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Ubiquitous computing and anonymous author

Thinking about finding one solution where the songs can be on cloud and can be accessible to a smart phone device wherever possible with speed and ease of use. So far with 2G connections it is not possible to work out such way out from where the offline as well as online synchronization is not Continue Reading »

Lord, I wish to be yours servitor

The long drawn aspect of life cannot be changed to the last of all such imagination which wholeheartedly wards of wealth of ideas that has been holistic housed in heading towards the time consuming factor. His moments and time have been completely restricted. Due to long drawn illness crippling over making him volatile and he Continue Reading »

Add more space to Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

What is this article all about: This article is all about adding more space to Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, so as you can have more space to your android device, it is all about real cloud computing in its action. So far till to date, there are many discussions about cloud computing as most of Continue Reading »

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