The Seamless

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The night that has been furled away with each intimation of invitation with its wings flying far away the possibility of the impossible is still not there. It has been a new dawn and in the new areas which he has been posted with gives some important information about the generic ambiguity of selflessness. He heard about the place which is better equipped with plenty of additional opportunities to come up with from time to time as well as there are many facets of critical improvements that will follow soon after. The only connectivity option to that place is of train route and also the organization have booked the first class compartment so that there will not be any such difficulties there for me and also I reached at the station at the appropriate time with plenty of spare time. I went to the railway self help center and from there to get the information of when the train will be reaching here and then slowly I sat on the first class waiting room and open my bag from there.

I know the entire area is in wireless WAN connectivity and railways have made this free to use and so I opened my Samsung laptop and from there I switched on from sleep mode and then from settings menu search for WAN connectivity and it is detected and soon connected. The speed is in manageable measure and then I decide to browse the internet and read some of my favorite websites so that the four hours of time that will be there for waiting due to train arriving late will not be difficult for me to sustain. Waiting for anything is always a tremendous pressure to deal with nevertheless I have to do this as this ticket is done by the organization and for this I shall go with it otherwise air tickets could have been a better option. After almost 30 minutes of browsing Internet attentively, my concentration broke with some voice in my ear. I glanced back and stare; the smiling lady in her early twenties is requesting me to use the pin point socket for charging of smart phone, I smiled back and then, switched off the switch and removed the laptop charger from there in order to accommodate her with socket.

She thanks, me and then I glanced back at her, she is beautiful and smart. In the mean time, I continue browsing the internet and after almost 30 minutes, the same melodious voice is breaking my concentration. This time, I looked her and was astonished that she was my class mate during ours engineering course at the top college of the country, I was so involved with my computer, unable to recognize her in the first instance, may be I am at the state of completely dissolved with what I am doing and for this unable to have the glance and look to her and sometimes all these happens with life when man stays at the state of sub-consciusness though he was not sleeping. She brought one of the chairs on the side and sat back with me and then put one her hand in my shoulder the constant habit of putting her hand on my shoulder. She smiles, you are the same after three years of passing out, the equivalent concentration even a gorgeous lady with a lovely smile like she could not break my concentration. I hold her hand and asked her to sit beside me. After three years her face is unchanged and she is the same girl who I had seen after passing out parade.

She contracts for my job I smiled back, during engineering days, we are familiar with each other and I always liked her and I know she has weaknesses towards me but never ever we able to communicate with each other due to concentration of education and we both are very serious towards it and for this there has been huge sense of career consciousness among each other, and for this we are always been discussing about education and nothing out of it. I tend to look towards her as a perfect lady for my wife which she always appreciated with good sense of make-up and wonderful presentation whenever she is in front of me. A silent line of love is undergoing just like the tides of water inside the sea which only sea and the river know of it not the humans which are flowing and swimming across the river. The undercurrent is still between us as when I see how the same set of flash back motion is there without any such hindrances; she is smiling while I am thinking about all these. Never before I have the courage to ask her to marry me never before I have ignored her as such one such incidence comes to me which is worth mention here.

This incidence was three years ago when I and she were studying at the premiere institution of the country and once at the commencement of the second year. In the recent class, a separate seat arrangement will be done. I am late at the class due to fever and I know due to late in the first day of the class it will be difficult for me to get a good seat and if one get the seat some far away from the front then it can be difficult at times to understand the lecture and for this I am bit worried about it. As it will be the same as the rest of year and this is most worrying aspect, but it is already late so I slowly walk across and seek permission from class teacher and after getting permission I am trying to see the empty spot at the end of the row as it is natural almost all students have reached there and I might be the last person to reach here. Class teacher knew I am good student and he was feeling sad that I was to miss the top rows, as from my face he knew I was not well in the mean time I tried to climb the galleries to reach to the last row, the same voice which woken me now at the same time woken me there, and she hold my hand to stop me and said she had secured one place just at the front row, and from there I was amused and happy and it was the seat just beside her, it gave me perfect relaxation to know and also surprised to see this and then I sat there.

In the mean time few students who have reached late complained the teacher about it, but teacher is very much supportive towards me and her due to ours deep inclination towards education, we both are not close but still there is a sense of deep combination among us from which we tend to find the real bond between both of us. From that time, some students who always tries hard to such animated situations try to spend the bad words about us but we know we both are pure and we have a bond completely of virtual nature, and all these cannot be broken by such mere meandering words from time to time and this is what the life is all about. In the mean time with the shake of the shoulder from her I come to real time and smiles back and she asked what have you thinking about? I said some past few nice memories. She says she is going to the same place as I have been, with the same train and the opposite berth. She smiles, and said thanks Lord, otherwise I was feeling terribly as I have to go with some stranger for two nights. She is always comfortable with me and I am always feeling like a sense of home when she is with me.

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