Sedentary Geometry

It is a sense of joy which he had been with it and is searching for it for prolonged years only not to find it in any corner of the vicinity. Life has not been the same as it is in earlier circumstances, it is a completely, different part of life, with the same scenic beauty is being looked at differently with some different outlook and with some fantastic and interesting phenomena of understanding the real difference from the so called artificial during earlier times. It all changed at the first instance when one can find the real difference of beautiful scenic indigo where the sun comes to loom when there is huge different observation from the devastating part of life.

Where in the earlier circumstances he had to live with as it is when there is the snow and the disdain of life the entire gamut of feeling towards the unknown seemingly there but not that much when he realized the premium importance attached with life where every possible attendances is being seen and observed with perception of real identity that has been galvanized to the core tune of life which has been there for all over place and the thanking reality which is there is seemingly some unsung patriotism where no one can find the real grind of life whenever it is attended to the core tune of understanding.

The same sea beach there at the shore of lining of beautiful sand droned soil where each and every facets is there with same settings but now it is almost a change to him when he sees it with completely different outlook and try to reach out to it as if something is very near and dear to him and try to immerse inside those feeling with a completely different diametric distancing dancing of mind muddled with mere merriment of motherly amusement and wonderfully written life line with lovely loyal literally feeling which are not so far flung but flying with ideas of fly with each iteration of ivory of mind.

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The mood of his going towards the mesmerizing manner of mingling ideas probably pessimism from the long Mesopotamian history and try hard to taught him the tinsel feeling of forever satisfaction where the steel and the sand seems to be there for the sun driven shining of momentary salute. When he wearily wins at him and trying hard have the winning moments finds plethora of it without a doubt when the most amazing aspect of his life written in wood as if a new chapter from a already cup driven dreams and now he is chopped with life and dream which will cut his actions into some of the most imaginary and ideal centric observation which can now ire the basic functions of life with sedentary geometry.

In the mean time she comes in and gives him the wildest look with disbelief and for a few seconds the books are lying below the ordinary anticipation and this proves a point of shocking state which cannot be serene more than the anticipated situational antics. What is the point in looking at such lying truths when there is the desert doomsday lying ahead in front of him and he has to choose from the hurting aspect of life as he wants to weathered down the willows to remain calm and gesturing situation so that he would not be well down with sadness and fear?

Whole the world now will never be the normal again, as with every look it is showing the rich benefits of a different attachment with completely different attires and a different behavior which cannot be ignored or idealized to the core tune of thoughts of temples which he has been persuaded with to make it to large and understand it better to the tune of total tranquility. He looks at the mirror to have the glance of his and try to recognize and remember the sole state of his solid thoughts but still running in rags and trying hard to find it but fully not satisfied with all these so called metamorphic mysticism which has been giving the most mammal sort of antecedence with lack of authority and passiveness.

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He tries hard to find the history of pending actions of aerobic movements of every person and its related pathetic attributes generated towards the gift oriented attires and for this he has decided to be a completely new sense of look and care and this creates a canopy of change of decisions to follow. The same set of apparels has been changing with times, and the girl which was closer to his chances to see him with interest with plenty of new and innovative eye line making waves of thoughts on to him and trying to convey what has been the real dynamics of distinctiveness which has been there but woefully nor covering with the most weaned and the most will full attributes of life.

He is happy of what has been happening and the history says that the most passionate part of life cannot always be the same again as with the case may be and for this it is essential to have a completely different and distinct part of life with which one should always be the same sort of personality with which some similar situational happenings will be there in all times to come and it is high time to be in content with the coming careful innovations of life with real and amateur softness with silly yet pioneering attitudes making the reaction read guard actions of his toe to smarter the objective with which it has been there for all times to come.

The mere objectives of persona are soon bringing a Pacific specifies towards totality of humanitarian attitude where woos of all antecedents of the preceding prolific at one onus of time is taking a tour of the future of a fast changing and charging of a completely different dynamics. He is realizing the change brought within whole lot of looking at it, he has taken this decision derivatives considering the whole form of elements and he is happy that he is free now of every obstruction of obscurities and in a way he can now advance towards the autonomy of his thoughts which is soon making the way for many such ideas of limits where any calculations or derivatives or permutations and combinations is not going to help at any point of time with slightest of numbering towards the basic change which he is currently undergoing into.

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The long drawn problems solved with ease and well managed capacity though he has to suffer a lot for this and will continue to pursue the kind of stars till the sizzling matter stays there forever.

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