Mother Nature

The depression was at a far away distance from the sea. It was inside chest of sea in an unfamiliar place. The distance from the recession area is more than 2500 kilometers. What a surprise? It did not go to anywhere; it reaches the cursed land to rip havoc everywhere. It strangled the entire land area, and caused large scale devastation amidst fear of loss of life and properties. For the stretch of one month, it caused problems in the entire stretch of coastal areas of eastern India. Super cyclone came with devastating and tearful floods to add insult to injury.

Darkness crippled everywhere for some days in the affected areas. The fearful nature shows its destructive showers upon these areas which stay dark and plunged in flood water for days. There is no respite from rain, wind and water. Few months back more devastation was there as pious place in northern India. Phailin the super cyclone, gave its warning for two days before creating havoc. As such, there was no warning of the landslide at the hilly areas of northern India where many people floated through sudden flash floods. Thousands of lives were wiped away from the scene within minutes. Their dead bodies were never ever recovered.

Same devastation happened in northern India two years ago due to a sudden burst of clouds. This time it happened in the vicinity of pious place, where devotees were in a row and were waiting for long hours in a queue. From the nearby “The Himalayan range”, cloud burst and gallons of waters jumped to people to engulf them within it. People hardly got any time to blink and react. Why Mother nature is reacting angrily and has been causing deep damage all over and all-round. Why there such miseries and destruction on the earth? There are some places which are flooded with water, and on the other hand some other places which are deprived of water. Why such extreme differentiation is happening all over the earth?
Somewhere, there is extreme summer heat and somewhere it is landslides and earthquakes. For few years, it seems to be customary phenomena. Just like molestation and attack on women which are on the rise day by day. Is there any similarity between two incidents? A prickle fire touch gives us untold pain, but every day, innocent ladies are burnt alive in broad day light. It is unimaginable to think of pain and sufferings of a burnt lady. This is the evil’s act. Many ladies have to suffer unimaginable pain arising out from burning. There are no such reactions from society. Various people seem to take it for granted and they live their lives.

Incidents of gang rapes shook the ethics and moral of society. The murder victim in a cruel manner adds more worries to the plain thinking persons. Newly married ladies were mercilessly killed and burnt for dowry. Dowry deaths are causing profound implications within society. Ladies are burnt or thrown acids for the resistance to one sided love. All these were seemingly most bizarre state of affairs where every right thinking people should spare some moments and flash back upon the dangerous trends of society. Extra marital affairs and property disputes generated many intentional killings.
All these atrocious activities on ladies are cursing us and Mother Nature is dwelling on her way to teach lessons through recurring natural calamities. The mass scale degradation of our internal nature is leading its approach to calamitous external nature. The beauty of nature is our pride. Smiling nature benefits human civilisation. On the other hand, when the lady smiles it brings happiness and propitiousness to society. The alternate name of nature is women. Nature is reactive just like women. Woman is soft as well as durable. Nature has similar characteristics. In need, woman can become aggressive warrior to protect her family. On normal circumstances, she can be tender as cotton with an empathetic mind and attitudes.

Mother nature could not bear the pain of women. For this in mythology, it opened up and created a space so as to save the goddess from earthly pains. When in pain, human or animals shouted loudly and that could be heard by Mother Nature. Entire atmosphere vibrates with scary sounds. Sound experts feel. All those creepy sounds are accumulated to generate tsunami and other natural calamities. Geologists feel all these creepy sounds stayed inside earth and erupted when it crossed its zero tolerance levels. Internal levels of earth are constituted of innumerable plates, and those plates vibrated when the sounds reached its cross sections. With all these scary sounds, which are abnormally high due to rise in attacks on women lead to stumbling of these plates under the earth?

Owing to extreme change of heat and pressure in and around these under-earth surfaces, slight pendulum movement of plates, lead to severe earthquake and tsunami. Huge gravitational forces were in existence at the beginning of the creation of the earth is slowly, receding to a considerable extent. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. The comprehensive energy made from scary sounds is bound to deposit at some other places. Psychologists believe, with concentration, human thoughts slowly move towards thoughts of the Almighty. Ancient religious scriptures are saying the same path to reach closer to the Almighty.
There are some peculiar pious chants which can drive away, fear from ghost and snake encounters. Sounds emanating from these holy chants creates a different energy and drive away the fear psychosis from mind. Dangerous snake can be tamed with some unconventional sounds. The melody of sounds has power to give positive energy. It is then converted to a more kinetic energy in the form of moving closer to Lord. It strengthens mind and heart. In ancient religious scripture, it was revealed that Lord with his sounds could make tress dance and branches fly all over the arena. River seemed to change the course in retaliation to beautiful music. This music made trees to have flowers and fruits.

There are vast scales of studies who are diagnosing the behavior of sounds in relations with living entities. There are numerous rules of songs which deal with making bridge within earth and paradise. Music and sounds have so much power that it can serve as medicines for some deadly diseases. There are numerous illustrations in the annals of history about cosmic power associated with music. The famous singer of yesteryear, “Tansen” seemed to light up the fire and create rains with his songs. All these have scientific backgrounds. The sound for creating of rain goes to the atmosphere and there it converts its energies into assembling clouds and then rain. Due to great magic of music, many diseases are still being treated successfully. This proves Mother nature is attracted from beautiful sounds and it is reacting to the atmosphere according to it. So, it is also acting adversely when there are negative sounds coming out from ladies when they are in distresses.

There is a strong friendship between nature and us. Owing to the worst act of countless people, better gender is suffering the most. The negative sounds emanating from them, are making Mother Nature to react adversely. We have to believe within our self Lord is there. When we hurt somebody so as Lord is feeling the brunt and he is showing his rage with disasters and natural calamities. Everyone should kill Satan within his perception. As such, prudent thoughts would be blossoming with sanctity. Cruel sounds and helpless sounds will bounce back to all of us with multiple times of force and disasters. We should not be so cruel so that these malicious jokes on better gender would be there at all. We always should have the capacity to create a sense of happiness within others. This will make a positive vibrant and will reflect upon our lives through Mother Nature.

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