards the conclusion makes the entire gamut of situations more puzzling that ever thought of. It really touches the rudimentary sense of life and mind Continue Reading »

Feeling the beautyful difference with Dove

Feeling the beautiful difference with Dove In the sphere of nature to the beautiful embodiment of life are Dove and women. Both links to each other in disparate spheres of life and they complement each other. Like the images of Dove Bird, the dove soap gives perfect complexion without hurting skins. For women to look Continue Reading »

Logistics management

Proper dependence and coherence in the work field can produce prudent results. It works wonders in all spheres of life. When more than one person works coherently inner office with their wonderful talent, this will work wonders in the entire office organization. Communication constitutes a prime policy while determining drastic understanding among office bearers. The Continue Reading »

Google Docs, cloud word processor

Exploring many possibilities of working with cloud. At one point of time the author thinks of working with a cloud in his beloved blog is still to date. He is writing his works offline and then send it to blogger through Windows Live writer. It is one such blogger app from Microsoft which is very Continue Reading »