The photograph in my wallet

All the vital seat arrangements are completed as I am fortunate to have the front seat as the constituent of the coherency can considerate in the proper path when the entire class is surmounted with stationary gallery structure. I smiled back and she smiled back it was a great help that she reserved the seat for me there otherwise it would have been difficult for me to engage and seat at the front row when I am not able to meet the time due to my sickness.

All the preceding incidents come to the fore one by one after three years of passing out. Now, in the present moment, while at waiting room of a railway station, she smiles and asked me where are you going? I said the location and she smiles back and told me that she is exactly going on the same train as he was though it is not sure the berth would be safe or not. After discussion it was clear that we will be both going in the same, class, but the ticket number should be checked so that so far still the stage everything is same and perhaps if the luck persists then it could have been in the same berth.

After few seconds she reached out to her bag and I opened my money-purse and then opened the train tickets from there, and in the meantime she comes up with her train tickets and then we both compare each other’s tickets to know the exact berth position of this journey which consists of two night’s stay.

After watching both tickets we are both excited that we both have same berth and in that berth two seats are there and we both will end up in journey and this has been a tremendous boost confidence for both of us as we want to have talk with each other as we are friend and for this it seems to be one such opportunity in the making.

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She smiles heartily and smile that has been trademarked and the specialty of this smile is that of a perfect long trend of smiles with small sounds yet with a very large heart. Then she looked at me and then to my wallet, and surprised to see that and she asked for it and I hesitate in giving to her at that time. As her habit she jumps and put her hand in a wallet and snatched it.

Life is so small yet some very few people have given the boot print in these long laid paths that is giving out the perfect glory and anticipation to the life. Human conscious life with those rare moments as not everyone is successful in defending and finding the right way, but they can preserve those moments with equal passion and joy.

She is surprised to see I am still using the matching wallet which she had lifted three years back on my 22nd birthday. It was a memorable gift for me, never able to see her in those eyes but still hopes and aspirations always present a stronger case to see and enjoy all the path of life were minor milestones keep us reminded about the entire journey architecture. Life never ever comes short of any expectations.

It is the same as the flowing river and the same as the mountains before the hurricane rocks and trees uprooted. She looks at the wallet and glad to see it as it was from her as a gift and I have been keeping it near to me a sense of great satisfaction and joyful environment for her. She watched it and her eyes become moist while holding on to it and give me one of the most prominent and satisfied look to me and I smiled back.

Life is full of events and in between us the flow of events that lead to wallet is being flown to my eyes and the historical happenings of reading together and qualifying to the highest standard of education has been of foremost importance. For three years we have been searching for each other for us and unable to find each other, but due to the grace of the Lord it has been fulfilled to its fullest maxim.

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We both are topped in the class and also got the highest ranked job but sadly, our postings are in opposite sides and also we hardly get any time to interact with each other after getting the requisite jobs. It is a meeting completely unexpected though, but it gives immense and tremendous joy to each other and smiles exchange between each other.

Then he opened my wallet, a picture was there but it was inverted one and she asked me who is I the picture yours better half, I smiled back, no it is of my best friend, she told, I am yours best friend and let us see who else is on the list?

I am hesitated at that point and request her to give the wallet, but as per her nature which I have been acquainted with for long time is that she is not going to let this alone, she opened and brought out the picture from its side pocket, I was feeling with sense of nervousness, but still seeing her eyes, as only friend of mind and has been a great sense of security on seeing there.

She saw the picture and surprise and still for a few seconds, I was looking at her, foreheads has been in some motion, a sense of silent thought is flowing into her, it is evident from her face reaction after seeing the picture. Her eyes are rolling with a sense of serenity which is prolonged with passing moments as if the solo milestones that have been stumbling with fierce winds of hurricanes.

After few moments she shows me the photograph a nice screenshot, she looks at me in straight ways, still to date she has never ever have aim to me in this regard, the point of contact is so mesmerizing that even the sound of train arriving, and which is the gateway of journey as is evident from it and in this way, the previous pasts has been passing through the flows of journey and the heart is still in the sense of memories and the momentary shift of actions is still in the eyes with deep sense of water is flowing in between it and trying to show me the real attachment of past with possible future fast forward.

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She said, she is going to give one more beautiful photograph and I should give this photograph to him, I am speechless and cannot utter a single word, I am in fear of my friendship at the feathery tottered situations. She opened her purse, as she always told me do not ever able to garner the courage to see her purse as it is not of a good idea to see the purse of ladies.

So, I looked other side, she asked why, I thought  and said to this to her, she smiles, and said now three years have passed and there are many hurricanes inside the hearts of many also shivering with the futuristic one, she opened it and I for the first time looked at her while she was opening the purse and she show me a picture and asked me to say to remember the exact location from where these photographs have been taken, it was from one such celebrations after getting most preferred jobs for both of us at campus placement, we both are there and I offered thank you to her, she looked at me with a sense of pause and then swapped her mood and said let us go to the berth we have two days and we can talk many topics.

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