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It is the same evening when the weekends will beginning to fall and the same work outs from day in day out will continue to prosper in order to request the time to go slow in these which can have difficult timings yet more and more proper understanding of all these aspects of life which means to work relentlessly without a halt. The perfect aspects of workmanship could never ever be halted at any point of time and for this the flow of ideas still to continue unabated without any such mingling of changing of moods from different zones to some other zones. In the mean time, telephone rang and it is from the same understanding of works, the same phone which is now from the office and one should not be so much happy about it as now one cannot show that he is busy somewhere as with the smart phones from the office all the peers know yours numbers and they will be sending you appropriate messages and other information when they think it is necessary to send them so.

So, even if you are at home and taking rest or watching a beautiful movie still you are connected to your office with the phone they have given and also with the balance they have given to you for mobile bill and then you can be contacted at any time, in this circumstances one can recall the famous scene of Dhoom, where the investigating officer Abhishek Bacchan was with his wife in a jovial mood, when the call reached to him, so even in the most intimate moments when you are with your family enjoying the hours the phone will reach at you for some urgent work, it is now getting more and more invading of privacy of individuals, as now he is connected with office all the time, and in some multinational companies, there executive have internet connectivity from their companies, these are not luxury in fact all these are invading the basic privacy of individuals. In fact in the first instance it will not be shown like this as it will feel that it is a perfect gift for yours nice job on the other hand slowly the person will realize that all his plans to go abroad or for a leave travel concession just been diminishing with time as all the plans has to be dropped into dustbins with due course of time due sudden arrival of phone calls or the message from Gmail or other mails.

Take for an example, on the starting of weekend you have planned for a shopping mall with yours newly-wed wife and for this you have hired the tickets and other preparations and also yours wife is preparing and happy to go with you, and then suddenly your smart phone whistles and this could be the most terrifying aspect of you as you know that you have received the short message and this should be the invitation for work or any other advice sought from the peers. Sometimes, all these aspects of life can have various serious consequences on yours wife as the relation can have some tense moments as it is natural, yours wife wanted to have some time out, then there are tense moments but you have to go as you know that it is your bread earning and for this you should blame all these to yours smart phones given to you by the company in which you are working with.

Take one such example, when you have to attend one marriage celebrations and you and your wife has to go there as they are close relative and you cannot ignore them all right, and for this, you are preparing and also have a beautiful gorgeous gift for you and in this time, you received the message in your push mail and this enable you to go there at the office for some urgent work and you know if you go there it is going to take  more than five hours and in the mean time all the celebration at the marriage function is going to be minimized, to the wildest possible sense, and how can you depend it, your wife will sacrifice this moments as she is quite well acquainted with it but how can you satisfy and let your relatives understand this moments in the wildest possible sense and for this the entire aspect of social gatherings and consequent relative understandings needs to be change in each and every aspect of positive life that is going to harm your long term social and physical relationships. So, now the second aspect of this is intruding the private as well as breaking and isolating you from all the other social relationships.

In this world where human lives, they tend to like the basic of rational relationship and for this from the entire gambit of relationships they tend to choose quite a few and from there, they want to gather the plummeting aspect of life and with they want to stay for long hours and realize the basic ingredient of life and the plummeting and the spheres in which they want to live and let them live. All these are absence configuration that is going to hurt you more than which you think and for this it is essential that you should alert all the other major relatives about theses so that you will not feel anything bad about it when you happens to be absent from all these. So, always prepare the environment with such actions and information to your relative that they will not feel being left out there and for this it is essential to think of such situation and also be prepared for the worse and for this life should be shaped like this without any such anonymity. Many a times, these small mistakes can escalate to a greater and larger proportions and for this it is better to have the new sense to all these basic ingredient of life to be compared and thinking in advance so that in the future you do not have any such difficulties while dealing with these situations. In the first instance one should always be taking care his better half so that the first instance of support from there, they the second point of taking care is from yours relatives, and in this manner you can win the worlds and from all these ideas that has been surmounting with these aspects can have greater proportions of similarity with the assimilation of ideas beneath it.

The manner in which all these ideas surfaced always give you a perfect settings and passion to work hard and in this process the entire gamut of creating a life from all these needs to be properly taken care of and it is you one has to cope with different aspect of changing circumstances and for this as a professional one has to be really be prepared with all these in professional manners instead of attaining it in amateurish way. One can think of a situation in the super hit movie three idiots where at the interview, after a stiff fall from the building he was injured and in capable for some time, but still he goes to the interview though he stays in the way in which he feels good even if the interviewer seems to be ignoring her but still he leave the place and then from the behind the call was meted out to him, he got the job, what it says all about it is simple, stick to your life path and in the process all such negatives will be turned into positives and there would be flower all the way.

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