Tizen, the new baby from Samsung

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Ever since Samsung Galaxy mobile is with my hand, the world seems to be smaller now, with the flow of every news possible there and any task can be achieved with ease and without any such difficulty. It is one of the most memorable days when for the first time I feel about the flow of a fantastic mobile operating system which is not so much mobility in such a way. The weather gadget on the mobile desktop is one of the most desirable aspect of weather viewing where I can find the actual weather news in terms of graphical user interface and also other parts such as the current temperature and other forms of climate change.
It is intrigued with operating system and in this way the entire feature is in its work through some of the most manageable understanding of the way operating system works. The screensaver of this traveling has one brilliant feature which not only shows the weather gadget to live in motion but also, you can feel the weather. Such as if there is rain. In the live widget gadget will definitely show the drops of rain from there and you can see the rain in motion after enabling the animated weather gadget from there. In this approach, when you see the cyclone, then you can also feel the scenic beauty of cyclone within the spheres of your phone. It is one such gifted part of the OS in motion.

In the latest news, Samsung is not completely dependent on Android for all devices as it is now beginning to build the new operating system of its own which is now in its child stage known as “Tizen”. Two engineers from Intel are teaming up with Samsung company to create one such operating system which is platform independent as well as it can work seamlessly in other platforms. Samsung is aiming at collaborating these OS with smart TV as well as with laptops and smart phones. It is one such way where the company is trying to secure its past and also to continue the continuance of operating system in action.
Samsung is the largest maker of smart phone as well as largest Android smart phone maker of the world. It is also making some of Windows phone mobiles but its price ranges are bigger than that of Android phones. The road map for “Tizen” is not yet cleared, but the OS is to be helpful towards Internet interfaces as well as it can show good performance on HTML 5 and other similar devices. Samsung might have trying to show case this OS which can have distinct impact may have been in the future but not sure of it but it is also true that in the long run it is trying to show that it is entirely not dependent on Android but actually this is not true.

Samsung does not think so as it is saying that with android, Google Browser is chrome, whereas Samsung browser is Internet, though it is not been updated regularly. Google has its own chat machine known as Google hangouts where as Samsung has its own Chat on, so from the very first Samsung is trying to show the destructibility where as in Android there is Samsung Apps, but after some Android updates it is not working and most of the stuff from here is not downloading from here.

Google bought Motorola, two years back which creates surprises to most of tech enthusiastic as Google is an internet giant and it is working with multiple hardware manufacturers. What it is the need to buy one struggling mobile company, once the biggies in mobile industry now it is reducing to lowest position?  Many consider that Google has brought Motorolla in order to push its android devices further. This is not true, it has acquired this company in order to built more on push services, which makes the life of smart phone users easier as with it the use of internet becomes easier and with this in action internet can be smarter and more and more functionality can be added to it with ease. It can work while your phone is in sleep mode and then when you check your Internet connection, it will download easily all the mails and other updates.

The foremost aim of Google is to create internet browsing experience easier and smarter for users and for this it has acquired this company in order to acquire the push expertise and will implement in Android devices across all hardware platforms. Google knows more time one spends with its variety of the more pain it could have been and this its ultimate aim is to build such an easier operating system which would make push messages easier to perform without it. Push mobile innovations with Android could not be done completely with plenty of success without Motorola expertise.

It is the sheer strength of Google to show case how it can make any sound buying decisions to a perfectly acceptable situations where one can find it exactly the way. It is. Google is always straight in its aim when it is always going towards the development of Internet services which is the primary aim of this. Owing to Android devices, and apps and the camera now almost 50 percentages of Internet uploaded videos are in creative content which is making the web a nicer and smoother place to live. All the stuffs have the sole aim to facilitate the users for a smooth Internet experience and to spend more time on the internet and this is one such delightful idea where the main functionality of Google comes to live. Its foremost aim of it is to engage users to spend more time on the Internet.

Google is also introducing a new form of mobile computing which is allowing the users to introduce the change of physical features of phones. It is not only surprising but also a newer trend of the OS. In the future you can upgrade your phone from the point of view of processors, software, RAM, keyboards and other such modules. It is like making a phone of your own choice and with it you can have a smarter and desirable phone at your disposal. The aim is to what the android has done to various platforms and similar is now the software is stable and now the entire hardware can be changed with it.
Google is building new Motorola phones on these specific layer inputs and hardware of phone will be changing all the time with these additional features and for this your phone would be the software platform independent. It is giving users absolutely free hand in choosing different hardware configurations and the user can now build a new phone from scratch and from time to time it can add hardware updates to make it more and more efficient and visible to modern times. With all these developments, the nomadic computing feature certainly becoming one such anticipated phenomenon and it is now more interesting and there is plenty of space for innovation.

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